Marathon Maniacs Marathons/Ultras run by #3364
Lichu Wu Sloan

Seq Race Date City ST Finish
Distance Bib Overall
185 Tamarindo Beach Marathon 09/12/15 Tamarindo CRI 6:43:26 Marathon 66 321   1 Hot/humid/hilly. It was the most challenging condition. Great support from volunteers, police, para medic, medical staff. Super organized. Love the shirt and color beach sandles. Love the People!
184 Self-Transcedence Marathon 08/25/15 Nyack NY 6:36:00 Marathon 439       Legs was very tired. Not feeling well. Not quiet recover from Mongolian trip and intensive training few days prior.
183 Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset 08/05/15   MNG 11:24:00 Marathon 21       Very challenging! Very beautiful! Great accomplishment! Happy to participate and visit Mogolia!
182 Inca Trail Marathon 06/10/15 Machu Picchu PER 16:30:20 Marathon         Most difficult marathon that I ever ran. We ran an ultra on the alternate route. Total of 35 miles! 83,048 steps.
181 Copenhagen International Marathon 05/24/15 Copenhagen DNK 6:01:15 Marathon          
180 Riga International Marathon 05/17/15 Riga LVA 5:53:46 Marathon         Wonderful marathon! Friendly people! Beautiful City!
179 Borneo International Marathon 05/03/15 Kota Kinabalu MYS 6:47:32 Marathon         Hot sun, humid.
178 Galapagos Islands Marathon 04/15/15   ECU 8:18:15 Marathon         Tough course, ran on Volcanic Field, down pour rain.
177 Antarctica Marathon 03/09/15   ATA 6:56:38 Marathon 4        
176 Trinidad & Tobago International Marathon 01/25/15 Port of Spain TTO 6:09:23 Marathon 511       Hot humid and sunny! Upset stomach, terrible leg cramp. Went to hospital after finish.
175 Bahams Marathon 01/18/15 Nassau BHS 6:25:28 Marathon 182       Ran extra 0.4 miles. Miss the turn at mile 20.
174 Cadbury Marathon 01/11/15 Hobart AUS 5:39:55 Marathon 232 1/ 1   1/ 1 Tough course, lots hills, the last 5K was the worst!
173 Reggae International Marathon 12/06/14 Negril JAM 6:49:54 Marathon 758 148/ 151   1/ 1 Hot sun, heat and humidity. Everyone were struggle on the second half. Proud to finish the marathon under the condition!
172 William Route 66 Marathon 11/23/14 Tulsa OK 6:18:58 Marathon       2/ 2 Hilly! Super organization. Lots Maniacs and 50 Stater. Completing my 50 states second time! :-)
171 Istanbul Marathon 11/16/14 Istanbul TUR 5:44:02 Marathon   702   13 Great marathon! Cloudy, breezy, drizzling, little humid. Great organization!
170 Athens Authentic Marathon 11/09/14 Athens GRC 6:21:41 Marathon         Most difficult course! Hot and sunny. Pace myself to finish!
169 Barbados Midnight Marathon 11/02/14 Bridgetown BRB 6:34:15 Marathon         Tough running in the dark, lonely road. Thanks to Yen and Peter and the support of the Police. The Police vehicle with blue flashing lights helped a great deal.
168 Duke City Marathon 10/19/14 Albuquerque NM 5:54:16 Marathon       1 Turned along the half marathon crowd, did extra one mile. Hot and hilly after 8 miles. Meeting several 50 stater and Maniacs. Fun!
167 Bismarck Marathon 09/20/14 Bismarck ND 6:01:53 Marathon       1  
166 SEB Tallinn Marathon 09/14/14 Tallinn EST 5:43:59 Marathon       4 Awesome City! Beautiful people! Great organization! Love it!
165 Kuopio Marathon 09/06/14 Kuopio FIN 5:47:50 Marathon       4 Hilly course, lots turns. Beautiful Forrest and Lakes!
164 The Amazing Maasai Marathon 08/30/14 Maasai KEN 6:30:40 Marathon         Bonnie and I ran ultra. Mew went off the course twice. We have to turn back to the water station and asked for help. We didn't see the Marker. It was hot, cold and windy. Super challenge hilly course.
163 Moose Tooth Marathon 08/17/14 Anchorage AK 5:38:54 Marathon       1  
162 Loonies Midnight Marathon 07/19/14 Livingston TN 5:39:32 Marathon       1  
161 ERGO White Nights Marathon 06/29/14 St. Petersburg RUS 5:35:58 Marathon 2403       Wonderful organization! First marathon with Human Kilometer Marker! Lots support! Beautiful City! Start and Finish at the Palace Square of the Winter Palace. Awesome experience! Love to go back!
160 Nordmarka Skogsmarathon 06/21/14 Oslo NOR 6:19:30 Marathon 76     1 Great event! Friendly! Nice swag! Nice award! A nice wood carving platte. Tough marathon, lots hill, steep! Beautiful surrounding!
159 Prague Marathon 05/11/14 Prague CZE 5:54:44 Marathon          
158 Geneva Marathon 05/04/14 Geneva CHE 6:01:28 Marathon          
157 Garmin Marathon 04/26/14 Olathe KS 6:22:12 Marathon 28 666/ 678 323/ 333 2/ 2 It was a tough marathon. Thought about taking DNF. I was so cold with the down pour heavy rain, thunderstorm, lightning, hail and cold strong wind. Help from volunteers with dry long sleeve cotton t-shirt and green garbage bag. Course was tons of hills, turns, and mud. I finished it!
156 Taipei Expressway Marathon 03/16/14 Taipei TWN 5:29:00 Marathon       4  
155 Shung-Si Cherry Blossom Marathon 03/09/14 Shung-Si TWN 6:11:25 Marathon 7750 3630/ 5666   38 Mountain road, reminded me of Grand Father Mount Marathon in Boone, NC It was up up hill for the first 8K, then ups and downs with several steep hills. Enjoyed the hospitality of Taiwanese people, great organization, friendly runners. Loved it!
154 Jacksonville Bank Marathon 12/29/13 Jacksonville FL 5:55:12 Marathon 231     4/ 6 Down pour rain, weak right ankle, pulled left groin, and sciatica problem. I was nervous about a "DNF". I stayed with 6 hours Pacer, Susan Kolbinsky from the start to mile 25. I felt good and picked up my pace at the end. We were doing one minute run and one minute walk. We were running at the consistent pace. I really enjoyed the wonderful experience on the last marathon of the year.
