Marathon Maniacs Marathons/Ultras run by #1699
Haywood "Turtlerunner" Crowder

Seq Race Date City ST Finish
Distance Bib Overall
461 Surf City 02/07/16 Huntngton Beach CA   Marathon          
460 Dallas Marathon 12/13/15 Dallas TX   Marathon          
459 Labor Day Triple - Day 3 09/07/15 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA   Marathon          
458 Labor Day a Triple - Day 2 09/06/15 Long Beach - Marina Vista Park CA   Marathon          
457 Labor Day Triple - Day 1 09/05/15 Lake Forest CA   Marathon          
456 Rock the Coast 08/30/15 Huntington Beach CA   Marathon          
455 Blaze the Coast 08/29/15 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA   Marathon          
454 Beachmania 08/08/15 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA   Marathon          
453 Run the Trail 08/02/15 Dove Canyon CA   Marathon          
452 Run the Trail 08/01/15 Lake Forest CA 7:23:18 Marathon         Weather and temperature was rather mild. Just got news that today was #250 for Matthew. Congratulations my friend! I am proud of you!
451 Blast the Beach 07/25/15 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA   Marathon          
450 Rock the Ocean 07/18/15 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 8:48:29 50 km         Thank you Raul Santana for pushing me the extra miles to continue. Happy to see Hank Donigan complete Marathon #101. The weather was great until we had a sudden downtown of rain which lasted about five minutes. The legendary Jim Simpson was on the course. Always glad to see him.
449 Sunset 7 Day 7 07/11/15 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:54:37 Marathon         Happy to see Larry Macon, Jim Simpson, Marina White,and Christina
448 Sunset 7 Day 6 07/10/15 Long Beach - Marina Vista Park CA 7:15:55 Marathon         Running in the presence with the legendary Jim Simpson, Joe Reilly, and Larry Macon
447 Sunset 7 Day 5 07/09/15 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:31:12 Marathon         Weather conditions were ideal for running with a slight overcast.
446 Sunset 7 Day 4 07/08/15 Huntington Beach CA 7:39:24 Marathon          
445 Sunset 7 Day 3 07/07/15 Huntington Beach - CA 7:48:10 Marathon          
444 Sunset 7 Day 2 07/06/15 Huntington Beach CA 7:43:29 Marathon         Weather conditions were great.Met a new runner, Angela, from San Diego. We first met at Habitat Marathon in Hemet, California. Wow! She is a talker! Introduced her to Joe Reilly, Christina, and
443 Sunset Seven - Day 1 07/05/15 Long Beach - Marina Vista Park CA 7:34:41 Marathon          
442 Summer 7 - Day 7 07/04/15 Long Beach CA 7:32:34 Marathon          
441 Summer 7 - Day 6 07/03/15 Long Beach CA 7:28:29 Marathon          
440 Summer 7 - Day 5 07/02/15 Huntington Beach - CA 7:43:29 Marathon          
439 Summer 7 - Day 4 07/01/15 Long Beach CA 7:32:34 Marathon          
438 Summer 7 - Day 3 06/30/15 Huntington Beach - CA 7:41:43 Marathon          
437 Summer 7 - Day 2 06/29/15 Long Beach CA 7:27:38 Marathon          
436 Summer 7 - Day 1 06/28/15 Long Beach CA 7:27:38 Marathon          
435 Run the Beach 06/27/15 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:27:51 Marathon          
434 Father's Day 06/21/15 Huntington Beach CA 7:23:34 Marathon         Happy Father's Day! Beautiful sunset along the coastline. The sounds and smells of the ocean along with the surfers in search for top waves shows just important it is to live in Southern Califrnia
433 Rock the Coast 06/20/15 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:18:23 Marathon         Ideal weather conditions for a great run along the beach.
432 Blast the Coast 06/13/15 Huntington Beach CA 7:06:38 Marathon         Weather conditions were great for running. There was a slight mist which kept the temperature cool.
431 Rock the Ocean 06/06/15 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:04:29 Marathon         Proud to have a six year old on the course.
