Marathon Maniacs Marathons/Ultras run by #94
Kevin Brosi

Seq Race Date City ST Finish
Distance Bib Overall
331 Marathon by the Sea 08/09/15 St John NB 6:19:34 Marathon 1189       #11 Canadian Province. Fellow Maniacs Alexis and Deb. DFL again.
330 Blister in the Sun Marathon 08/02/15 Cookeville TN 7:45:52 Marathon Kevin       A worst performance day. Liz patiently watched over me to insure I finished upright. No DNF today! DFL
329 Run 4 Troops Marathon 06/27/15 Dubuque IA 6:50:12 Marathon 385       Rails to Trails from Dyersville to Dubuque. Ran with Rich for 3 miles, great to see him again. Finished up with legends Frank Bartocci and Susan Rozanski.
328 Summer Solstice 06/19/15 Abilene TX 6:28:52 Marathon 225       Overnight event, started at 9 PM, 1 mile loops around Red Bud Park, many of the Texas Usual Suspects were there: Karen, Gary, Wayne, Ed, Tracy, Eilene and Liz. David Johnson was there to help.
327 Heartland Series Winona Marathon 06/07/15 Winona MN 7:13:13 Marathon 144       DOUBLE (just a weekender). Surprise visit from Bre, Andrew and Wes and the guys from UK (Foxy, Jack and Roger). This has to be the most Marathon Globetrotter attendance since Bahamas. Rain turned grass trail into a muddy mess, slick and dangerous for a weak knee. Diverted to road till park ranger sent us back to another trail. Somehow we survived the mental challenge of hating mud. Handicapped by mud Liz and I were a little slower, but worked through it. Cheri showed up for last 3 laps which provided a great distraction to the challenge.
326 Heartland Series Prairie du Chien Marathon 06/06/15 Prairie du Chien WI 6:46:21 Marathon 144       DOUBLE, The sheep jokes continued with Jeff & Jane. Sabra got involved too. Steve's birthday with music box, Liz enduring swollen knee. Jane and Cheryl from Australia returned for more international fun. Ilene and Woo (with lucky 8's) laughing along. I got 4's which she pointed out was bad. And I got to see Bettie today. This has to be the most fun way to run marathons.
325 Memorial Day Marathon 05/25/15 Dallas TX 6:24:45 Marathon 14       Bachman lake 8+ laps with a little rain. Previous day was canceled due to tornado warnings. 2 in 3 days.
324 The MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Marathon 05/23/15 Dallas TX 6:43:06 Marathon 14       Bachman Lake 8 laps+ with a little rain.
323 Blue Nose Marathon 05/17/15 Halifax NS 5:46:52 Marathon 34       Canada quest (#10) with Andy Rennie. A little rain and lots of hills. Still a PR for 2015. Early start.
322 Independence Series New Paltz, NY 05/03/15 New Platz NY 6:09:49 Marathon 11       QUINTUPLE. More sheep jokes, everyone was in on it. Perfectly flat course with a sheep barn loop! Chris pushed me for a whole lap and Liz caught up adding our fastest laps at the end.
321 Independence Series Birdsboro, PA 05/02/15 Clinton NJ 6:48:11 Marathon 11       QUINTUPLE. More hills and no mojo. Mile 23 my knee locked up, but running loosened it and we ran the last 3. More sheep jokes, many contributors.
320 Independence Series Birdsboro, PA 05/01/15 Birdsboro PA 6:23:11 Marathon 11       QUINTUPLE. Sheep! The jokes began with Jeff and Jane! When Parvaneh said "alright" we ran. "To the bench".
319 Independence Series Bear, DE 04/30/15 Bear DE 6:05:05 Marathon 11       QUINTUPLE. Rocks and roots, I fell and so did most everyone. I had a good day and ran with Vincent on many occasions. Chris gave me an extra push and Liz nearly caught me.
318 Independence Series Elkton, MD 04/28/15 Elkton MD 6:21:16 Marathon 11       QUINTUPLE: Cathy, Mike, Liz and many more. Great to run with this group of people. Liz turned it on and I hung back with Mike.
317 Big D Marathon 04/12/15 Dallas TX 6:54:37 Marathon 691       DOUBLE. With Angela, Peter, Yen, Kathryn. Juke box last half.
316 Bear Chase Marathon 04/11/15 Groveton TX 5:58:57 Marathon 408       DOUBLE. Mat and Robert. Harry Otto of North TX Striders ran too.
315 Irving Marathon 04/04/15 Irving TX 6:23:38 Marathon 3855       60th birthday Marathon with Angela and Jim till mile 17. Ran the rest of way in and Jim came with me. My son Heath won the Half in 1:17. And I got 3rd place in my age group.
314 Dust Bowl Series Clayton, NM 03/29/15 Clayton NM 6:16:52 Marathon 107       TRIPLE. Ran with Parvaneh till she dropped me. Liz caught up and I finished with her. Hill and wind were a challenge. 5000 ft elevation
313 Dust Bowl Series Lamar, CO 03/28/15 Lamar CO 5:50:09 Marathon 107       TRIPLE. Ran with Liz, dropped her and ran with Marit till she dropped me. A good day and I almost caught Rich!
312 Dust Bowl Series Ulysses, KS 03/27/15 Ulysses KS 6:41:56 Marathon 107       TRIPLE. Walked with Ila to hear 7in7 stories. Then with Parvaneh, Dagmar and Larry till Liz lapped me, then I kept up with her.
311 Race Across USA 03/22/15 Rowlett TX 6:34:00 Marathon 405       DOUBLE. Rowlett to Quinlan. Ended on a 2 lane no shoulder highway. Kinda busy dangerous spot. I waited for Newton, Eddie and Rueben at aid stations.
310 Race Across USA 03/21/15 Coppell TX 6:21:00 Marathon 405       DOUBLE. Coppell to Rowlett. Ended at Wendy's so Eddie and I went in and had a sandwich
309 Race Across USA 03/15/15 Newcaste TX 6:31:00 Marathon 405       DOUBLE. Newcastle to Bryson.
308 Race Across USA 03/14/15 Throckmorton TX 6:13:00 Marathon 405       DOUBLE. Throckmorton to Newcastle. Race passing through Dallas area. Friendly group of amazing runners.
307 Austin Marathon 02/15/15 Austin TX 6:31:15 Marathon 3670       DOUBLE: The hills of Austin. With Kathy & Steve.
306 Love.Run.Marathon 02/14/15 Huntsville TX 7:18:45 Marathon 3       DOUBLE: Trail run with Angela and Richard. Missed a turn.
305 Trinidad and Tobago Marathon 01/25/15 Port of Spain TTO 6:53:18 Marathon 50       DFL. Started with Lichu till mile 5. John rode along with bike and supported Lichu and I.
304 Bahamas Marathon 01/18/15 Nassau BHS 7:06:54 Marathon 35       First MG Meeting with many friends, Rich, Jeanne, Cheri, Gregg and Lucy too.
303 Texas Marathon 01/01/15 Kingwood TX 5:51:15 Marathon 48       Largest medal. With Joe and Frances Wascika.
302 Whine Not Another Marathon 12/21/14 Dallas TX 6:29:26 Marathon 63       DOUBLE: with Robert and Devin till Maggie came along and challenged me.
301 Whine Not Marathon 12/20/14 Dallas TX 6:46:48 Marathon 63       DOUBLE, ran with Robert
300 BCS Marathon 12/14/14 College Station TX 6:04:46 Marathon 2053       #300 with David, Sheila, Nicole, Chelsea, Ken, Kim, Ed and Harry.
299 Singapore Marathon 12/07/14 Singapore SGP 7:33:56 Marathon 14958       Hot and humid with 5 AM start, great run along F1 race tack, East Beach, Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Singapore Flyer.
298 Ultracentric 48 Hour 11/21/14 Grapevine TX 41:56:04 100 mi 11 7/ 12     100 mile goal met with support from Jenny, Jaycee and Lucy. And Terrie, Kyle, Cathy and Thelma.
297 Fort Worth Marathon 11/09/14 Fort Worth TX 6:03:44 Marathon 409       With Angela, Wayne, Yen and Peter till mile 22.
296 Day of the Dead Marathon Day 7 11/02/14 Las Cruces NM 6:37:32 Marathon 52       DOUBLE Day 2 with Liz and Bill. Windy day.
295 Day of the Dead Marathon Day 6 11/01/14 Las Cruces NM 6:20:27 Marathon 52       DOUBLE: Day 1 with Bill and Liz along the dry Rio Grande River. David Johnson joined me for last 2 laps just for fun.
294 Blue Sky Trail Marathon 10/05/14 Fort Collins CO 8:42:01 Marathon 25       Trail +, Horsetooth Hill then Devil's Backbone. It was Dave's idea! DFL
293 Center of Nation Series Chadron, NE 09/21/14 Chadron NE 6:31:57 Marathon 10       QUINTUPLE: Day 5. In Chadron State Park, through the woods and campground. Loved the dip.