153 Intertrust Cayman Island Marathon 12/01/13 Georgetown CYM 6:26:10 Marathon 29       It was super sunny hot humid marathon. Only 95+ marathoner. It was very lonely on the second half. the Race Organizer did a great job, water and aid station every mile. They were super enthusiastic. My right ankle hurted at mile 6 and was not running rather than hopping. The Biker/Volunteer contacted Red Cross Medical Staff at Mile 10 to help me. It was disappointed that the Medical Staff was totally unprepared to assist me. I was NOT a happy camper. I completed the whole marathon without any ankle support. I am very grateful to John, a Volunteer biked on the course with a Cooler, hanged out iced cold bottled water to runner. He biked with me for the last 5 miles to the Finish Line and provided me with the iced cold water. I would went off the course the last 2 miles if I didn't have him watched over me. He is a Life Saver!
152 Potomac River Marathon 11/17/13 Carderock MD 6:01:10 Marathon          
151 Dublin Marathon 10/28/13 Dublin IRL 6:03:10 Marathon 17618       So happy the weather was better than forecasted the day before the marathon. NO Rain! It was so windy and chilly. Great support! No refreshment at the finish line. Not even banana or hot drinks. Enjoyed a wonderful time with my fellow Marathon Tours. Thanks to Kelly of Marathon Tours. Well done! Love to run it again. Loved Dublin, Irish, Music and Dance! Loved Guinness!
150 Poznan Marathon 10/13/13 Poznan POL 5:41:30 Marathon 230     3 Awesome! Happy with the orgazation. It was tough at 41K with uphill and cobbled stone course. Placed 3rd in my age group, 65-69. Missed standing on the podium. Received a lovely trophy, fuel belt, and a running book. I didn't think I would place my age. From now on, I will check it the result, because not many 65+ are running marathon. Race start and finish in front of our hotel-Sheraton Poznan Hotel. Loved the second time visiting the City. The whole City catered to marathoners. Love to return and run the 20th edition in 2019. Would love to win my age group, 70-75.
149 Kosice Peace Marathon 10/06/13 Kosice SVK 5:27:14 Marathon F98     5 I was concerned about the cut-off time at 32K. I ran so well and was 34 minutes ahead of the cut-off time. This was my PR of this year. It was a well-marked and well-supported marathon. Loved the marathon, the City, and the People. This is the oldest marathon in Europe, the 90th. The marathon is a National Pride to the People. It is the Best Marathon in Europe! I will be back to run at their 100th edition. Hope I will win my age group at 70-79.
148 Omaha Marathon 09/22/13 Omaha NE 6:41:22 Marathon 4840     2/ 2 It was an ultra for me. I ran 29.5 miles. I made a wrong turn, spent 20 minutes begging volunteer and Policeman to drive me to the spot. It went to dead ears. I turned around and ran back, went through 10K check point twice. It was the worst marathon of my marathon 144. I'm happy to get my NE done! I would be first in my age if I didn't ran the extra 3.3 miles. :-(
147 Sioux Falls Marathon 09/08/13 Sioux Falls SD 6:16:59 Marathon         Hot, humid and hilly! No shade at all! Toes and right ankle hurt at mile 8. I was determined to finish the marathon. Happy to passed 5:30 Pacer at mile 19. Worry not able to finish under 6 hours for my upcoming marathons in Europe.
146 Ben's Smart Marathon by the Sea 08/11/13 Saint John NB 6:18:00 Marathon       2/ 3 Hot, hilly, no shade on most highway and open road. Great support, superb volunteers, race organizer, and RD.
145 Missoula Marathon 07/14/13 Missoula MT 6:10:30 Marathon          
144 Hatfield-McCoy Marathon 06/08/13 Williamson KY 5:53:13 Marathon   325 138 8  
143 Maine Coast Marathon 05/12/13 Kennebunk ME 5:54:14 Marathon       3 Nice New England marathon. Run along the Coast. Rain a little, turned humid, very hilly. Went off the course. Thanks to spectator yelled out. Reported to RD, Charles about this. They will make effort to have a Course Marshall on that spot - three ways traffic poses risk to runners and sign was hidden underneath of a Status in this busy intersection. They did a great job for their first year. Love small race and only cater to marathoners. Well done! I'm happy to finish under 6 hours. I'm still hurting from herniated disc injury.
142 Tacoma City Marathon 05/05/13 Tacoma City WA 6:06:55 Marathon 764     10/ 16 Great weekend with my fellow Maniacs. Hot, sunny and hilly course! Lots pictures taken with Terri, Charlotte, JC, Peter and Dave.
141 Linz Donau Marathon 04/21/13 Linz AUT 5:41:52 Marathon         Small field of marathoners. Two loops, went through finish line area twice. Again, ran almost two minutes faster on mile 26 because of the crowd support. A tough finish with down hill and cobbled stone. Love our visit in Upper Austria. Blue Danube! In front of our room.
140 Brighton Marathon 04/14/13 Brighton GBR 5:46:19 Marathon         Great organization, lots crowd support, nice course along the Coast most of the time. Reminds me of Reykjavik Marathon in Iceland. Enjoyed our B & B very much. Ran almost two minutes faster on mile 26 because the crowd support.
139 Walt Disney World Marathon 01/13/13 Orlando FL 6:52:11 Marathon 29633 18190 8958 135 Well done! Loved 20th WDW Marathon. Nice medal! Lots support and volunteers! Music and characters. Hot and humid. Got dizzy and lighthead. Thank God, the walking poles helped my sciatica pain and weak right ankle.
138 Mississippi Blues Marathon 01/05/13 Jackson MS 7:11:27 Marathon 972 737 288 5 Enjoyed the southern hospitality. Fun hung out with marathon friends. Great time with Professor Tom. Walked the marathon with the walking poles due to sciatica pain. An improvement from two months ago when I walked a marathon with the walking poles.