430 Rock the Marina 05/31/15 Long Beach - MVP CA   Marathon          
429 Blaze the Coast 05/30/15 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:16:28 Marathon         Happy to see Cassandra Johnson again. The weather was ideal for running today. Charles Sayles was Awesome today,
428 Run the Beach 05/25/15 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 16:24:13 50 mi         This was a great day to recognize the military veterans and members of our armed services who give their lives and their time that we may be afforded the freedoms that we enjoy in the United States of America. Thank you both men and women. The weather was ideal foe running today. thank you Raul Santana for Keeping the pressure on to increase my miles.
427 Rock the Bay 05/23/15 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:18:23 Marathon         Happy to see Jim Simpson. He will be gone for about a month or so to do Race Series elsewhere. Thanks for for all your help and your inspiration that you do for myself and others. Also took pictures with Raul Santana. We will be doing an Ultra after one day of rest.
426 Blaze the Path 05/17/15 Lake Forest CA 7:51:16 Marathon         Weather was great! Lake Forest is a beautiful area, and the community is quiet. Thanks Laura Sohasky, Joe Reilly, Guillermo Rios, Marina White, and others for sharing the course with me.
425 Rock the Trail 05/16/15 Dove Canyon CA 7:52:08 Marathon         Hats off to Jim Simpson and Jim Grimes, Guillermo Rios, Joe Reilly, Tom Hosner
424 Mother's Day 05/10/15 Long Beach - MVP CA 7:41:56 Marathon         Happy Mother,s Day!
423 Beachmania 05/09/15 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:36:40 Marathon         Weather was great! Happy to see Jim Grimes, Ed Ettinghausen, Tom Hosner, Joe Reilly and others.
422 Orange County (OC) Marathon 05/03/15 Newport Beach CA 7:05:13 Marathon 459       The weather was ideal for running today. Met plenty of new faces and several who were completing their first Marathon. I was happy to see Joe Reilly and 85 year old Bowoo. The volunteers were Super, and the homeowners were outside welcoming runners and participants with treats, gummy bears, pretzels, orange smiles, bananas, and other goodies. It was a fun day for running!
421 Cruise the Coast 05/02/15 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:19:26 Marathon         I enjoy running along the newly renovated path along the coastline.
420 Moses Birthday Marathon 05/01/15 Long Beach CA 6:48:19 Marathon         Happy Birthday, Moses Christian! This was a fun day to spend time with family and friends, and to honor a Special Hero, Dr. Moses. He is a true hero!
419 Run the Marina 04/26/15 Long Beach - MVP CA 7:02:16 Marathon          
418 Rock the Ocean 04/25/15 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 6:54:29 Marathon          
417 Rock the Camal 04/12/15 Riverside CA 7:18:27 Marathon          
416 Marina's Birthday 04/11/15 Mission Viejo CA 6:53:42 Marathon         Happy Birthday - Marina White!
415 Blaze the Path 04/06/15 Lake Forest CA 7:11:12 Marathon          
414 Rockin' Easter 04/05/15 Long Beach - MVP CA 7:52:56 Marathon          
413 Beach Blast 04/04/15 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:19:47 Marathon          
412 Run for Carlo 03/29/15 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:52:46 Marathon          
411 Rockin' The Oceanfront 03/28/15 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:36:41 Marathon          
410 Marina Vista Park 03/22/15 Long Beach - MVP CA 7:58:51 Marathon          
409 Blaze the Coast 03/21/15 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 6:32:28 Marathon          
408 March Madness 03/14/15 Long Beach - MVP CA 7:53:29 Marathon         Today is Pi day (3.1415___). I love mathematics. Pi is used to find the circumference of a circle. Pi x r squared = C; where r is the radius. Since this about math Raul Santana will be completing his #400 Lifetime Marathon tomorrow at Los Angeles. It will be hot, but I applaud him.
407 Spring 7 - Day 7 03/13/15 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 8:02:44 Marathon         Wow! We celebrated the last day with a birthday cake for Raul Santana and Midnight Tannenbaum. The temperature was hot later during the finla miles, but I stayed hydrated.
406 Spring 7 - Day 6 03/12/15 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:28:17 Marathon          
405 Spring 7 - Day 5 03/11/15 Long Beach - MVP CA 7:46:27 Marathon          
404 Spring 7 - Day 4 03/10/15 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:19:26 Marathon          
403 Spring 7 - Day 3 03/09/15 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 8:02:18 Marathon         Larry Macon was in the house today along with Jim Simpson, midnight, and Robert Holland.