292 Center of Nation Series Sundance, WY 09/20/14 Sundance WY 6:35:06 Marathon 10       QUINTUPLE: Day 4. At the fairgrounds around the rodeo. We conspired to rearrange the "Sundance" stones on the hill. Team white.
291 Center of Nation Series Belle Fourche, SD 09/19/14 Belle Fourche SD 6:20:36 Marathon 10       QUINTUPLE: Day 3. Along the river at the Center of the Nation site.
290 Center of Nation Series Bowman, ND 09/18/14 Bowman ND 6:17:00 Marathon 10       QUINTUPLE: Day 2. A park near a lake in the middle of nowhere. The day with the largest hills. Team red.
289 Center of Nation Series Baker, MT 09/17/14 Baker MT 6:30:00 Marathon 10       QUINTUPLE: Day 1 around a lake, I did not beat the rain.
288 Wabash Trace Nature Trail Marathon 09/13/14 Shenandoah IA 5:48:35 Marathon 280       Rails to trails route with perfect surface and lots of shade.
287 Queen City Marathon 09/07/14 Regina SK 6:27:09 Marathon 94       Darwin and Terry's race. With Clyde, Paula and Patrick. A perfect event and we even volunteered on Saturday at expo.
286 Mind Body Heart Marathon 09/01/14 San Antonio TX 7:01:25 Marathon 285       TRIPLE: Least hot, most pain!
285 Kiani Crown Marathon 08/31/14 San Antonio TX 7:19:01 Marathon 285       TRIPLE: Day 2 with clouds, thankfully.
284 Koh Noor Crown Marathon 08/30/14 San Antonio   7:07:41 Marathon 285       TRIPLE: Most heat, no clouds, Bettie kept me going.
283 Chasing the Unicorn Marathon 08/17/14 Washington's Crossing PA 6:13:12 Marathon 332       Tow path run with Clyde. His 10 stars
282 Vancouver USA Marathon 06/15/14 Vancouver WA 6:32:50 Marathon 927       DOUBLE: Ran through Fort Vancouver. Pouring rain last 5 minutes. With Joe & Frances. And Eddie, Tom, Lis, Claire, Henry, Vincent...Ron came down to visit.
281 Dam Marathon 06/14/14 Oakridge OR 6:21:58 Marathon 1       DOUBLE: Bib #1 with Joe & Frances. Around the reservoir and over the dam.
280 Calgary Marathon 06/01/14 Calgary AB 6:16:40 Marathon 1803       Perfect day. Ran with Paula.
279 Shires of Vermont Marathon 05/18/14 Manchester VT 6:42:40 Marathon 41       7 in 7 plan: Started with Larry, Carol, Jeff, Jane, but hit a pot hole and dropped back at mile 10.
278 3 Days at the Fair Marathon 05/17/14 Newton NJ 8:27:17 Marathon 250       7 in 7 plan: Leisurely with Joe and Francis and Terrie. Sat many times, eating buritto, bean burger, wraps and just waiting for a friend to run with. Clyde walked since they did not need him as a volunteer. Mat's last day.
277 Old Colony Marathon 05/16/14 Westfield MA 7:34:22 Marathon 112       7 in 7 plan: Last day of New England Challenge (5 in 5). 22 laps, 1 hill.
276 Nutmeg Marathon 05/15/14 Hartford CT 7:27:43 Marathon 112       7 in 7 plan: Many miles with Joe. Around teh park/golf course, big hill.
275 Red Island Marathon 05/14/14 Warwick, RI   6:53:20 Marathon 112       7 in 7 plan: 3 mile loop in the park. Many miles with Bre and Andrew
274 Granite State Marathon 05/13/14 Nashua   6:13:52 Marathon 112       7 in 7 plan: wide 5 mile forest path.
273 Pine Tree Marathon 05/12/14 Portland ME 6:26:48 Marathon 112       7 in 7 plan: with Clyde and Mat. Around the cove and over the bridge.
272 Oklahoma City Marathon 04/27/14 Oklahoma City OK 6:35:47 Marathon 1146       Lightning delayed start, 1/2 hr, then 1 hr, then 15 min. We all huddled in various parking garages around the start line until the weather passed by. I think the delay affected my determination!
271 Big D Marathon 04/06/14 Dallas TX 5:52:53 Marathon 581       DOUBLE: Rain and more rain. Trash bag the entire way.
270 Irving Marathon 04/05/14 Irving TX 5:36:32 Marathon 1543       DOUBLE: Perfect day for it, 50 degrees and cloudy. Sheila and Jeff were on our tail the whole way.
269 Anniversary Reflection Marathon 03/30/14 San Antonio TX 6:07:25 Marathon 372       DOUBLE: Day 2 with Matt on his first double
268 Anniversary Memory Marathon 03/29/14 San Antonio TX 5:31:23 Marathon 372       DOUBLE: Day 1 with Matt
267 Lake Natoma Marathon 03/09/14 Folsom CA 6:13:02 Marathon 110       Paved trail along the river then crosses the river for an out and back. Plenty of hills.
266 Cowtown Marathon 02/23/14 Fort Worth TX 6:12:22 Marathon 536       8th Cowtown
265 Mississippi River Marathon 02/08/14 Greenville MS 5:29:00 Marathon 2053       A little ice to start, Arkansas over the Mississippi bridge (3 mi) to Greenville, MS. Cheri, Gregg, Al K, Carol E, Denis, Eddie, Annette, Alexis, Missy, ...
264 Maui Oceanfront Marathon 01/19/14 Lahaina HI 5:42:43 Marathon 92       Marathon vacation with Lucy
263 I RAN Marathons 21 Run Salute Rudolph Renee 12/24/13 San Antonio TX 7:48:49 Marathon 262       QUAD: Day 4, Another cold day.
262 I RAN Marathons 21 Run Salute Kevin Kringle 12/23/13 San Antonio TX 8:38:58 Marathon 261       QUAD: Day 3, the day I froze
261 I RAN Marathons 21 Run Salute Evergreen Greg 12/22/13 San Antonio TX 7:12:51 Marathon 260       QUAD: Day 2, pouring rain on one lap
260 I RAN Marathons 21 Run Salute Steve Solstice 12/21/13 San Antonio TX 7:16:29 Marathon 259       QUAD: Day 1, perfect weather
259 Whine Not another Marathon 12/15/13 Dallas TX 7:56:36 Marathon 484       DUAL: Day 2, 2 Days with Terrie
258 Whine Not A Marathon 12/14/13 Dallas TX 7:20:35 Marathon 484       DUAL: Day 1, 2 Days with Terrie
257 Texas Quadzilla Charlie's Snake Wrangling Marathon 12/01/13 Dallas TX 7:09:48 Marathon 153       QUAD: Day 4, with Robert, Rick, Kyle & Kay
256 Texas Quadzilla The Tortoise 11/30/13 Dallas TX 7:41:45 Marathon 153       QUAD: Day 3, with Terri Wurzbacher and Wayne Frost
255 Texas Quadzilla The Waddle 11/29/13 Dallas TX 7:45:46 Marathon 153       QUAD: Day 2, with Robert Lott
254 Texas Quadzilla The Walk 11/28/13 Dallas TX 7:13:00 Marathon 153       QUAD: Day 1, with Davey Green
253 Ultracentric 48 hr 11/22/13 Grapevine TX 33:00:00 64 mi 19       Rain and cold temps made it difficult to go on. With Joe, Frances, Terrie and Adnil.
252 Fort Worth Marathon 11/10/13 Fort Worth TX 5:59:09 Marathon 53       Good to be running with so many friends again. And I won a loaf of bread. Sheila passed and said, we can beat 6.
251 Panhandle Marathon 09/29/13 Lubbock TX 6:14:14 Marathon 106       DOUBLE: Cross Texas with David Johnson. Parvaneh and Steve coached, joked and prodded me along on a fun marathon.
250 Run from the Ducks 8 hour 09/28/13 Mineral Wells TX 6:52:34 Marathon 21       DOUBLE: 8 hour event, but I only needed a marathon, 26 laps of a 1.02 loop. The Usual Suspects all showed up in the parking lot at one time. Chad carried a briefcase for one lap.
249 September Dos TGIF IRAN Marathons 09/13/13 San Antonio TX 6:45:00 Marathon 782       Add in to make Boulder Marathon # 250, but Boulder Marathon was canceled for flooding.
248 Triple Holy Crown Challenge 09/02/13 San Antonio TX 8:03:00 Marathon 752       QUAD: Day 4, Parvaneh helped me get there
247 Triple Mind Body Heart 09/01/13 San Antonio TX 7:30:00 Marathon 752       QUAD: Day 3
246 Triple Kiani Crown Challenge 08/31/13 San Antonio TX 7:05:00 Marathon 752       QUAD: Day 2 with Rich and Joe
245 Triple Louis Crown Challenge TGIF 08/30/13 San Antonio TX 7:00:53 Marathon 752       QUAD: Day 1 (TGIF) with Denise & Larry
244 I Ran Marathons August Tres TGIF 08/16/13 San Antonio TX 6:13:00 Marathon 633       Thursday-Friday race
243 Yukon River Trail Marathon 08/04/13 Whitehorse YT 7:33:39 Marathon 424       Back to that Canadian quest with Rich, Paula and Gary. Wow, the hills were steep and frequent here.