137 Hoover Dam Marathon 12/15/12 Boulder City NV 6:35:01 Marathon          
136 Honolulu Marathon 12/09/12 Honolulu HI 6:49:25 Marathon          
135 Baton Rouge Beach Marathon 12/01/12 Baton Rouge LA 6:50:24 Marathon 133 291 112 2  
134 JFK 50 mile 11/17/12 Hagerstown MD   34 mi         I was mentally and physically not prepared for the JFK 50 miler. I was running too many marathons, and didn't have time to train. My ankles were always weak. I still have a sciatica problem on my right side, my right leg and foot is still numb, so once my right ankle twisted and fell, it just kept falling. I twisted my right ankle and fell 12 times on the Appalachian Trail. I thought I knew the course description, but I was so naive about the AT. My left ankle twisted a couple of times, but I didn't fall. I was so frustrated and scared. My confidence was shrinking. My body was so intense, and just kept falling. I really appreciated all the runners who were so supportive to me on the Trail. On the Tow Path, many were so encouraging. At mile 30, I was so sleepy and just wanted to stop and curl up and go to sleep. My body was not willing to move. By the time, I told myself to get moving at mile 32, it was too late to meet the cut off time at mile 34, Weverton, and took a DNF. I swore that I wouldn't never run the JFK again. I am not a Trail Runner, and I don't like the trails.
133 Bass Pro Marathon 11/04/12 Springfield MO 6:29:12 Marathon       2  
132 Venice Marathon 10/28/12 Venice ITA 6:12:07 Marathon          
131 Dresden Marathon 10/21/12 Dresden DEU 5:45:03 Marathon          
130 On the Road for the Education 10/14/12 Mason City IA 6:30:17 Marathon          
129 Chicago Marathon 10/07/12 Chicago IL 6:26:58 Marathon J35219 36431 16089 131 I enjoyed Chicago Marathon the second time around after six years. My time was two hours slower than last time. I was happy that I finished it, and NO pain. I enjoyed making friends and socialized with other runners from different countries. I was frustrated with my injury. Most of all, I was not happy about my performance the past two years. I hope to return in 2018, at age 70, to set my new age PR.
128 Maine Marathon 09/30/12 Portland ME   Marathon         D.N.S. Canceled due to sciatica pain.
127 New Hampshire Marathon 09/29/12 Bristol NH 7:17:37 Marathon 19       It was the most humbling marathon experience! Under the worried eyes of my mother, sisters, a friend/massage therapist and my husband, I ran the 20th New Hampshire Marathon. I said to myself, I will give it a try, I will stop if I am in pain. No big deal. I mentioned to the RD that I will be participating the marathon with hiking poles. He assured me that there is no time limit, it is a friendly small race, and they help every one to achieve their goal. Race day was cool and cloudy, a perfect day for a marathon and to go for a PR. The course was very hilly, lots of winding up and down hills, steep hills, and no spectators. My body was tight and uncomfortable in the morning, the hiking poles reminded me not to run, only walk, use them to support me on the up and down hills, and to rest if I was in pain. The downside of the poles was that I didn't have free hands for water and refuel. I had to lay down the polesto get water and fuel. I jogged a little on down hills. Felt great. I was very careful, not to trip over the poles. At mile 26 there was a steep uphill, then a sharp right turn, then a slide down hill. I got so emotional at the last 0.2 mile, my eyes got wet, and could not hold back the tears. I could hear cheering by the race organizers and RD, a sharp right turn, 200 meters to the finish line, I held the poles under my arm pit, and jogged to the finish line. It was the longest marathon that I ever ran. It was the most spiritual marathon in my marathon journey.
126 Omaha Marathon 09/23/12 Omaha NE   Marathon         D.N.S. Canceled due to sciatica pain.
125 American Discovery Trail Marathon 09/03/12 Colorado Springs CO 6:23:03 Marathon         It was one of my worst marathons. I was tired, my body ached all over, didn't like to run on the trail with rocks and sand. Stopped several times to take the rock out of my shoes. It got hot and dusty. The course was tough with step uphills and downhills. I'm happy to finish it!
124 Reykjavik Marathon 08/18/12 Reykjavik ISL 5:37:11 Marathon       4/ 7 Love Iceland and her People! Beauty and Wonder everywhere. The Land of Fire and Ice. The race day was sunny, cool, little breeze along the Ocean. NO rain! Enjoyed Meeting Bryndis on the course, a fellow Icelander Maniac. Vomitted at 37K and after the finish line. Great time and support from the Marathon Tours!
123 The Friendly Massey Marathon 07/15/12 Massey ON 5:57:53 Marathon 738     1 It was a long tiring drive. We stayed one night in Toronto both ways. There was very heavy traffic in Toronto! It was the most friendly and well organized marathon. It was hot, humid and sunny. It was itching with several mosquito bites. I placed first in my age group, 60 - 69. I received a lovely handmade wooden stool and a large jug of Canadian maple syrup. I enjoyed meeting new marathon friends includeing the Female Overall Winner, Betty Annala, and her friend, Karen Dahl. They were inspired by me, I started running at almost age 50, with my first marathon at age 52, and now at age 64 I have run 121 marathons. Karen gave me a lovely beaded necklace with a running girl pendent and a charms bracelet with running girl. Karen is doing a lot of charity work to help children in Kenya by selling her beaded jewelry.
122 Firecracker Double - Greenway Park 07/01/12 Beaverton OR 5:47:55 Marathon 51       I missed a turn, ran 26.7 miles. I'm so happy that I ran 7 minutes faster than yesterday's race. Stewart ran 35 minutes faster, and Tom ran 41 minutes faster. Great job! Thanks again to everyone! I enjoyed my double in Oregon.
121 Firecracker Double - Cook Park 06/30/12 Tigard OR 5:54:58 Marathon 58       Flight cancelation and got in OR on the race morning. Got two hours sleep. Thanks to my host and hostess, Tom and Mary for taking good care of me over the weekend. Enjoyed running with my fellow Taiwanese American Stewart Chang. Stewart's first double. We missed a turn, ran 26.4 mile. Love the small, friendly, and well organized race! Thanks to the wonderful RD, Steve Walters, his great crew, many maniac friends and several four legged running buddies!
120 Bear Lake Utah Marathon 06/09/12 Garden City UT 6:12:36 Marathon   97 45 3  
119 Bear Lake Idaho Marathon 06/08/12 Garden City ID 5:45:14 Marathon   60 26    
118 Casper Marathon 06/03/12 Casper WY 5:39:24 Marathon   183/ 183 61/ 61 5/ 5 Enjoyed the Casper second time around. Eric,Dawn and their group did a fantastic job as always. My husband enjoyed volunteer at the race. It was hot, sunny with strong wind. The hills seems more than before. Great Post Race Party. Many Maniacs were at the marathon. Enjoyed meeting so many new Maniacs, Angie, Lis, Paula, Debra,Chris, and more.