402 Spring 7 - Day 2 03/08/15 Long Beach - MVP CA 7:27:26 Marathon         Happy to see Midnight and Robert. Met the twin sisters of Helen Mc Mullin and her niece.
401 Spring 7 - Day 1 03/07/15 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:13:27 Marathon         Wow! Dale Roberts was on the course. I was overjoyed to see him. He really made my day!
400 Beach Blast 03/01/15 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 8:02:45 Marathon         WOW! #400 Lifetime! It is hard to phanthom, it is real. It's been a long journey, but I am thankful and blessed for all the support given along the way. I am definitely looking forward to #500. Thank you Charlie Alewine, Larry Macon, Matthew, Jim Simpson, Yolanda Holder, Parvaneh, Karen Evil Twin Vollan, Midnight, Robert, Dale Roberts, Joe Reilly, and a host of others!
399 Rock the Marina 02/28/15 Long Beach - MVP CA 7:28:33 Marathon         wow! I was able to spend some time with Jim Simpson to discuss upcoming races to put in my schedule. I also inspired a runner who was completing the half Marathon. He was cramping and we advised that he take some electrolytes. A he later began to think about dropping out, but we talked and he decided to continue and stay in the race.that medal is gonna look real good around his neck this week. He is participating in the Los Angeles Marathon in three weeks. I am confident that he will do well.
398 Run the Canal 02/22/15 Anaheim CA 7:27:50 Marathon         It has been awhile since I've run this course, but I was happy to be back again. I'm looking forward to #400 Lifetime next weekend.
397 Rock the Beach 02/21/15 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:39:26 Marathon         Happy to see Jim Simpson and Larry Macon again! Larry had a photo taken of the three of us together - all 70 and over! I can't believe it!
396 President's Day Marathon 02/16/15 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 8:48:14 Marathon         Slow but sure! Completed over 126 miles over weekend. Weather was great!
395 Valentine's Day 02/14/15 Long Beach - MVP CA 7:47:28 Marathon         This was the first of a long long weekend of running. Happy Valentine's Day!
394 Jackpot Ultra 02/14/15 Henderson NV 29:45:36 74 mi 230       Just a fun time running with friends. Also in recognition and celebration of Yolanda Holder's #500 Lifetime Marathon. Happy to see Ed & Rieko, E d Ettinghausen, Tony Nygen, and a host of others.
393 Rock the Coast 02/08/15 Huntington Beach CA 7:46:16 Marathon         The weather was great! It is always exciting to run Sunset Beach. The sound of the ocean, the waves, the clean coastline all made for great day to be at the beach.
392 Bayshore M, H & Q 02/07/15 Long Beach CA 7:39:13 Marathon         Wow! This was in recognition Charlie Alewine,s #500 as a Race Diirector. We forgot the cake! We ran anyway. What an accomplishment! Super Stars Larry Macon, Jim Simpson, Karen Vollan, and Robert Manon were just a few of those in support.
391 Surf City Marathon 02/01/15 Huntington Beach CA 7:05:23 Marathon 3599       it was a great day for running. After a five day bout with the flu, I did my best two days to replinish dehydration, nutrition, electrolytes, and muscle weakness. The first two miles were the toughest, so I just tFound it difficult to breathe. Along the way I began to see friends, Laura Sohaskey was pacing the 3:30 Lead group. I paced with Jean Ho (5:20) group for a mile. I was happy to see Charlie Alewine, Joe Reilly, Jim Simpson, Raul Santana, Carol Earles, Helen McMullin, Ed Ettinghausen, Eddie Hahn, and many others. met a new friend, Sally, and we paced together from mile 4 - 25. The Last mile I decided to just walk and enjoy my experiences and people during the race.
390 Beachmania 01/31/15 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:42:39 Marathon         today was special. It was in recognition of Yolanda Holder's 499th Lifetime Marathon. it also recognized Charlie Alewine's 499 as a r race director
389 Marina Madness 01/25/15 Long Beach - MVP CA 7:46:21 Marathon          
388 Rock the Oceanfront 01/24/15 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:43:25 Marathon          
387 Rock the Path 01/17/15 Lake Forest CA 7:56:39 Marathon         Weather was beautiful! This city is always a great place to visit and the people and the community are wonderful.