242 Great Wall Marathon 05/18/13 Beijing CHN 8:16:00 Marathon 1066       7 Continent quest, unfortunately I finished after 8 hour official time cutoff. A great and difficult adventure marathon. DFL
241 Kalamazoo Marathon 05/05/13 Kalamazoo MI 6:19:47 Marathon 71       First person to sign up for Texas so I got free NB shoes and free entry. It was Gregg Walchli's idea. And I met with Cheri and Gregg for dinner and post race pizza. The race was fun and lots of Maniacs to share stories. I ran with Mike Brooks the last several miles.
240 Big D Marathon 04/14/13 Dallas TX 6:16:26 Marathon 336       Hanging with Cheryl, Wayne and Angela. 1 mile error for start when police lead took a wrong turn. Made it a 27 mile marathon.
239 I Ran Anniversary Quad Saturday Marathon 03/30/13 San Antonio TX 7:40:00 Marathon 179       DOUBLE: Another great race by Parvaneh.
238 I Ran Anniversary Quad Good Friday Marathon 03/29/13 San Antinio TX 7:06:00 Marathon 179       DOUBLE: The Texas Usual Suspects
237 Oakland Marathon 03/24/13 Oakland CA 5:59:38 Marathon 190       Great to see Gregg and Cheri again. Hills in first half were the challenge of this course. Beautiful 2 mile finish around the lake.
236 Cowtown Marathon 02/24/13 Fort Worth TX 6:21:12 Marathon 1687       Return from knee surgery. Ran with Carol Goslin the first half and backed off to pacify the knee. Many well wishers upon my return to marathoning.
235 Texas Savage 7 Day 7 12/31/12 San Antonio TX 6:11 Marathon 241       QUINTUPLE: All Texas #53. Larry Macon's 157th for the year.
234 Texas Savage 7 Day 6 12/30/12 San Antonio TX 7:12 Marathon 241       QUINTUPLE: All Texas #52.
233 Texas Savage 7 Day 5 12/29/12 San Antonio TX 7:20 Marathon 241       QUINTUPLE: All Texas #51. Most knee pain this day. 100th marathon for Dagmar.
232 Texas Savage 7 Day 4 12/28/12 San Antonio TX 7:09 Marathon 241       QUINTUPLE: All Texas #50. 100th marathon of the year for Steve Hughes.
231 Texas Savage 7 Day 3 12/27/12 San Antonio TX 6:37 Marathon 241       QUINTUPLE: All Texas #49. Cold morning start. Missed previous day due to ice in Dallas.
230 Tired Santa Marathon 12/24/12 Houston TX 7:25:50 Marathon 0       QUAD: All Texas #48. Memorial park 3 mile trail that is short. And extra lap was needed to get to 26.2 miles.
229 Apocalypse Marathon 12/23/12 Houston TX 6:40:32 Marathon 6       QUAD: All Texas #47. 2+ mile loop in park.
228 Day after the End of the World Marathon 12/22/12 Humble TX 6:45:28 Marathon 84       QUAD: All Texas #46. Same 4 loops, finished with Cheri, her 333rd marathon.
227 End of the World Marathon 12/21/12 Humble TX 7:32:32 Marathon 78       QUAD: All Texas #45. With Mo Gillis the entire way. Rough 4 loop trail course with many 50 Stater and Maniac friends.
226 Texas Whine Not Another Marathon 12/16/12 Dallas TX 5:46:53 Marathon 469       DOUBLE: All Texas #44. Knee felt better so I worked on a better time. Food poisoning after race from 5-9 PM. Amazingly sick.
225 Texas Whine Not Marathon 12/15/12 Dallas TX 6:34:59 Marathon 469       DOUBLE: All Texas #43. Bachman Lake with friends. Entire race with Robert Lott.
224 BCS Marathon 12/09/12 Bryan College Station TX 6:14:39 Marathon 232       All Texas #42. Finished with Richard Carroll. Great tour of Texas A&M.
223 Lone Star Marathon 12/07/12 Dallas TX 6:39:26 Marathon 0       All Texas #41. Bachman Lake loops after arriving on LA red eye at 5 AM.
222 The Wright Thing 11/25/12 Dallas TX 5:50:32 Marathon 408       QUAD: All Texas #40. Survived and ran with Jim Simpson.
221 The Tortoise 11/24/12 Dallas TX 7:25:59 Marathon 408       QUAD: All Texas # 39. Even more fun.
220 The Waddle 11/23/12 Dallas TX 6:59:15 Marathon 408       QUAD: All Texas #38. More fun.
219 The Walk 11/22/12 Dallas TX 6:29:35 Marathon 408       QUAD: All Texas #37. Bachman Lake tour with friends. Doubled this up with Dallas Turkey Trot.
218 San Antonio RnR Marathon 11/11/12 San Antonio TX 6:21:43 Marathon 20050       All Texas #36: The only marathon that offers a route with cemeteries on each side of road, headstone shops and airplane exhaust all in the same mile. Finished with Parvaneh for the first time ever, only becasue she has a broken arm!
217 Marathoning for Miracles Marathon 11/03/12 Abilene TX 6:00:31 Marathon 127       All Texas #35: Some of the usual suspects, David and Wayne, but only 20 finishers. We had the highway to ourselves.
216 Chosen Marathon 10/27/12 News Braunfels TX 6:17:04 Marathon 110       All Texas #34: We celebrated Donna's 100th marathon with balloons and reenacted Angela's 300th. John got stung by a yellow jacket that had climbed into his BEEr. Lucy came along and we met with Rich and Jeanne after race for dinner in Gruene. Lucy bought a case of wine.
215 Marathon2Marathon 10/20/12 Marathon TX 6:28:25 Marathon 18       All Texas #33: Historic eclectic marathon to Marathon, TX. I stayed at Gage Hotel.
214 Tyler Rose Marathon 10/07/12 Tyler TX 5:24:52 Marathon 534       DOUBLE: All Texas #32. Cool temps, rolling hills, a great tour of Tyler with a great finish inside Rose Garden. Ran with Megan, Ken, Steve and Heather. 100 marathons for Steve K and 150 for TO.
213 Crossroads Marathon 10/06/12 Odessa TX 4:55:29 Marathon 7       DOUBLE: All Texas #31. Cool flat course.
212 Dare to Ascend Marathon 09/29/12 Georgetown TX 8:18:52 Marathon 306       All Texas #30. Rocky, muddy marathon + 0.6 mi. I got lost and ran extra 2 miles near dam.
211 Panhandle Marathon 09/23/12 Lubbock TX 5:29:34 Marathon 39       All Texas #29. With Parvaneh & Steve, Angela, Wayne, David and James. Inaugural marathon tour of Lubbock.
210 Blackmores Marathon 09/16/12 Sydney AUS 5:20:41 Marathon 16817       Continent quest #5. A great tour of Sydney.
209 I RAN Marathon 09/03/12 San Antonio TX 6:14:56 Marathon 23       TRIPLE: All Texas #28 day 3.
208 I RAN Marathon 09/02/12 San Antonio TX 6:14:44 Marathon 23       TRIPLE: All Texas #27 day 2.
207 I RAN Marathon 09/01/12 San Antonio   6:00:55 Marathon 23       TRIPLE: All Texas #26 day 1. With the usual Texas team: David, Parvaneh, Steve, Wayne, Donna, Angela and Yen.
206 Mt Sneffels Marathon 08/11/12 Ouray CO 6:12:01 Marathon 200       Reunion with friends of the 2009 Antarctica Marathon. John & Vivian, Gregg & Cheri.
205 Evergreen Grand Ridge Trail Marathon 08/04/12 Issaquah WA 8:01:26 Marathon 904       Difficult trail. With Cheri and Gregg. Many Maniacs including Slug, Rick and Chris.
204 Bearfest Marathon 07/29/12 Wrangell AK 5:37:51 Marathon 15       DOUBLE: Sylvia and her team did a great job taking care of us. I ran with Cheri entire way and we had the purple truck escort for last 2 miles. No bib, they wrote # on hand.
203 Juneau Marathon 07/28/12 Juneau AK 5:14:19 Marathon 74       DOUBLE: Early start with many Maniacs. Today was Steve Hughes' 200th marathon and we brought out the balloons.
202 El Scorcho 07/15/12 Fort Worth TX 7:18:23 50 km 21       Midnight start, 10 loops of a 3.1 mile course through the park.
201 Aspen Valley Marathon 07/07/12 Aspen CO 5:43:27 Marathon         Awesome trail from Aspen to Basalt. Running with Dave Bell.