117 Shires of Vermont Marathon 05/20/12 Bennington VT 06:53:12 Marathon   222 95 6 I didn't feel good. Got Sinus Infection. My body was tired and achey. It was very hot and hilly. We were running on lots gravel. Temperature was up to 91 degrees. Not much shade. Got terrible sun burn. It was my courage and determination, the inspiration of my marathon friends, and the support of the volunteers got me going. I finished one hour and 49 minutes slower than last year. Very proud and happy to cross the finish line!
116 Delaware Marathon 05/13/12 Wilmington DE 5:52:16 Marathon 31 565/ 565 158/ 158 5/ 5 It was so nice to revisited the Delaware Marathon again. I ran it in 2006. My time is one hour and 8 minutes slower than in 2006. I enjoyed the new improved course. It was pretty hilly! Great job to Wayne, Joe, Barbara, and all the volunteers. Special thanks to all the Policewomen and Policemen. So glad to see the marathon has grew and improved, and have more support from the City and people.
115 Kalamazoo Marathon 05/06/12 Kalamazoo MI 6:31:50 Marathon   692 278 2 My first "double" in Kenosha, WI (Saturday, 5/5) & Kalamazoo, MI (Sunday,5/6). We drove and crossed 7 States in 6 days (5/2 - 5/7) - New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisincosin; and back. We visited friends, Kathleen and Alar, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on the way to Kenosha. We were traveling with a cold and a terrible cough. It was very tiring with all the driving. I completed two marathons in two states in two days. Paul got his first double marathon volunteering. Lots support and cheers from volunteers, spectators, and race organizer. A very friendly Community. It was a hot, humid, and hilly marathon. I mentioned to the RD that I saw two runners were cheating, got off the course and walked down on the steep downhill foot path to the Park which shorten the course by 0.5 mile. I am very happy to run slow, and didn't get sick with my stomach. I was able to enjoy a beer with the RD and others after the marathon.
114 Wisconsin Marathon 05/05/12 Kenosha WI 5:36:43 Marathon   768/ 768 288/ 288 4/ 4 I really enjoyed running marathons in my Home Country of the USA. In March and April, I completed 6 marathons in 5 countries. We got the best marathons here. Great organization and support! It was so windy running along the Lake. Enjoyed meeting my new marathon friend,Jose, from Chicago Area. We ran the last 8 miles together. Paul and I drove 4 hours after the marathon to Kalamazoo, MI for my first "Double" marathons.
113 London Marathon 04/22/12 London GBR 5:28:28 Marathon   30541 9672 119  
112 Paris Marathon 04/15/12 Paris FRA 5:37:00 Marathon 50093        
111 Knoxville Marathon 04/01/12 Knoxville TN 5:39:38 Marathon 693 651 218 5  
110 Barcelona Marathon 03/25/12 Barcelona ESP 5:15:26 Marathon   15821   99  
109 Rome Marathon 03/18/12 Rome ITA 5:45:50 Marathon          
108 Little Rock Marathon 03/04/12 Little Rock AR 5:49:12 Marathon 890 1585 613 10 Thanks to the race organizer. Great marathon. Love it the second time around. My time was almost one hour slower than six years ago. My foot was hurting from not quiet brook in the new shoes. Enjoyed the post race party, talking and meeting many great people. Will run it again in 10 years.
107 Hyannis Marathon 02/26/12 Hyannis MA 5:51:22 Marathon   392 143 2 It was a beautiful sunny day with 18 mph wind. I was tired and still not quiet recover from the Surfside Beach Marathon a week prior. My toes hurted so bad, I walked the most of the marathon. Not a big crowd support. It was a hilly two loops course. I do like the course with variation, run along the ocean coastline. The last 0.1 mile was uphill to the Finish line. Wonderful volunteers at water stations, and dedicated Course Marshalls.
106 Surfside Beach Marathon 02/18/12 Surfside Beach TX 5:52:45 Marathon 35 138 37 1 Thanks to Kevin Brosi for picking me up at IAH Airport. The marathon located 70 miles from Houston, TX. It was down pour HEAVY rain with severe thunder storm and lightning on the race morning. It was scary! Not talking about the strong head wind for 17 miles. It was harder than the Antarctica Marathon. The course was very boring, 26.2 mile on the beach, the Ocean, beach and some Beach Homes. I'm glad that I ran it for the unique experience. I enjoyed all the support from my fellow marathoners, the Race Organizer and volunteers.
105 Charleston Marathon 01/14/12 Charleston SC 5:43:27 Marathon 854 795   5 Strong and cold head wind, at 20 mph. Didn't like the course, especially the last 6 miles. Ran out of water cups in several aid stations. Not enough Course Marshall to direct runners. Stomach problem, vomited, slow down to walking. Nice to see Larry Macon. Great support.
104 Sun Trust Marathon 11/12/11 Richmond VA 5:28:51 Marathon 2904 3353/ 3787 1406/ 1878 13/ 19 Great marathon, people and place. Ran with Diane Bolton for 20.5 miles. Vomitted at mile 21, and every single water stations after that. A little improvement from last Saturday marathon at the IMM which I vomitted at mile 12, and several times after that. Is anyone has this problem? Please e-mail me.
103 Indianapolis Monumental Marathon 11/05/11 Indinapolis IN 5:28:17 Marathon 2865 2408 911 5 Stomach issue, vomitted at mile 12, and several times after that, couldn't keep anything in the stomach.
102 The Amica Marathon 10/16/11 Newport RI 5:09:32 Marathon 100       Sunny, windy (90% head wind), rolling hills.
101 Jungfrau Marathon 09/10/11 Interlaken     Marathon         It was very hot, and not a cloud. No SHADE with a strong sun. Not enough water, only every 5K. I didn't carry my own water bottle. I was so hot and dehydrated. I was sick and vomit. I made a wise decision to quit at 30K. My first DNF. I know that I can do it, but not under the circumstance. I was not feeling well after we arrived Interlaken. A very challenging course starts at 563 meter and climb up and finish at 2061 meter. This was on my "list to do" since 2002. I enjoyed the experience and visited Switzerland again.
100 Make It By Midnight 07/16/11 Macon GA 6:24:20 Marathon 99 28     Hilly, hot and humid.
99 Grandfather Mountain Marathon 07/09/11 Boone NC 6:02:05 Marathon   350   2/ 84 Hilly, hot and humid.
98 Hatfield and McCoy Marathon 06/11/11 Williamson WV 5:29:49 Marathon   149 42 1/ 1  
97 Memorial Day Marathon 05/29/11 Lenox MA 5:50:16 Marathon   120 37 1 Lots hills, heat, and humidity.
96 Shires of Vermont Marathon 05/15/11 Bennington VT 5:04:00 Marathon 308     3/ 6 Great marathon despite of heavy rain, cold wind and low temperature.