386 Military Appreciation 01/11/15 Long Beach - MVP CA 8:30:02 Marathon         ran in heavy rains the last two hours. Happy yo see Jim Grimes and Cassandra Johnson on the course along with Eddie Hahn.
385 Rock the Coast 01/10/15 Long Beach CA 7:59:47 Marathon          
384 Long Beach 12 Hour Race 01/09/15 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 11:58:35 41.02 mi          
383 Happy New Year 01/04/15 Long Beach CA 7:41:39 Marathon          
382 New Year's Day Resolution 01/03/15 Long Beach CA 8:37:45 Marathon          
381 Kicking Off the New Year 01/02/15 Long Beach CA 7:28:14 Marathon         Wow! It was great seeing Yolanda Holder today. Also we met Larry Macon.
380 New Year's Day Marathon 01/01/15 Long Beach CA 7:36:13 Marathon          
379 New Year's Eve Marathon 12/31/14 Long Beach CA 6:59:45 Marathon          
378 Christmas Marathon 12/22/14 Long Beach CA 8:27:32 Marathon          
377 Santa's Marathon 12/21/14 Long Beach CA 8:16:23 Marathon          
376 Season's Greetings 12/20/14 Long Beach CA 8:37:19 Marathon          
375 Winter 7 Day 7 12/19/14 Long Beach CA 8:39:37 Marathon          
374 Winter 7 Day 6 12/18/14 Long Beach CA 8:56:18 Marathon          
373 Winter 7 Day 5 12/17/14 Long Beach CA 8:51:12 Marathon          
372 Winter 7 Day 4 12/16/14 Long Beach CA 8:42:39 Marathon          
371 Winter 7 Day 3 12/15/14 Long Beach CA 8:12:27 Marathon          
370 Winter 7 Day 2 12/14/14 Long Beach CA 8:46:27 Marathon          
369 Winter 7 Day 1 12/13/14 Long Beach CA 8:36:45 Marathon          
368 December 7 Day 7 12/12/14 Long Beach CA 9:01:16 Marathon         heavy downpour rains! Used a heavy duty trash to fit over bobby. I learned this a few years ago . I was able to stay dry and warm except for my shoes and socks. compared to the UltraCentric in Dallas and the philadelphia 100 miles, it was only for a few hours.
367 December 7 Day 6 12/11/14 Long Beach CA 8:29:35 Marathon          
366 December 7 Day 5 12/10/14 Long Beach CA 8:15:12 Marathon          
365 December 7 Day 4 12/09/14 Long Beach CA 8:14:25 Marathon          
364 December 7 Day 3 12/08/14 Long Beach CA 8:50:47 Marathon          
363 December 7 Day 2 12/07/14 Long Beach CA 8:29:17 Marathon          
362 December 7 Day 1 12/06/14 Long Beach CA 8:32:25 Marathon          
361 Winter Wonderland 12/05/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:54:13 Marathon          
360 Holiday Joy 12/04/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:54:06 Marathon          
359 Kickin' Off Winter 12/03/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:46:27 Marathon         Rain - rain - rain! We needed it, but not for our Marathon.
358 Thanksgiving Triple - Day 3 11/30/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:48:52 Marathon         This was the last day of a triple Series over the Thanksgiving weekend. I did not enter a Turkey Trot this year in order to not over extend my body. I was really tired and I went to movies later only to fall asleep in both venues..
357 Thanksgiving Triple - Day 2 11/29/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:46:56 Marathon         wow! It is great to see Christina Hijawii today. We have missed her. Raul Santana is keeping me paced with my numbers the last few months. I am happy that we are both 350 + Lifetime Marathons.
356 Thanksgiving Triple - Day 1 11/28/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:14:56 Marathon         This is Day one of a Thanksgiving triple. There is a lot to be thankful for this season. I am happy that Yolanda Holder is home from the hospital and I pray that she has a speedy recovery.
355 Run the Oceanfront 11/22/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:18:34 Marathon         Met up with Jayson Williams, Hank Donigan, Guillermo Rios, and others.
354 Rockin' November 11/16/14 Long Beach - Marina Vista Park CA 7:28:35 Marathon         Weather conditions were great. Ran about five miles with Hank Donigan, Raul Santana, and Tom Hosner.