200 I RAN Marathon 07/01/12 San Antonio TX 7:49:00 Marathon 200       DOUBLE: All Texas #25. My 200th marathon/ultra. I ran most of the way with Richard and Angela with a 3 AM start. Richard and I out ran a Bull snake on the trail.
199 I RAN Marathon 06/30/12 San Antonio TX 6:45:00 Marathon 183       DOUBLE: All Texas #24. Small race with friends on excellent paved trails. Set up by our ultra agent, Parvaneh. Fun to see a Horny toad racing us, many deer and a roadrunner. And a bull and his girlfriend lazing under a mesquite tree.
198 Summer Solstice Endurance Run 06/22/12 Abilene TX 6:00:03 28 mi 13       A 6 hour run that I squeezed 28 miles into, enough to call it a marathon.
197 Bachman Memorial Day Marathon 05/28/12 Dallas TX 6:49:06 Marathon 14       TRIPLE: All Texas #23. Finish with Jim Simpson and Richard Carroll.
196 Jim's Goose Chase Marathon 05/27/12 Dallas TX 6:37:19 Marathon 14       TRIPLE: All Texas #22 with Jim Simpson.
195 Memorial Day for MS Marathon 05/26/12 Dallas TX 6:23:19 Marathon 14       TRIPLE: All Texas #21. A great group of friends on an 8 loop course around Bachman Lake.
194 Horseshoe Lake Trail Marathon 05/19/12 Palo Alto CA 6:50:32 Marathon 406       Tough trail run in the hills over Palo Alto with Ron Knecht.
193 Pandora's Box of Rox Marathon 05/05/12 Burnet TX 7:21:53 Marathon 5       All Texas #20. This may be the hardest marathon in Texas. I did not fall (almost did), but a tree ripped off my hat twice.
192 Waterloo Marathon 04/29/12 Waterloo ON 4:54:06 Marathon 45       First time out of Texas in 2012. A beautiful crisp 30 degree day at start.
191 Big D Marathon 04/15/12 Dallas TX 5:25:54 Marathon 319       DOUBLE: All Texas #19. A fun time with the Texas team. We bounced over the White Rock bridge and read runner shirt small print and laughed and laughed.
190 Bear Chase Marathon 04/14/12 Groveton TX 5:47:36 Marathon 1       DOUBLE: All Texas #18. Never saw a bear. Richard, Phil, Chad, David, Angela and many more friends to run with.
189 I RAN Marathon 03/31/12 San Antonio TX 5:21:14 Marathon 53       All Texas #17. Another Texas team reunion and great food at the end.
188 Grasslands Marathon 03/24/12 Decatur TX 6:41:49 Marathon         All Texas #16. A difficult trail marathon, but lots of good friends there. Jim Collins' birthday
187 Seabrook Marathon 03/18/12 Seabrook TX 6:29:11 Marathon 717       DOUBLE: All Texas #15. Another reunion of the Texas team: David, Donna, Richard, Parvaneh, Steve, John and Robert. I survived this one.
186 St Paddy's Day Marathon 03/17/12 Harker Heights TX 5:51:56 Marathon 4       DOUBLE: All Texas #14. Chad's marthon. We had fun running 22 loops in the park. I fielded 2 home runs. There was one killer hill!
185 Gusher Marathon 03/10/12 Beaumont TX 5:16:19 Marathon 10       All Texas #13. I ran a few miles with Richard, Yen and Peter. We had the course all to ourselves, very few spectators or cars. It seemed like the town was deserted.
184 The Woodlands Marathon 03/03/12 The Woodlands TX 4:51:05 Marathon 935       All Texas #12: This may be the fastest marathon in Texas. Incredibly flat. I ran with Richard till the half. Enroute I saw David, Angela, Glen and Charles. Also, I met and was photographed with Wonderwoman. I enjoyed the post race party with Steve and Paula, Parvaneh and Steve, Yen, Charlie and Donna.
183 Cowtown Marathon 02/26/12 Fort Worth TX 4:34:23 Marathon 416       All Texas #11. A great day with a Maniac reunion at the finish line with Davey Green, Kyle, Clyde, Steve, Diane, Angela, David, Parvaneh and Bre.
182 Austin Marathon 02/19/12 Austin TX 5:16:01 Marathon 829       All Texas #10 DOUBLE. Hilly. Ran with Chad and Angela most of the way and then Steve for the last 6 miles.
181 Surfside Beach Marathon 02/18/12 Surfside Beach TX 5:21:45 Marathon 203       All Texas #9 DOUBLE. Let it rain!
180 Orphan Marathon 02/11/12 Huntsville TX 5:26:00 Marathon 19       All Texas #8. Lots of friends on this course. Rocks and roots meant many took a tumble. I consider it a huge victory that I did not crash on this trail run. Well done inaugural race. Route was well marked and aid stations had lots of volunteers.
179 EL Paso Marathon 02/05/12 El Paso TX 4:53:56 Marathon 151       All Texas #7. 4 mile downhill at start gave us a good head start. Aid stations every 2 miles with enthusiastic volunteers. We ran through Fort Bliss.
178 Miracle Match Marathon 01/29/12 Waco TX 4:54:07 Marathon 35       All Texas #6. A great little race managed by fellow Maniac Nancy Goodnight. Dave Bell pulled us along for a few miles, then he was gone. Richard and I shared the road most of the way and finished within our goal. The hills in Cameron Park make the last half a worthy challenge. Chad ran right past us at mile 20.
177 Duel Paved Marathon 01/22/12 Witchita Falls TX 5:28:54 Marathon 206 13/ 16   6/ 9 All Texas #5 DOUBLE: Amazing concrete trail along the river. Warmer second day 45 degree start, but the wind moved in to give us a hard time especially on the levee. Coming back the tail wind was great! Ran the last 10 with Angela and Wayne.
176 Duel Dirt Marathon 01/21/12 Witchita Falls TX 5:28:49 Marathon 9 11/ 17   2/ 6 All Texas #4 DOUBLE: Trail event. Twisting turning mountain bike course. Many Maniac friends here; Chad, David, Angela, Ed and Robert.
175 Houston Marathon 01/15/12 Houston TX 4:53:46 Marathon 10492       All Texas #3. Ran with Cheri for 13 miles and Richard in the later miles. One of the best organized races in my experience. 300th marathon for Cheri, 500th for Steve.
174 Keep on Truckin Brazos Bend Marathon 01/08/12 Brazos Bend TX 5:46:45 Marathon 206     1/ 1 All Texas #2 I counted 15 alligators. The early morning fog made it spooky.
173 Texas Marathon 01/01/12 Kingwood TX 4:55:55 Marathon 30       All Texas #1 The best medal 3.3 pounds. Steve & Paula manage a great event and lots of friends attend. I was the 100th finisher.
172 Fortitude First Descents Marathon 12/18/11 Lewes DE 5:08:22 Marathon 465       4 laps through Halopen Park with perfectly cool weather. 2nd race in a row with Cowboy Jeff. Bob, Carol and Ted were there, Donna offered to be Alice! Bib said Kevin Cain 5K.
171 Baton Rouge Beach Marathon 12/03/11 Baton Rouge LA 5:53:52 Marathon 34       One more state to go (Alaska) for 2nd round of 50 states.
170 Wright Quad, The Waddle 11/25/11 Dallas TX 5:21:10 Marathon         8+ laps around Bachman Lake with Jeff Venable.
169 Fort Worth Marathon 11/13/11 Fort Worth TX 4:58:48 Marathon 31 132 89 7 Patti, Patrick and I ran Sarasota and also had this race in common. Many miles with Jane and Ellen of Striders and saw Andrew the last few miles. My son Heath ran the half and came in 4th, 1:28
168 Sarasota 11-11-11 Marathon 11/11/11 Sarasota FL 4:26:45 Marathon 3111 16/ 67   2/ 3 58.72 laps around Whitaker Gateway Park with 68 runners. Many friends from previous marathons attended and we had a great time. Thanks to Greg for organizing a fun run.
167 Bass Pro Marathon 11/06/11 Springfield MO 4:51:40 Marathon 8136       DOUBLE: First marathon I have run in a long time where I did not know anyone there. It was a 300 mile drive. The race went well and there were stuffed deer and turkeys along the route. Largest mile markers, ever on scaffolding. Ran through a tent at one aid station.
166 Midsouth Marathon 11/05/11 Wynne AR 4:42:43 Marathon 205       DOUBLE: I ran most of the way with Arland and he made a PR. This was a laid back run, but we worked together with Charlie and Jim and had a great first half.
165 Morgan Hill Marathon 10/23/11 Morgan Hill CA 4:49:08 Marathon 75       I just happened to be in San Jose and found this race close by, 25 miles. Only the 4th time a business trip coincided with a marathon.
164 Amica Marathon 10/16/11 Newport RI 5:22:48 Marathon 92       DOUBLE: Running with 2 friends, Cheri finishing her 50 state and Lichu finishing her 100th marathon. I joined the Texas girls for several miles late in the race and finished with Dave Bell. After a quick wade in the ocean we raced to the airport.