95 Big Sur International Marathon 05/01/11 Carmel CA 5:30:00 Marathon          
94 Lake Waramaug 50 miler 04/23/11 Warren CT 11:29:00 50 mi         Cold, windy, and down pour rain. I was so wet and cold. Changed to dry clothe after mile 20. It was not an easy task, took me 40 minutes to do it.
93 Ocean Drive Marathon 03/27/11 Cape May NJ 4:54:43 Marathon          
92 Rocket City Marathon 12/11/10 Huntsville AL 5:33:48 Marathon   1,089 340 11 Great organization. It was very frustrating with my stomach problem, vomited several time. I watched slower person passing by me. I was very careful with my diet. I believe this could be caused by the fatiqueness of my upper body.
91 Philadelphia Marathon 11/21/10 Philadelphia PA 5:18:17 Marathon   8,202 3,328 9 Love the City. Great organization. Paul volunteer at the finish line. Sick with my stomach every single marathon, vomited several times after mile 18. Getting old.
90 25th Venice Marathon 10/24/10 Venice ITA 5:21:59 Marathon         Great organization. Love the course. Friendly runners. Will run it agin in 2012 - a 20 Euro discount coupon. Paul volunteer at the finish line, got a $200 worth of clothing.
89 Wineglass Marathon 10/03/10 Corning NY 5:49:21 Marathon   1,447 663 16 Very sick with my stomach, vomited several time after mile 15.
88 Rochester Marathon 09/12/10 Rochester NY 5:14:31 Marathon   527 187 4 great organization. Enjoyed running along Erie Canal. Stomach problem, vomited, cann't drink. Great medical team. Will run it again.
87 Drake Well Marathon 08/22/10 Titusville PA 5:38:39 Marathon   75/ 75 18/ 18 1/ 1 Hot and humid. Didn't like the course. Stomach problem, vomited several time. Many 50 stater and MM.
86 Grandma's Marathon 06/19/10 Duluth MN 5:06:09 Marathon   4,496 1,553 13 I had a reunion with my marathon friends of Safaricom Marathon - Jeff and Cyndi from Wisconsin. Took very good care of me with B&B, and transportation. Drove me to Minneapolis to visit my running daughter, Kirsten. Jeff qualified the Boston at the marathon.
85 Flying Pig Marathon 05/02/10 Cincinnatti OH 4:39:29 Marathon   2,377 738 5 Brought my marathon and half marathon team. It was a downpour rain through out the course. I was so cold after the marathon. We enjoyed meeting Bart Yasso at our hotel restaurant. So happy to finally met him.
84 114th Boston Marathon 04/19/10 Boston MA 4:31:44 Marathon   19,619 7,960 70 3rd time at the Boston. I'm proud of my accomplishment. Paul voluteer at the marathon. We had a wonderful time. It was too crowd with so many non-runner on the course. It became very dangerous. This will be my last Boston marathon.
83 Rock 'N' Roll Arizona 01/17/10 Phoenix AZ 4:31:08 Marathon   3,280 1,195 4 Enjoyed visiting my girl friend in Chandler. Last time I saw her and ran a marathon in Scotsdale was in 2001. I was 9 second off from qualifying the Boston at the RNR Arizona.
82 Philadelphia Marathon 11/22/09 Philadelphia PA 4:42:18 Marathon   5,579 2,040 4 Loss upper body strength. Still recover from a broken right shoulder bone. Ran the marathon with Betty Ma. Betty's son, Jamie ran his first marathon. Very proud of him finished under 4 hours. Love our lunch and dinner in China Town. Paul enjoyed volunteer at the finish line. Will run it again.
81 Marine Corps Marathon 10/25/09 Washington DC 6:15:19 Marathon   19,867/ 19,867 7,681/ 7,681 73/ 73 My favorite marathon! Ran the marathon wore a shoulder sling. Broke my right shoulder bone 11 days before the marathon. Thanks to Betty Ma for keeping safe. We took lots pictures with runners, volunteers, policewoman and policeman.
80 Loch Ness Marathon 10/04/09 Inverness GBR 4:49:55 Marathon         Tough course along Loch Ness. No shade. Hot and humid, sick with my stomach. Great organization. Enjoyed the openning ceremony at the start. A wonderful vacation in Scotland.
79 Vermont City Marathon 05/24/09 Burlington VT 4:38:43 Marathon   1,748 443 13 Ran VCM the second time. Took my marathon team at VCM the second time. Many of them are the first time marathoner. Great accomplishment. A lifetime experience. It was wonderful to see Steve and Paula Boone. Many 50 stater.
78 Flying Pig Marathon 05/03/09 Cincinnati OH 4:24:10 Marathon   2,086 623 4 Qualified the Boston! Great organization. Love the City. Lots 50 stater. Will run it again.
77 ING Taipei International Marathon 12/17/08 Taipei TWN 4:56:00 Marathon       2 Visited my elderly mother every year, and ran the marathon. I was not feeling well. Lots support at the marathon. Love to run it again.
76 Mohawk Hudson River Marathon 10/12/08 Albany NY 4:54:14 Marathon   494 162 1 I did not feel good during the marathon. Toni, my Antarctica Marathon friend, came from California to visit and ran the marathon. She was lot fun. She enjoyed the New England and the Fall Season.
75 Berlin Marathon 09/28/08 Berlin DEU 4:37:46 Marathon         Our second time visiting Berlin. My second Berlin Marathon. My runner, Hubert came to pick us up at the airport. He trained his first marathon with me, and ran the 2007 Berlin Marathon. He is a Berliner, an Engineer for the GE Global Germany. Had a wonderful time with Hubert, his wife, Diana and two daughters. We love the City. Love our hotel and the neighborhood.
74 Quebec City Marathon 08/24/08 Quebec City QC 5:38:37 Marathon   1027 223 6 It was hot and humid. I didn't like running along the River. No shade at all. My Japanese friends, Toshiko and Hanuyo came to visit. We took them there, Toshiko and I ran the marathon. They love Quebec City! This was the summer that US dollar was weaker than Canadian dollar; and the cost of gasoline was very expensive.