353 Blaze the Coast 11/08/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:28:35 Marathon         Happy to see familiar faces of Esteban Hernandez, Jim Grimes, Guillermo Rios, and many others.
352 Kickin' off November 11/01/14 long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:31:38 Marathon         Weather conditions were great! The temperature was ideal for running with fall coolness in the air.
351 Marina Madness 10/26/14 Long Beach - Marina Vista Park CA 7:28:45 Marathon         happy to see Tom Hosner, Guillermo Rios, Jim Grimes, Larry Macon, and a few other faces. Thanks guys for sharing the road.
350 Rockin' the Ocean 10/25/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:28:14 Marathon         Happy to see Jim Grimes, Raul Santana, Fred Woods, Larry Macon, and a few other familiar faces on the course.
349 Long Beach Marathon 10/12/14 Long Beach CA 7:48:09 Marathon 4756       This race was in honor of my 104 year old Uncle Hurley (DOB 10-10-10). The weather was great, a lil muggy at first, but the cool California breeze along the ocean kept the temperature. Happy yp see faces of Karen Vollen, Robert Mannon, Joe Reilly, Sally Boles, Eddie Hahn, and many others. I missed the presence of Ed Ettinghausen, and Yolanda Holder,Jim Simpson, Larry Macon, and a few others. Overall, I felt great, except for a cramp at mile 16, 18, and 24. I kept reminding myself that this one was for Uncle Hurley.
348 Rock the Coast 10/11/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:22:13 Marathon          
347 Blaze the Bay 10/04/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 6:57:33 Marathon          
346 Marina Madness 09/28/14 Long Beach - Marina Vista Park CA 7:43:37 Marathon          
345 Rock the Coast 09/27/14 Long Beach- Bay Shore CA 7:05:32 Marathon          
344 Blaze the Oceanfront 09/20/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:17:28 Marathon         Weather was a lot cooler today. The last two weeks have been extremely hot with temperatures in the range of 105-107 degrees.
343 Run the Marina 09/14/14 Long Beach CA 7:02:38 Marathon         A great race! Running in the midst of Super Stars Cassandra Johnson, Jim Grimes, and Bethany Schramm.
342 Rock the Ocean 09/13/14 Long Beach CA 7:23:48 Marathon         Congratulations to Adolfo Amador for 1st Place in 3/4 Marathon and Luis Galvez for 1st Place in 1/2 Marathon. Happy to see Raul Santana, Joe Reilly, and Dianna Becerra. It was a hot hot day!
341 Rock September 09/07/14 Long Beach CA 7:33:22 Marathon          
340 Run the Coast 09/06/14 Long Beach CA 7:16:37 Marathon          
339 Labor Day Triple - Day 3 09/01/14 LongBeach - Bay Shore CA 7:28:57 Marathon          
338 Labor Day Triple - Day 2 08/31/14 Long Beach - Marina Vista Park CA 7:34:50 Marathon          
337 Labor Day Triple - Day 1 08/30/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:24:19 Marathon          
336 Blast the Marina 08/24/14 Long Beach CA 7:33:54 Marathon          
335 Santa Rosa 08/24/14 Santa Rosa CA   Marathon          
334 Cruise the Beach 08/23/14 Long Beach CA 7:56:38 Marathon          
333 Laura Sohaskey's Birthday 08/22/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 8:02:53 Marathon         I can blame my slow time on Ed and Reiko who drove up from San Diego for Laura's Birthday. Thank you guys! It is always great to see you!
332 Summer Madness 08/17/14 Long Beach CA 7:37:46 Marathon         Just three days before my birthday. No more birthdays for me! Next year I'm celebrating Christmas!
331 August Sun 08/16/14 Riverside CA 7:26:12 Marathon         A hot and dusty trail along Gage Canal. Ran the second half with Chris Haines. Thank you Chris.