163 Hartford Marathon 10/15/11 Hartford CT 5:27:56 Marathon 867       DOUBLE: Teamed up with Eric and Dave on this double weekend. I joined the Grapevine TX pace team to talk to my friends TO and Leslie.
162 Wineglass Marathon 10/02/11 Corning NY 4:57:01 Marathon 1881       DOUBLE: Here for the Green Team (Elaine Green's 50th state) and Carol's 2nd round.
161 Freedom Run Marathon 10/01/11 Shepherdstown WV 4:44:23 Marathon 56       DOUBLE: 15 miles on trail then we ran the hills of Antietem. Rain from mile 8 to 26. I joined Kino for a quick celebration then on the road for double in Corning, NY.
160 Omaha Marathon 09/25/11 Omaha NE 4:42:41 Marathon 68       Eric, Cheri and Gregg all here. My second Omaha with a side trip to North Platte to see Jan and John.
159 Fox Cites Marathon 09/18/11 Appleton WI 5:20:22 Marathon 967       Maniac reunion with many friends. I finished with Al Kohli. Stormy weather canceled flight home so Patrick and I hitched a ride from Greg and Ali to Milwaukee.
158 Turtle Marathon 09/05/11 Roswell NM 5:15:42 Marathon 56       Labor Day Monday holiday marathon with 5:30 AM start, perfect to beat the heat. We were further blessed with mild weather. Out and back on lightly traveled highway with 47 marathon finishers. Water stops were cases of water on the ground with a bag of ice on top and that was just fine.
157 Pikes Peak Marathon 08/21/11 Manitou Springs CO 9:53:49 Marathon 571 726/ 728 541/ 541 45/ 45 Hardest marathon I have ever run (walked mostly). I was DFL to the top after beating cutoffs at Barr Camp and A-Frame. Thanks to the encouragement of all the folks at top I made the cutoff by 25 seconds and shortly realized I would have to hustle on the downhill to make 10 hour time limit. Small hail and rain attacked with a drop in temp to around 45 degrees at mile 11-12, but fortunately did not worsen. As I descended I calculated and recalculated my finish possibilities. At mile 9 my predicted finish was going to be 10:22 and I knew I had to run the rest of the way. Pressing with 9-10 minute miles I passed a dozen people to just barely make it and conquer Pikes Peak. A 3:24 descent. Harry Otto of the North Texas Striders went along for the challenge and finished in 7:52:33
156 Mad River Marathon 07/10/11 Waitsfield VT 5:04:46 Marathon 94       A pseudo Maniac reunion where we represented 15% of the field. "Hill Repeats" with one section called the "dip". We got to do that from both directions.
155 Bear Lake Marathon (Utah) 06/11/11 Garden City ID 5:06:46 Marathon 906       DOUBLE: Northwest Passage Reunion group at the perfect double. Notable deer rich ditch.
154 Bear Lake Marathon (Idaho) 06/10/11 Garden City UT 5:00:11 Marathon 608       DOUBLE: 50 Stater double. Hail and rain the day before yielded to perfect blue skies. Cheri finished just ahead.
153 Brookings Marathon 05/14/11 Brookings, SD SD 4:24:52 Marathon 230       <300 marathoners. Flat course connected by town trails. I think we ran up and down most of the streets in Brookings. Weather was a perfect 42 degrees and rain held off till mile 25. And was only a short drizzle. I meet Jim Simpson mid race and got caught up on his adventures.
152 Flying Pig Marathon 05/01/11 Cincinnatti OH 5:11:05 Marathon 476       DOUBLE: My 3rd Flying Pig. I love the pig theme and enthusiastic spectators. My friend Jack, a frequent century rider, hosted me for the weekend.
151 Kentucky Derby Marathon 04/30/11 Louisville KY 4:53:40 Marathon 4836       DOUBLE: Great double with many friends. Hills and heat in last half made for tough finish.
150 Vienna Marathon 04/17/11 Vienna AUT 4:36:32 Marathon 8473       DOUBLE: Wonderful day for a city tour. Awesome motivating classical music along the course.
149 Dreiburgenland Marathon 04/16/11 Thurmansbang DEU 5:11:16 Marathon 415       DOUBLE: Hilly run through the Bavarian forest. 57 marathoners.
148 Paris Marathon 04/10/11 Paris FRA 5:06:29 Marathon 50847       Hot day on a city tour.
147 ORRRC Marathon 04/03/11 Xenia OH 4:44:01 Marathon 26       DOUBLE: Rail that became trail so very flat course. Llama ranch beside course. Dave and Carol made this a fun weekend.
146 Martian Marathon 04/02/11 Dearborn MI 4:24:48 Marathon 5056       DOUBLE: Aliens everywhere. And Maniacs Dave and Carol too!
145 Ocean Drive Marathon 03/27/11 Cape May to Sea Isle NJ 4:38:35 Marathon 359       DOUBLE: Predictions of snow did not materialize to our advantage. Many Maniacs to run with: Carol, Elaine, Betty, Kino, Pat, Lori, Randy, Steves...
144 National Marathon 03/26/11 Washington DC DC 4:41:48 Marathon 517       DOUBLE: My first DC marathon with a great tour of the city. Many Marathon Maniacs participated like Lien James and Cowboy Jeff. Jeff was leading a 4:30 pace team and I tagged along for a while.
143 A2A 03/20/11 Ardmore OK 4:55:47 Marathon 16       A south wind challenge on a point to point route. Ran with Cheri and Gregg.
142 A-OK 50K 03/06/11 Atoka OK 6:16:45 50 km 586       28 degree start. Only a few of us selected this back woods trail run, 14 in 50 K, maybe 60 people total in 25K and 50K. This trail run has ankle breaking rocks hidden in the leaves. We all rejoiced when we got to the gravel road sections. It was a victory for me since I did not fall. Almost did several times.
141 Cowtown Marathon 02/27/11 Fort Worth TX 4:49:33 Marathon 110       I ran most of the race with Richard, a fellow Rio Marathon traveler. New location and moved to Sunday. I like the new start location with lots of space and plenty of parking. My favorite part was passing through the old Cowtown stockyards. I am hooked to continue on the 5 year medal plan. Great idea!
140 Miracle Match Marathon 01/30/11 Waco TX 5:03:09 Marathon 244       Friends and fellow North Texas Striders, ML and Alex, were my reason to sign up. Why not, it's close to Flower Mound? And in a stroke of good luck I finished with Steve Grady another runner I know in the Flower Mound area. The last half of race lived up to its reputation of hills, hills and more hills. Nice finish across the wood slat suspension bridge.
139 Charleston Marathon 01/15/11 Charleston SC 4:45:13 Marathon 605       A reunion with Rich and Cheri where we did some touring in a horse drawn carriage. I ran with/into Kathy, Carol, Diane, Diana, Larry and Martha. Cheri and I ran most of the race together. The north section became a maze of twists and turns where we could see runners on adjacent streets.
138 Running from an Angel Marathon 01/08/11 Boulder City NV 4:43:05 Marathon 62       A day in the Park with great Vistas around Lake Mead. It was great to see Dick Vogt again. Lucy went along for this trip and we toured Hoover Dam after the race.
137 White Rock Marathon 12/05/10 Dallas TX 4:56:49 Marathon 2274       New start/finish, but had all the good parts, great spectators, Hooters water stop, Dolly Parton hills/impersonators and the Swiss Avenue glide to the finish. Another great marathon day and my last for 2010.
136 Tulsa Route 66 Marathon 11/21/10 Tulsa OK 5:09:09 Marathon 1653       DOUBLE: What a special race! The race director set up a Maniac/50 stater tent 100 yards from the finish and we all gathered there to meet old friends and make new ones. Marianne and Ed teamed with me again. Al Kohli and I ran many miles together and 100's of photos were shot. The wind on the south leg to mile 21 was horrendous and I made the side trip to the Center of the Universe and got the coin and photo. Two great days!
135 White River Marathon 11/20/10 Cotter AR 4:27:14 Marathon 414       DOUBLE: Foggy, cool weather made for a great day on an out and back twice course. Marianne and Ed teamed with me to run this double. I wore my cowboy hat and red scarf and imitated Cowboy Jeff.
134 Fort Worth Marathon 11/14/10 Fort Worth TX 4:55:55 Marathon 34       A perfect day in Fort Worth as we ran South along the Trinity River. Unfortunatley for the race director his water station volunteers between miles 2 and 12 did not show up on time. Fortunatly there were park water fountains along the way.
133 Marine Corps Marathon 10/31/10 Washington DC DC 5:09:07 Marathon 19820       Halloween, cowboy hat, red scarf, TX shorts: my Cowboy Jeff costume. Weather was great and I heard, "Go Cowboy", "Go Texas" and "Yee Hah!" I even passed an indian who said, "We should talk," but he had a tomahawk so I raced ahead.