73 Mayor's Marathon 06/21/08 Anchorage AK 5:13:14 Marathon   754 323 10 Had a wonderful time traveling in Alaska for 11 days. What a lifetime experience! I choose Alaska for my 50th state. I was interviewed by the TV station. Many 50 stater were there.
72 North Olympic Discovery Marathon 06/08/08 Port Angeles WA 5:04:27 Marathon   287 119 4 Traveled to Tacoma to visit my Cousin after Newport for one day, then traveled to Vancouver and Victoria, Canada. It was our dream vacation. Took ferry from Vancouver to Port Angeles. Many 50 stater at the marathon. Drove back to my Cousin's house after the marathon. Lunch with our God Son in Seattle the next day. Fly out for another dream vacation in Alaska and the Mayor's Marathon (My 50th state.)
71 Newport Marathon 05/31/08 Newport OR 4:43:02 Marathon   501 217 10 Great organization. Great runners. Visited and stayed with Audrey and husband in Salem before and after the marathon. Both are Emergency Doctors. She moved back to Oregon couple years ago. She was a fast 5K runner.
70 Fin del Mundo Marathon 03/16/08 Ushuaia ARG 5:13:18 Marathon         The Continent of South America in Argentina. I enjoyed the free pasta dinner the day before the marathon. Great food, and cultural festivity. Race Director, Veronica was great. The course was hilly and challenging. Not much shade and strong head wind. Normally was cold and windy at that time of the year. However, it was unusually hot and humid. Great for volunteers and spectators, but not for the runners. I was happy and proud that I achieved my marathon quest. I finished the 7 marathon on 7 continents in 7 weeks. It was a lifetime experience!
69 Antarctica Marathon 03/05/08 King George Island   7:21:17 Marathon         The Continent of Antarctica in King George Island. The course was very tough, ran on the glacier, very steep and icy. It was a 17% graded incline. We weren't prepare for this. Two guys were hurt badly from falling, and took a DNF. I was so scare, climbed very slowly, and prayed a lot. Almost took a wrong direction in later part of course. Thank God, one runner gave me her rubber stripe after she came down from glacier, and putted them on my shoe. An Angel! It was an experience that I wouldn't never forget.
68 BMW Malta Marathon 02/24/08   MLT 4:41:54 Marathon       2 The Continent of Europe in Malta. Malta was on my list to do when I saw it in a magazine. I was so happy that I got Malta in my marathon quest. Great organization. Great support from the Race Director, he gave me a complementary entry. Love our visit. We toured the Island, and enjoyed the food. My husband enjoyed working at the finish line. He was an experience runner and volunteer. He was a fast runner.
67 Tokyo International Marathon 02/17/08 Tokyo JPN 4:47:17 Marathon         The Continent of Asia in Japan. I was feeling sick when I arrived Tokyo from New Zealand. Thank God, my Japanese friend came to pick me up at Narita Airport. I stayed with them for one week. I got a plenty of rest and healthy food. I got couple massages at the Public Bath, and enjoyed the Spa. Great marathon and lots support. My three Japanese friends came to the finish line, then took me for a lunch. My four Japanese friends (two couples) and I are friends of 41 years.
66 Buller Gorge Marathon 02/09/08 Westport NZL 5:02:59 Marathon   148 39 4 The Continent of Oceania in New Zealand. Felt ill at the marathon. Fed by B & B with terrible food. Did not enjoy my stay. Met a lovely store owner at the airport on the way to Westport. Met her husband the day after the marathon when I was doing a recovery run, and he was biking. She invited me to her Spa and gave me a beautiful gift from her store.
65 Tallahassee Marathon 02/03/08 Tallahassee FL 5:02:04 Marathon   184 44 1 The Continent of North America in Tallahassee, Florida. Hot and humid. Great organization. Friendly organizer and runners. Love my prize. Race Director, Jerry and the Club gave me a special homemade pottery plate, engraved my World Record attempt. They also gave me a complementary lodging. Such support and generosity.
64 Marrakech Marathon 01/27/08 Marrakech MAR 4:58:28 Marathon         My World Record attempt on "Woman complete 7 Continents in the shortest time". Previous record was 113 days. The Continent of Africa was in Morocco, the first of seven continents. Hot and humid. Nice race. We had a wonderful time visiting Marrakech again.
63 Wichita Marathon 10/21/07 Wichita KS 4:30:11 Marathon   178 48 1 Enjoyed our visit.
62 Maui Marathon 09/16/07 Maui HI 4:54:37 Marathon   509 227 6 Hot and humid. Lots hill. Enjoyed our second Hawaii vacation. Flew to Honolulu and stayed one night, then flew to Tokyo. Visited Tokyo for 10 days. Paul's first visit.
61 Tupelo Marathon 09/02/07 Tupelo MS 4:49:11 Marathon   141 31 3 Very humid! It was very dark when the race started. Still running in high humidity.
60 Park City Marathon 08/25/07 Park City UT 4:48:57 Marathon   277 85 1 Our favorite place. Enjoyed our visit in the Olympic site. Visited Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City. Enjoyed the Choir.
59 Teton Dam Marathon 06/09/07 Rexburg ID 4:51:20 Marathon   117 41 4 B2B marathons in two weeks and two states (WY & ID). Enjoyed free dinner, Potato with Chili topping. Mayor was very nice. He ran the half.
58 Casper Marathon 06/03/07 Casper WY 4:50:20 Marathon   97 25 2 Love the race. Great organization, friendly and fun. Enjoyed our visit in Yellowston NP, Grand Teton, Jackson Hole, and more.
57 Shiprock Marathon 05/05/07 Shiprock NM 4:42:20 Marathon   55 15 1 B2B marathons in two weeks and two states (OK and NM). Love our visit in Santa Fe, Tao, and the Navojo Regions. Shiprock is a magical place.
56 Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon 04/29/07 Oklahoma City OK 5:03:11 Marathon   1158 368 6 Lots emotion at the start. Hilly course. Humid, hot, light headed, hard to breath, upset stomach.
55 Flora London Marathon 04/22/07 London GBR 5:08:52 Marathon   25,257 6,291 131 My last of the World Major Marathons. Record hot and humid. 200+ runners admitted to the medical tent. Upset stomach due to the heat. Recovered better than others.
54 Spirit of St. Louis Marathon 04/15/07 St. Louis MO 4:43:19 Marathon   1330 353 6 Enjoyed my visit.
53 Mardi Gras Marathon 02/25/07 New Orleans LA 5:09:56 Marathon   846 265 8 Hot and humid. I don't do well with the humidity. Enjoyed my visit. Went out for a quick run and see the City the morning after the marathon.