330 Rock the Marina 08/11/14 Long Beach CA 7:46:37 Marathon          
329 Run the Beach 08/10/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 6:58:42 Marathon          
328 Calico ET Full Moon 08/10/14 Rachel NV   50 km          
327 Summer Fun 08/03/14 Long Beach - Marina Vista Park CA 7:27:52 Marathon          
326 Blast the Coast 08/02/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:21:47 Marathon          
325 Running with Jim 07/27/14 Long Beach CA 7:58:34 Marathon          
324 Cruise the Coast 07/26/14 Lonb Beach CA 7:26:18 Marathon         Happy to see Christina Hiijawi!
323 Run the Marina 07/20/14 Long Beach - Marina Vista Park CA 7:22:13 Marathon          
322 Beachmania 07/19/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:26:28 Marathon          
321 Welcome Back Jim 07/13/14 Huntington Park - Central Park CA 7:06:28 Marathon         Weather was great with ducks and birds throughout the lake.
320 Rock the Beach 07/06/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 6:54:19 Marathon         Weather conditions was hot and humid. Used plenty of sunscreen for protection.
319 Rock the Park Deaux - Central Park 07/05/14 Huntington Beach CA 7:39:15 Marathon         Happy to see Jim Simpson, Bettie Wailes, Kristina, and others on the course.
318 Summer 7 - Day 7 07/04/14 Long Beach- Bay Shore CA 9:06:28 Marathon          
317 Summer 7 - Day 6 07/03/14 Long Beach - Marina Vista Park CA 7:00:35 Marathon          
316 Summer 7 - Day 5 07/02/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:43:25 33.5 mi          
315 Summer 7 - Day 4 07/01/14 Long Beach - Marina Vista Park CA 8:12:43 Marathon          
314 Summer 7 - Day 3 06/30/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 8:12:43 Marathon          
313 Summer 7 - Day 2 06/29/14 Long Beach - Marina Vista Park CA 7:39:12 Marathon          
312 Summer 7 - Day 1 06/28/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:58:25 Marathon         Happy to see Laura Sohaskey, Raul Santana, Steve & Naomi, Jim Simpson, Bettie Wailes, and mant others on the first day series. Rest and nutrition will be a major concern over the next few days to maintain stablilty. Weather was great with slight overcast until late morning. Met MM # 1234, Nick Harim.
311 Kickin' Off Summer - Marina Vista Park 06/22/14 Long Beach CA 7:33:24 Marathon         Congratulations to Eddie Hahn (1st Place), Nicole Moore 2nd Place), and Kirsten McCay-Smith (3rd Place).
310 Rock the Park - Central Park 06/21/14 Huntington Beach CA 8:43:25 Marathon         Happy to see Jim Simpson, Joe Reilly, Raul Santana, Laura Sohaskey, and others.
309 Father's Day Marathon - RR 06/15/14 Woodley Park CA   Marathon          
308 Father's Day Marathon - Bay Shore 06/15/14 Long Beach CA 7:50:28 Marathon         This was great way to begin Father's Day! It served as a reminder of another Father's Day Marathon with the Charlie Alewine group at Cota de Casa four years ago. That was my 50th Marathon overall and I was also recuperating from my first prostate surgery. I still had hematuria (blood in the urine), but I was happy to be back on the course. Today I was in the presence of Hank Donigan, Jim Simpson, Charlie Alewine, Eddie Hahn, and Joe Reilly, true heroes and great dads. Later during the evening, as I relaxed at home, I began thinking of other men who have made an impact- Larry Macon, Matthew Hamidullah, Uncle Hurley (103 yrs), Haywood Crowder, Sr. (my own dad), Ossie Davis, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., President Barack Obama, President George H. Bush, and many of our fallen soldiers who gave their life for our freedoms.
307 Rock The Canyon 06/14/14 Dove Canyon CA 7:44:28 Marathon         The hillside and course has great views of rough terrain with bikers and horses. Weather was great this time. I am happy to be here. Happy to see Stephen Sneider, Chris Haines, Andrea Kooiman, Steve Hernandez, and many others.
306 Rockin' The Marina 06/08/14 Long Beach - Marina Vista CA 7:48:56 Marathon         Thank you guys for sharing the course with me. The weather was great along the beach and the coastline. Scenery was filled with bikers, runners, walkers, couples, and families strolling along the shoreline. Still learning to adapt and adjust to cataract surgery. Despite the challenge, I must still find a way to continue. One inspiration was an 86 yr old lady who I met at the Doctor's office two days prior as we were both having our eye patches removed. She was complaining because the doctor informed her to avoid heavy lifting. An avid bowler who bowls three days a week, she responded, "does he not know that I have been bowling for 45 years? I know how much my ball weighs, 16 lbs and I can handle it just fine!" I laughed because I could relate her attitude in comparison with my running Marathons.