132 Atlantic City Marathon 10/18/10 Atlantic City NJ 5:06:55 Marathon 34       DOUBLE: We got lots of attention at the pasta dinner with our neon Baltimore shirts. Note: this was the best pre race dinner I have ever seen. An elaborate buffet in a grand ballroom with live music. Race day was beautiful and Jackie, Jim, Marianne and I ran together as much as possible. We had a great time talking to the first timers and even handed out advice. And I told some old jokes. Marianne almost laughed once or twice. I especially enjoyed running on the boardwalk.
131 Baltimore Marathon 10/17/10 Baltimore MD 4:52:27 Marathon 524       DOUBLE: Enthusiastic crowds kept us pumped up. The course passed through eclectic neighborhoods, the waterfront and around a lake. I ran with Marianne nearly the whole way and Darwin, Mike Jim and Kino hung with us as we enjoyed the beautiful weather. The highlight was when the Marathon Virgins interviewed Darwin enroute.
130 Maine Marathon 10/03/10 Portland ME 4:49:11 Marathon 272       DOUBLE: Maniacs everywhere. We had a great time on this flat course with water views and tree lined residential streets. Cheri, Gregg, Joe, Frances and Rich all here.
129 New Hampshire Marathon 10/02/10 Bristol NH 4:52:54 Marathon 70       DOUBLE: Like a Maniac reunion. A run to enjoy with many friends and hills to make it challenging.
128 Lehigh Valley Marathon 09/12/10 Allentown PA 5:08:10 Marathon 50       Beautiful trails with a cooling rain for 2 hours. Rocks in my shoes. Gun range nearby by was a little strange. 2 Maniacs fell on the slick mud of trail. That might be a record
127 Heart of America Marathon 09/06/10 Columbia MO 5:02:01 Marathon 289       Remarkably the lowest race fee I have paid in years $25 and yet all the things we expect in a marathon were provided. Even free post-race pizza at Shakespeares Pizza. Met K2 and Robert at the start.
126 Run With the Horses Marathon 08/21/10 Green River WY 5:41:10 Marathon 253       The climb from mile 2-6 is tough. 22 miles on gravel road above the river in the wide open spaces of Wyoming. The water park at finish was the best!
125 Northwest Passage 50 K 08/01/10 Arctic Watch NU 7:02:08 50 km 13       Remote, rocky, Arctic Ocean shoreline, sea ice and icebergs nearby, too many water crossings to count, Beluga Whale watching adventure. I ran alongside Cheri Pompeo and Rich Holmes for many kilometers.
124 Rio de Janeiro Marathon 07/18/10 Rio de Janeiro BRA 5:22:00 Marathon 2054       A shared experience with the 50 States Club. All the beaches: Leblon, Ipanema, Copacabana and Flamingo.
123 Bear Lake Marathon ID=>UT 06/12/10 Garden City ID 4:51:42 Marathon 786       DOUBLE. We really appreciated the efforts the race directors went to for this event. Early route was hilly and the new bike lane was a welcome feature to running on the road with vehicles. Mile 12 wind in our face changed to wind at our back as we turned West. I stood up straighter and held my elbows out to catch the wind and flew. The muddy gravel road was fun, but challenging. Rejoining the highway on the West side of the lake exposed us to highway traffic, particularly big truck/trailers going fast. Running with Joe, Steve, Jackson Hole, Dad and the twins, and the life guard girls made this event fun. Chicked at 25.8 again!
122 Bear Lake Marathon UT=>ID 06/11/10 Garden City UT 4:42:52 Marathon 1999       DOUBLE, a perfect 50 stater opportunity, UT and ID in one easy trip. The weather was cool and the rain held off till after the race. Perfect. The best part was sharing the experience with many 50 staters. Chicked at 25.8!
121 Minneapolis Marathon 06/06/10 Minneapolis MN 4:49:30 Marathon 1389       A very well organized small race. Race bibs with name and town name. Nice. The steep hill at mile 18 (Fort Snelling) was a psychological defeat. However preferred over running down this same hill like last year.
120 Providence Marathon 05/02/10 Providence RI 4:56:52 Marathon 113       A pleasure compared to the Muddy Marahton the day before. Sun came out to bring the temperature into the 80's
119 Big Sur Marathon 04/25/10 Carmel CA 4:57:41 Marathon 2261       The views, the piano, the drums, the hills.....
118 ING Georgia Marathon 03/21/10 Atlanta GA 4:39:23 Marathon 1870       Warmer at start than finish with a little rain peaking at mile 11. I noticed a few hills on this course! Race organization was well done. Names on bib, well stocked aid stations, large finish area, convenient to MARTA train system that operated on race morning and lots of convenient hotels. Awesome.
117 New Orleans Mardi Gras Marathon 02/28/10 New Orleans LA 4:52:32 Marathon 13092       DOUBLE. Another perfect day and a great tour of New Orleans. I ran with Cheri, but she had a faster plan than I. Many Maniacs were there to talk to like Al, Gregg, Kathy, Annette, Jen...
116 Fort Worth Cowtown Marathon 02/27/10 Forth Worth TX 4:55:30 Marathon 337       DOUBLE. Perfect weather and a large group of North Texas Striders to run with. And TO Okazaki ran his 100th marathon.
115 Phoenix RnR Marathon 01/17/10 Phoenix AZ 4:31:13 Marathon 6643       Rock n Roll heaven. 51 degrees, flat and no wind. The best part was that it was ML's 40th birthday. We had a birthday party afterward. I ran with Lichu Sloan and Marilyn Pyke.
114 First Light Marathon 01/10/10 Mobile AL 4:56:38 Marathon 1876       DOUBLE. Cold again. I wore running tights. Ran with Maniacs: Dave Bell, Andrew and Martha. Finished with Martha. We talked trash the whole way.
113 Mississippi Blues Marathon 01/09/10 Jackson MS 4:20:12 Marathon 369       DOUBLE. Cold, ice formed in my hair. Icicles hung from the bottom of my shirt.
112 White Rock Marathon 12/12/09 Dallas TX 4:40:30 Marathon         8th time. Ivonne passed me at mile 25.9. She was on relay team. I ran to catch her then she sprinted more. cya!
111 Las Vegas RnR Marathon 12/06/09 Las Vegas NV 4:54:22 Marathon 12130       Perfect weather. Elvettes were fun. Lots of costumes. Joe Wasika ran with me. We caught up and finished with Al Kohli.
110 San Antonio RnR Marathon 11/15/09 San Antonio TX 5:18:34 Marathon 13237       It was hot. I went with Harry Otto, Pres of the Striders.
109 Marine Corps Marathon 10/25/09 Arlington VA 4:42:40 Marathon 15725       5th time. Oranges became orange juice, became slick, became sticky. Ran with Rick Valera part way.
108 Royal Victoria Marathon 10/11/09 Victoria BC 4:37:05 Marathon 323       Cheri Pompeo, Mo and I. A great tour of the city. Lucy stayed in Vancouver with her Aunt.
107 Governor's Marathon 09/20/09 Billings MT 4:46:09 Marathon 635       DOUBLE. Cold, rain and wind. Rode with Jeff Bollman, Diane Bolton and Tim Marquardt from Bismarck. Maniac rode trip.
106 Kroll's Diner Marathon 09/19/09 Bismark ND 4:33:23 Marathon 23       DOUBLE. Perfect day. Roomed with Jeff Bollman and Cowboy Jeff.
105 Yellowknife Marathon 08/16/09 Yellowknife NT 4:48:37 Marathon 184       21 starters, 20 finishers. 2 loops. I ran ~15 miles with no one in sight so when I caught up to a pair of runners I stayed with them for company and conversation.
104 Seattle RnR Marathon 06/27/09 Seattle WA 5:03:00 Marathon 18202       Ran with Ron Knecht and Heath spectated. The day before Heath and I climbed to peak of Mt Rainier
103 North Olympic Discovery Marathon 06/07/09 Sequim to Port Angeles WA 4:14:29 Marathon 435       ML Woolbrink (FM Strider), Dick Vogt and Terry Sentinella (Maniacs) and Gary Green (Cisco) met us and ran.
102 Newport Marathon 05/30/09 Newport OR 5:00:04 Marathon 99       100th Marathon with Ron Knecht. What a great day. I ran to honor Mom, Dad and my sister Beth.
101 LaCrosse Marathon 05/03/09 LaCrosse WI 4:35:53 Marathon 25       DOUBLE. With Darwin Weimer. Brats at the finish.
100 Kenosha Marathon 05/02/09 Kenosha WI 4:31:48 Marathon 585       DOUBLE. With Joe Wasika and the "Doubler". Brats at finish.
99 Nashville RnR Marathon 04/25/09 Nashville TN 5:16:55 Marathon 18116       Hot. Salt packs everywhere.
98 Bear Chase Marathon 04/11/09 Groveton TX 4:26:38 Marathon 16       Well organized race by Steve and Paula Boone.
97 Big D Texas Marathon 04/05/09 Dallas TX 4:29:16 Marathon 45       A windy day on White Rock Lake.
96 Antarctica Last Marathon 03/10/09 King George Island ATA 5:23:00 Marathon 62       Great weather (32 degrees at start) with challenging hills, mud and the Collins Glacier. 20 degrees at finish. Lucy blew her whistle and cheered us all on. She went to Chinese base and had fun.