52 Thunder Road Marathon 12/09/06 Charlotte NC 4:52:40 Marathon   697 175 6 Mistaken on my departure time. First time ever missed my flight. Took Taxi back to the hotel. Elaine Dunn offered to share her room. Lots 50 Stater.
51 Taroko International Marathon 11/04/06 Haulien TWN 5:05:00 Marathon       2 Beth Peterson of California ran the half. Beautiful course.
50 Marine Corps Marathon 10/29/06 Washington DC 4:50:54 Marathon   12,315 3,974 36 One of my favorite marathon!
49 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon 10/22/06 Chicago IL 4:28:10 Marathon   18,656 6,248 50 My body did better on colder weather. It was light snow shower at the beginning. Love the marathon.
48 Des Moines Marathon 10/15/06 Des Moines IA 4:40:52 Marathon   766/ 766 238/ 238 1/ 1 On my list to do for couple years, because this was Helene's marathon. First in my age group. 55-59.
47 Twin Cities Marathon 10/01/06 Minneapolis/St. Paul MN 4:42:08 Marathon   5359 1752 1 Ran the marathon with Kirsten Quanbeck, my Running Daughter. Attened her Bridal Shower the day before. Met her family, friends, and future in laws. Had a wonderful visit!
46 Montana Marathon 09/17/06 Billings MT 4:29:39 Marathon   84 23 1 God's Country. Love the course. Running in the rain. Great support from volunteers drove around the course. Love my prize, homemad pottery mug. Special leather finisher medal.
45 YMCA Lake City Marathon 09/09/06 Warsaw IN 4:35:00 Marathon   45 10 1 Very hospitable! Course was not well marked.
44 Paul Bunyan Marathon 07/16/06 Bangor ME 4:54:37 Marathon   175 44 8  
43 Deadwood McKelson Trail Marathon 06/04/06 Deadwood SD 4:53:03 Marathon   229 64 2 Enjoyed meeting Jerry and Elaine Dunn. Great organization and course. Love the Town. Visited Mount Rushmore.
42 Mad City Marathon 05/28/06 Madison WI 5:41:42 Marathon         They closed the course at four hours due to the heat and high humidity. The finish line remained open until the last runner cross.
41 Christin Health Marathon 05/21/06 Wilmington DE 4:44:58 Marathon   363 106 3 My body did not like the humidity.
40 Two Oceans 56K 04/15/06 Cape Town ZAF 6:33:00 56 km         My first ultra marathon. This was on my list to run, and visiting South Africa. Enjoyed Cape Town, and took a two weeks tours in South Africa. Met Ethan and Ian, the two Winner of the TV Survivor Reality Show at the Pasta Dinner. A very nice dinner sponsored by Runner's World South Africa. It was hot and humid, however, we were lucky, comparing to the year before with a heavy rain, or the strong wind the day after the race.
39 Potomac River Marathon 03/12/06 Piney Point MD 4:42:34 Marathon   110 27 1 Small race, great organization, lovely free lunch before and after the marathon. Nice little Island community.
38 Little Rock Marathon 03/05/06 Little Rock AR 4:55:39 Marathon   851/ 851 218/ 218 11/ 11 My runner, Michele Bird, a tough Navy Officer, surprised me by running her first marathon with me at Little Rock. She ran very well for a person who claimed to train with me for a faster 5K. She was hooked for marathon and long distance running!
37 ING Taipei International Marathon 12/18/05 Taipei TWN 4:29:40 Marathon       1 My fellow Safaricom Marathon, Dieter came from Germany to run the marathon. His quest is to complete a marathon in the Capital of all the Countries in the World. The airfare was very high due to the oil crisis. I'm glad that I went to run it for the two consecutive year. My father passed away five months later.
36 New Las Vegas International Marathon 12/04/05 Las Vegas NV 4:42:00 Marathon   4,266 1,342 25 This is the first year that the marathon starts on the Stripe.
35 Marshall University Marathon 11/13/05 Huntington WV 4:35:51 Marathon   259 48 2 Hilly course. Race Organizer and volunteers were superb. Love my prize.
34 ING New York City Marathon 11/06/05 New York City NY 4:38:02 Marathon   18,680/ 18,680 4,688/ 4,688 56/ 56 Finished my ING Series at my Residence State. Humidity soared to 100 percent. Didn't like the long walk after the finish line.
33 ING Amsterdam Marathon 10/16/05 Amsterdam NLD 4:38:19 Marathon         Worked on my third ING Series. Amsterdam is the Headquarter of ING. Vacation in Greece and Greek Isle after the marathon.
32 Clarence DeMar Marathon 09/25/05 Keene NH 4:43:38 Marathon         Hilly course. Remind me of the Boston Marathon course.
31 Presque Island Marathon 09/11/05 Erie PA 4:31:41 Marathon   280 70 3 Met many 50 Stater - Nancy Broadridge and her husband, Tony; and Lois.
30 Carrollton Marathon 07/31/05 Saginaw MI 4:20:00 Marathon       1 Met Kevin Brosi at the marathon. It was a unique marathon - six MALE judges checked runners off each time you had completed a loop. Where is the FEMALE judge?
29 ING Ottawa International Marathon 05/29/05 Ottawa ON 4:34:00 Marathon   2520 820 13 Love the City. Hilly course.
28 Inaugural Fargo Marathon 05/14/05 Fargo ND 4:27:50 Marathon   404 113 10 A reunion with my fellow Safaricom Marathon, Jeff Smith, and his wife Cyndi of WI at the marathon.
27 Inaugural Knoxville Marathon 03/20/05 Knoxville TN 4:34:36 Marathon   590 152 3 Hilly course. Race Organizer and volunteers are very friendly and hospitable. Met Tina, the Winner of TV Survivor Reality Show at the Pasta Party.
26 Austin Marathon 02/13/05 Austin TX 4:29:40 Marathon   2583 752 11 Hot and humid. Upset stomach and vomited from the GU.
25 ING Taipei International Marathon 12/19/04 Taipei TJK 3:50:10 Marathon       1/ 1 My first ING Series at my birthplace. Starts in front of the City Hall, ran through the City and outside of the City, then back to the City Hall. Big money prize to top 10 runners. It was too crowd at the start.
24 Hartford Marathon 10/09/04 Hartford CT 4:24:46 Marathon   857 247 3 Me and my Y Marathon Team had a wonderful time. Four ran the full and five ran the half.
23 Safaricom Marathon 06/26/04 Lewa Wildlife Conservancy     Marathon         Got food poison two days before the marathon. Can't kept food and liquid down for two days. Very weak and sick! Changed to the half marathon at fork point of the course. My husband and I enjoyed the most wonderful life experience in Kenya, Safari, and visited Masi Mara.
22 Ft. Collins Marathon 05/09/04 Ft. Collins CO 4:34:10 Marathon   350 114 2 Love the area. Love the marathon. It was hot,humid, and no shade. We ran down from Canyon, very challenging. However, enjoyed hang out with the Elite runners, Libby, Kim Jones, Jan W. before and after the marathon. We had a wonderful time, drove across two states, from Lincoln, NE. We visited so many places in Colorado.
21 Lincoln All Sports Marathon 05/02/04 Lincoln NE 4:23:24 Marathon   609 156 2 So happy to met Helene, the Race Director of Des Moines Marathon. She is my inspiration. My husband love the Football team, Husker.
20 Boston Marathon 04/19/04 Boston MA 4:46:10 Marathon   13,436 4,753 284 Record hot day. Temperature reached in the 90s. Many runners checked in the medical tent. Took extra hour for most of runners to cross the finish line. It was tougher for my fast marathoner friends to recover after the marathon.
19 Tybee Island Marathon 02/07/04 Tybee Island GA 4:13:10 Marathon   144 28 1 Qualified the Boston! Fast course. Windy and humid, not much shade. Love my visit in Savannah.
18 Carlsbad Marathon 01/18/04 Carlsbad CA 4:20:33 Marathon   744 210 4 The course was hilly. No shade. Hot and humid. Love our marathon vacation in that area, beautiful coastline, home, and culture.
17 Kiawah Island Marathon 12/13/03 Kiawah Island SC 4:10:48 Marathon   464 113 2 A lovely marathon vacation. Hot, humid, sunny during the marathon. Love my award. Enjoyed the Christmas Party in the Resort that evening after the marathon. Dancing with Mr. and Mrs Claus. It was high wind and heavy rain that night. We were lucky! Qualified the Boston.
16 Ocean State Marathon 10/12/03 Providence RI 4:14:46 Marathon   345/ 345 91/ 91 1/ 1 Great time with my marathon and half marathon team from the Y, three ran the marathoners and seven ran the half. The second marathon trip for my Team. Four ran their first half marathon. It was cold with freezing rain. I placed first in my age 50-54,received Bill Rodger's running book with his autograph for a prize. Qualified the Boston!
15 Stockholm Marathon 06/14/03 Stockholm SWE 4:18:58 Marathon         Race start at 2 PM. Big fire work before the race, generated lots smoke. Not very pleasant. The City is very pretty. The course was very hilly, several major hills. Awesome experience to finish at the 1912 Olympic Stadium. Great finisher medal for the special 25th anniversary. One German marathoner was so emotional, got down and kiss the ground. It was her first marathon. It got very cold, windy and raining after the marathon. Loved traveling in Sweden, Demark, and Norway!
14 Vermont City Marathon 05/25/03 Burlington VT 4:14:13 Marathon   1174 358 7 My seven first time marathoners and two Relay Teams from the Y. I coached them for months. Great accomplishment and experience for them.
13 Kenturcky Derby Marathon 04/26/03 Louisville KY 4:08:56 Marathon   312 7 2 Challenged myself by running the marathon two weeks after the last one. Met many 50 Stater. Very inspiring!
12 Glass City Marathon 04/13/03 Toledo OH 4:04:00 Marathon   171 36 2 Qualified the Boston! The first marathon that I traveled without my husband. He didn't ran it.
11 Blue Angel Marathon 02/22/03 Pensacola FL 4:19:56 Marathon   298 48 3 My first Military marathon. Great support and organization. Pre Race Dinner at the Navy Officer Club was super. Love the sight and sound of Blue Angel flew over during the marathon. Awesome experience!
10 First Light Marathon 12/29/02 Mobile AL 4:08:18 Marathon   131 27 1 Love the Race Director and volunteers. Enjoyed the hospitality. Celebrate New Year Eve.
9 Berlin Marathon 09/29/02 Berlin DEU 3:59:24 Marathon         Qualified the Boston! Awesome crowd. Ran through the great City. The largest field 30,000 runner for the 30th anniversary. Water every 5K. Ran out of water in many water station. Got hotter and humid in later morning.
8 Boston Marathon 04/15/02 Boston MA 4:18:10 Marathon   11985 4140 201 My first Boston Marathon. Great accomplishment. Awesome experience.
7 Shamrock Marathon 03/16/02 Virginia Beach VA 4:23:29 Marathon   460 109 3 Hot, humid, and sunny. Storm came the day after the marathon. High wind and heavy rain. We were lucky!
6 Desert Classic Marathon 02/16/02 Phoenix AZ 4:25:00 Marathon   132 38 1 Hot, humid, sunny and dusty running along the Indian Reservation, and the Canal. No shade. Awesome job by Arizona Runner Club. Love my 1st place, age group prize, a ceramic Cowboy boot.
5 Mohawk Hudson River Marathon 10/15/01 Albany NY 3:57:57 Marathon   250 54 3 I set my goal to finish at 3:59:59. Finished two minutes faster than my goal. Qualified the Boston. A huge PR! Erin P. and Margo G. also qualified the Boston.
4 Quebec City International Marathon 08/20/01 Quebec City QC 4:10:43 Marathon   741 86 3 It was cold and windy to take Ferry in the morning. Too hot, humid, sunny running along St. Lawrence River. Great organization, beautiful city. Love the City!
3 New Jersey Shore Marathon 04/29/01 Long Branch NJ 4:02:45 Marathon   499 102 3 My third marathon. Another PR. Met the 50 State Marathon Club member. Paul enjoyed volunteering at the finish line.
2 New Millennium Marathon 01/30/01 Hamilton NZL 4:07:11 Marathon       1/ 1 Placed First in age 50-59, won 300 New Zealand dollar. My second marathon, took 10 minutes off from last marathon three months prior. Our first international marathon. Hilly course. Not much of traffic control by Police.
1 Mohawk Hudson River Marathon 10/15/00 Albany NY 4:17:39 Marathon   353 93 5 My first marathon. Very challenging. Great experience and a sense of accomplishment.

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