95 Cowtown Marathon 02/28/09 Fort Worth TX 4:09:56 Marathon 459       5th time. A little chilly at the start, but it turned into a beautiful day. The post race food was excellent and runners sat around and talked about streaks, next marathons and goals. This was my best time for the year.
94 Austin Marathon 02/15/09 Austin TX 4:49:17 Marathon 4357       The rolling hills of Austin during the meteor shower as photographed mid race.
93 Desert Classic Marathon 01/30/09 Surprise AZ 4:56:15 Marathon         Out and back with Ron and Dick. We stayed together all the way till mile 24. Biggest Loser skipped a bit of the course in a car to a filmed finish.
92 Disney World Marathon 01/11/09 Disney FL 4:52:15 Marathon         Everyone has fun here. And I did the Goofy. Ran marathon with Wayne Wright, but he dropped out with an injury.
91 Honolulu Marathon 12/14/08 Honolulu HI 5:30:50 Marathon         First marathon after torn meniscus. A great fireworks start, lots of Japanese participants, 13 miles of rain and a muddy park for a finish area. 50th state for Ron Knecht and Dick Vogt. Celebrate!
90 Isle of Man Marathon 08/10/08 Douglas GBR 4:35:31 Marathon 90       First Texan, first American, only Texan, only American. And I was featured on a video of the race. This completed a streak where I was first Texan for the 3rd time.
89 Grandfather Mtn Marathon 07/12/08 Boone NC 4:42:31 Marathon 46       It's not as easy as they say. First Texan again. Only Texan!
88 Manitoba Marathon 06/15/08 Winnipeg MB 4:22:31 Marathon 0017       With Ron Knecht. No mosquitos.
87 Nisene Marks Marathon 06/07/08 Aptos CA 4:22:59 Marathon 509       I enjoyed the 22 minute negative split 13.1 mile downhill. First Texan!
86 Sunburst Marathon 05/31/08 South Bend IN 4:44:14 Marathon 77       With Sun in the name you have to be wary of and expect hot. It was.
85 Oklahoma City Marathon 04/27/08 Oklahoma City OK 4:00:15 Marathon 788       15 seconds, surely I could have found a way to shave off 15 seconds.
84 Big D Texas Marathon 04/06/08 Dallas TX 4:27:15 Marathon 715       Lots of friends in this race. And familiar White Rock Lake.
83 Olathe Marathon 03/29/08 Olathe KS 3:57:46 Marathon 61       Wow, I broke 4 hours and felt good too.
82 Cowtown 50K Ultra 02/23/08 Fort Worth TX 5:10:18 50 km 1338       I can say I have run Ultrassssss, plural. Make that 2. A nice hill at mile 26 up the levee just to let us know this is an ultra.
NC Myrtle Beach Marathon 02/16/08 Myrtle Beach SC 4:20:14 Marathon 34       I forgot to register and race director would not let me enter race on site at expo since it was closed. Perfect weather and many Maniac friends. Ron Knecht kept me moving to each mile marker.
81 Surf City Marathon 02/03/08 Huntington CA 4:36:28 Marathon 1328       The weather gave me a hard time; rain, 47 degrees and wind off the ocean. It was a full distance garbage bag race!
80 First Light Marathon 01/13/08 Mobile AL 4:10:50 Marathon 1036       Mid-race hills made this a challenging course. Great food and fun at the finish.
79 White Rock Marathon 12/09/07 Dallas TX 4:21:38 Marathon 209       Cool weather and lots of friends to run with. Fiona Wright ran for her Texas state and went to Southfork afterward.
78 Rockledge Rumble 50K Ultra 11/10/07 Flower Mound TX 6:49:20 50 km 573       My first ultra. I fell twice and tripped often. Route was easy to miss.
77 Mid South Marathon 11/03/07 Wynne AR 4:10:44 Marathon 19       One of my better days and I finished before Lucy showed up at finish line so Claude Hicks, Phil Min and I waited for her.
76 Marine Corps Marathon 10/28/07 DC DC 4:26:44 Marathon 1408       Perfect weather, huge crowd, great sites.
75 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon 10/07/07 Chicago IL 5:39:06 Marathon 36536       Canceled race, but I finished. Sirens tried to get me to stop. No way!
74 Fox Cities Marathon 09/23/07 Appleton WI 4:09:46 Marathon 121       Completes 50 States. Lucy was there to cheer me on.
73 Quebec Des Deux Rives Marathon 08/26/07 Quebec QC 4:59:56 Marathon 725       A beautiful city worth another visit. Ran with Ron Knecht. I was desperatley calculating the finsh to beat 5 hours. Whew! Felt like crap at end.
72 Massey Marathon 07/15/07 Massey ON 4:23:51 Marathon         A country road marathon with a smoker at mile marker 23 water station. Passed by Amish on way to church in their horse drawn carriages.
71 Hatfield & McCoy Marathon 06/10/07 Williamson WV 4:32:05 Marathon         4 H's: Hills, Heat, Humdity and those Hatfields. Actually the friendliest people and beautiful scenery. My 49th state.
70 Casper Marathon 06/03/07 Casper WY 4:41:53 Marathon         Very convenient finish at race hotel (Holiday Inn). Great food at finish beside the river.
69 Vermont City Marathon 05/27/07 Burlington VT 4:31:33 Marathon         Great tour of the city and finish beside the lake. 1st in a series of 3 with Claude Hicks.
68 Kentucky Derby Marathon 04/28/07 Louisville KY 4:47:51 Marathon         One of my toughest days. The bridge over and back at end zapped me.
67 Spirit of St Louis Marathon 04/15/07 St Louis MO 4:30:46 Marathon         Big race with lots of 50 Staters/Maniacs around. The middle section through Washington Park was enjoyable. 1st in a series of races where Ron Knecht was also running.
66 Eisenhower Marathon 04/07/07 Abilene KS 4:32:32 Marathon         Snow on ground, freezing weather and 20 mph North wind just about froze me. Made for a great near-frostbite story. 26.2 miles in a trash bag.
65 Seabrook Lucky Trail Marathon 03/18/07 Seabrook TX 4:35:28 Marathon         4 laps on trails in the park. Very flat, enthusiastic water stations and numerous occasions to see your fellow runners going the opposite direction.
64 Cowtown Marathon 02/24/07 Fort Worth TX 4:28:22 Marathon         Fear of rain and hail diminished as the race progressed. The rolling hills got all the attention until we noticed the wind picking up and up. 50 mph gusts at mile 20 near TCU and sandblasted by rocks and sand from a vacant lot as we entered downtown.
63 Mississippi Marathon 01/13/07 Clinton MS 4:49:54 Marathon         13.1 miles down the Natchez Trace, then back again. I ran with Ron Knecht the whole way till he decided to catch the blue girls team at the very end.
62 White Rock Marathon 12/10/06 Dallas TX 4:27:28 Marathon         My first DOUBLE! Not as bad as I thought. I sagged at mile 15, but a few bits of Marathon bar got me back in the groove. My other club, The Flower Mound Striders were running today. 1/2, relays and full. My favorite annual race.
61 Thunder Road Marathon 12/09/06 Charlotte NC 4:22:18 Marathon         1st DOUBLE. Double weekend! 16 degrees today. At mile 6 I noticed something hanging from my hat. An icicle! The route included many of the beautiful stately parkways of Charlotte. And a few hills.
60 City of Trees Marathon 11/05/06 Boise ID 4:08:25 Marathon         Renamed the City of Puddles as it rained the entire time. 45 degrees at start, 37 at finish. My 4th marathon in 3 weeks. 60th marathon and 41st state.
59 Marine Corps Marathon 10/29/06 Washington DC 4:36:08 Marathon         My 3rd time here with Cisco sponsorship. I ran the 1st 5 miles with my friend Joe before we lost each other in the 35,000 crowd. Finish meeting area was a sea of humanity. My 3rd marathon in 2 weeks.
58 Breakers Marathon 10/21/06 Newport RI 4:25:56 Marathon         3 loops &#40;kinda&#41; with a stretch along the sand dunes and beach &#40;the windiest section&#41;. The only marathon that serves lobster. Really!
57 Denver Marathon 10/15/06 Denver CO 4:39:23 Marathon         The new version. We looped and looped the parks around downtown. I met many runners during this race. A very talkative group for a big race.
56 New Hampshire Marathon 09/30/06 Bristol NH 4:31:31 Marathon         Rolling hills and countryside. I ran with Steve Boone and we see-sawed back a forth through the race.
55 Bismarck Marathon 09/16/06 Bismarck ND 4:21:30 Marathon         I met Ron Knecht and stayed with him and his dogs in RV parked at the race starting line. I ran for 10 miles with the State Director of Dental Hygiene and a local Veterinarian/Hockey coach.
54 Skagit Flats Marathon 09/10/06 Burlington WA 4:29:45 Marathon         Flat race in the countryside. Terry Sentinella is Race Director. Nice finish in the stadium and plenty of food.
53 Paul Bunyan Marathon 07/16/06 Bangor ME 4:59:36 Marathon         53rd marathon, 36th state. 50 marathons in 44 months.
52 Grandma's Marathon 06/17/06 Duluth MN 4:32:59 Marathon         It was a hot day, but they were prepared. Frequent water stops and sponges galore. The UMD dorms were a convenient place to stay with an efficient bus system. Right after I returned to the dorms the rains came in.
51 Flying Pig Marathon 05/07/06 Cincinnati OH 4:21:06 Marathon         What a great theme. I crossed the finish swine and Lucy was there to cheer me on. Our friend Jack ran his first marathon. I ran back to meet him at mile 22.
50 Germany to France Marathon 04/23/06 Fench Lick IN 4:29:25 Marathon         My 50th marathon and Lucy was there. The hills were tough and the runners were few. I asked for #50, but did not get it. Stayed with Terry Sentinella.
49 Ocean Drive Marathon 03/26/06 Cape May NJ 3:58:33 Marathon         A nice cool day with only a few bridges for hills. The whole area was deserted and we ran down vacant streets with few spectators. Surreal.
48 Booz Allen Marathon 03/11/06 Piney Point MD 4:18:39 Marathon         Start/finish at a Maritime School. Great ocean views and a long out and back highway run.
47 Cowtown Marathon 02/25/06 Fort Worth TX 4:23:22 Marathon         Torrential rains all night long. Many Flower Mound Striders converged on this race and found shelter in the Hyatt Hotel till start. It continued to lightly rain for several miles, then I shed the rain pancho. A flood detour error caused the race to be 26.4 mi, a new PR!
46 Tybee Island Marathon 02/04/06 Tybee Island GA 4:07:19 Marathon         We must have run every street in Tybee, twice. Past the lighthouse and the B&B that Lucy and I stayed at. Rain storm right after I finished so I hid in the food tent and waited for a break.
45 Phoenix RnR Marathon 01/15/06 Phoenix AZ 4:08:39 Marathon         Finished the last 4 miles with Ron Knecht. The music is an amazing lift all along the way.
44 White Rock Marathon 12/11/05 Dallas TX 3:53:48 Marathon         28 Flower Mound Striders ran marathon, half or relay. I had a great day and saw many friends along the way.
43 St Jude's Marathon 12/03/05 Memphis TN 3:59:18 Marathon         I saw Elvis. Many times. Terry Sentinella was there and we saw Norm Franks finish his 900 marathon. Robert Lopez passed me at mile 25.
42 New York Marathon 11/06/05 New York NY 4:39:39 Marathon         With Sonia Soprenuk. Huge crowd at finish.
41 Marine Corps Marathon 10/30/05 Washington, DC DC 4:16:01 Marathon         Part of Cisco team (Dave West). Wim Elfrink and Mark D'Elia ran too.
40 Mt Rushmore to Crazy Horse Marathon 10/09/05 Rapid City SD 4:33:31 Marathon         Beautiful Country. Hills at first, Hill City in middle and Mikelson Trail to finish.
39 Montana Marathon 09/18/05 Billings MT 4:07:19 Marathon         Point to point in the fog
38 Crater Lake Marathon 08/13/05 Klamath Falls OR 4:40:14 Marathon         The best scenery. Met Ron Knecht, Dick Vogt and Kurt Lauer.
37 Carrollton Marathon 07/31/05 Carrollton MI 3:58:54 Marathon         Smalltown fun
36 Kona Marathon 06/19/05 Kona HI 4:28:37 Marathon         Hot highway run
35 Flying Pig Marathon 05/01/05 Cincinnati OH 3:59:09 Marathon         I crossed the finish swine
34 Boston Marathon 04/18/05 Boston MA 4:22:47 Marathon         Hot again, but great crowds
33 Big-D Texas Marathon 04/03/05 Dallas TX 4:26:03 Marathon         Hot and hilly with the FM Striders
32 Little Rock Marathon 03/06/05 Little Rock AR 4:18:00 Marathon         Tough hills late in race
31 Myrtle Beach Marathon 02/19/05 Myrtle Beach SC 3:42:08 Marathon         Great flat course. I felt great
30 Las Vegas Marathon 01/30/05 Las Vegas NV 4:04:09 Marathon         Miles into the wind
29 Rocket City Marathon 12/11/04 Huntsville AL 3:59:13 Marathon         Perfect temperature. Scenic route
28 Philadelphia Marathon 11/21/04 Philadelphia PA 4:09:50 Marathon         Pass the finish line at 1/2 and double back on the Skuykill. Geno's afterward
27 Marine Corps Marathon 10/31/04 Washington DC 4:55:04 Marathon         Great patriotic monument tour. 1st Marine Corps. Stayed at Capital Holiday Inn, close to Air & Space.
26 Hartford Marathon 10/09/04 Hartford CT 3:58:30 Marathon         Scenic neighborhoods all the way, hurt my hip which affected Marine Corps
25 Omaha Marathon 09/26/04 Omaha NE 3:46:27 Marathon         Through ConAgra and the zoo. Pass finish line at 1/2 and by myself the rest of the way
24 Iowa Trails Marathon 08/29/04 Fairfield IA 3:56:01 Marathon         Love those hills, we had a peleton till 1/2
23 Deseret Morning News Marathon 07/24/04 Salt Lake City UT 3:51:43 Marathon         Down hill till 17, then uphill against the wind till we almost had to stop
22 Suzuki San Diego RnR 06/06/04 San Diego CA 3:37:01 Marathon         Rock all the way, Heath came along and cheered. I had a surprising time so close to a BQ.
21 Coventry Health Marathon 05/16/04 Wilmington DE 4:13:05 Marathon         50 State reunion, 4 laps, fun, cramped at mile 26, holy cow!
20 Boston Marathon 04/19/04 Boston MA 4:31:33 Marathon         A famous hot year, badge of honor for finishing. Runners are still talking about this "year" at Boston 2 years later.
19 Big-D Texas Marathon 03/28/04 Dallas TX 3:54:32 Marathon         Hot and hilly route, 1st year for this race
18 Nokia Sugar Bowl Mardi Gras Marathon 02/29/04 New Orleans LA 3:34:04 Marathon         Best 1/2 time 1:39, pass Superdome for 13.1 more. Mufalata afterward
17 Disney World Marathon 01/11/04 Orlando FL 3:30:25 Marathon         Through all the parks was fun, I cruised this marathon not even trying for a good time
16 White Rock Marathon 12/14/03 Dallas TX 3:29:31 Marathon         My Marathon PR and BQ. Lucy and Heath supported me the whole way.
15 Suntrust Marathon 11/15/03 Richmond VA 3:40:28 Marathon         The best post race pizza.
14 Duke City Marathon 10/26/03 Albuquerque NM 3:50:00 Marathon         Warm. Watch died mid race. Harold met me at finish.
13 Quad Cities Marathon 09/28/03 Moline IL 3:41:34 Marathon         Rex & Kay at finish.
12 Iowa Trails Marathon 08/24/03 Fairfield IA 4:29:58 Marathon         Wow, the hills.
11 Chronicle San Francisco Marathon 07/27/03 San Francisco CA 3:43:27 Marathon         Passed the gladiator and barefoot guy. No bridge route this year.
10 Mayor's Midnight Marathon 06/21/03 Anchorage AK 3:43:45 Marathon         Steep trails, big rocks and the hill from seashore to the high school at end was tough.
9 Amarillo Paper Chase Marathon 05/24/03 Amarillo TX 3:35:12 Marathon       1 1st place in age group. Amazing!
8 Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon 04/27/03 Oklahoma City OK 3:40:00 Marathon         Most emotional marathon I have run. Bill Rogers passed me at mile 16 (relay). Lucy & Heath went along. Troy Mills (Strider) also ran.
7 Abilene Marathon 03/15/03 Abilene TX 3:49:12 Marathon         Warm day.
6 Cowtown Marathon 02/22/03 Fort Worth TX 3:47:41 Marathon         Finish down the hill into stockyards.
5 Houston Marathon 01/19/03 Houston TX 3:50:17 Marathon         6:50 1st mile.
4 White Rock Marathon 12/15/02 Dallas TX 3:39:39 Marathon         Start of streak!
3 Austin Marathon 02/20/00 Austin TX 4:20:51 Marathon         Chuck Kennedy challenged me to run with him.
2 White Rock Marathon 12/10/95 Dallas TX 3:54:31 Marathon         By myself.
1 White Rock Marathon 12/14/86 Dallas TX 3:41:06 Marathon         1st marathon. 42 degrees and light rain. I froze. I got passed by a guy with one leg at mile 17. Amy, Casey, Heath and Jenny came to watch. The only time all my kids came to one of my marathons.

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