305 5th Anniversary CAR 06/07/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 8:33:24 Marathon         Only four days after attract surgery for the right eye. Received the ok from the doctor to complete a marathon. He said it was ok to walk, but no bending, lifting, or heavy activities. It was difficult to walk with blurred vision, as the ace progressed my sight improved.
304 Windermere 06/01/14 Spokane WA 7:30:13 Marathon 281       In honor of the National Black Marathoners Association (NBMA) 10th anniversary reunion. Met a super group of new associates. Missing this year was Matthew Hamidullah. Weather conditions and scenery was beautiful. The 17 mile stretch along the Spokane River was fun, and a lovely sight.
303 Blast The Bay 05/31/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 6:53:45 Marathon         Another fun day with friends along the coarse.
302 Rock Memorial Day 05/26/14 Long Beach - Marina Vista Park CA 7:11:25 Marathon         Thank you to all the veterans and fallen one who gave your service and life for our country so that your fellow citizens may enjoy the freedoms we have in the United States. Charlie Alewine, Race Director, Hollis Crowder, my brother (Vietnam veteran), Hank Donigan, Chris Jones, Hurley Crowder, my 103 yr old uncle WWII veteran, and a host of others - we salute you. Thank you again!
301 Run for Peace - Marina Vista Park 05/25/14 Long Beach CA 6:57:27 Marathon         Happy to see Jim Grimes back on the course. Weather conditions were a little cool, but great for a race. Most of my other running comrades are running Nanny Goat in Riverside. I had a fun time the past two years. Thanks Yolanda Holder, Robert Manon, and a few others for doing the "Haywood Swag" in my absence. It's nice to know that you have friends who can laugh at your antics.
300 Blaze The Beach - Bay Shore 05/18/14 Long Beach CA 7:16:32 Marathon         This is Marathon #300 Lifetime! Wow! I recall it took me seven years to complete #100. I have a lot of people to thank for support along the way. Thank you Justin Crowder, my son, for your presence. Of course, there is always the Great Legends, Larry Macon and Jim Simpson, the icons in our midst along with Charlie Alweine, Yolanda Holder, Raul Santana, Ed Ettinghausen, and many others. Thanks to everyone.
299 Blast the Path - Bay Shore 05/17/14 Long Beach CA 6:52:39 Marathon         Considering the hot temperatures for the past three days, the climate was milder which allowed me to have a more comfortable race. My planed to stay well hydrated worked and thus I experienced no cramping, or pain.
298 Rock Mother's Day Marathon - _Marina Vista Park 05/11/14 Long Beach CA 7:43:41 Marathon         Happy Mother's Day! Three J's were n da House - Jackie Lopez, Julie McNicol, and Jodi Delgado. Of course, what really made the day was seeing the family of Steve and Violeta Heisler along with baby Mia. The thrill and joy of having Mia come and sit next to me when I finished the race was even more fun. Happy Mother's Day!!!
297 Mother's Day Run - RR 05/11/14 Encino CA 8:13:28 Marathon         A happy fun day to run with friends.
296 Rock the Lake = Central Park 05/10/14 Huntington Beach CA 8:10:55 Marathon         Happy to see Christina Hijjawi, Guillermo Rios, Raul Santana, and others on the trail. This a beautiful day around the park and through the neighborhood. There was plenty to see. I helped a turtle trying to cross the road. I carried him across the trail to the lake. There was a couple playing horseshoes, ducks, squirrels, rabbits, etc. Wow!
295 O C Marathon 05/04/14 Newport Beach CA 7:38:15 Marathon 3471     10/ 10 The first thing I found out is that they could not find my bib number with my name on it. Thank you solutions for reissuing me a new one. The best decision was to purchase a Safari sunscreen hat the previous day. It was a tough race and several of my friends dropped to the half Marathon. Plenty of Bling after the race, though!
294 Chuck Sohaskey's Birthday 05/02/14 Long Beach - Marina Vista Park CA 06:54:24 Marathon         Happy Birthday, Chuck! Happy to see the smiling faces of Ed and Reiko from San Diego. I will always remember how they supported me in completion of my first 100 mile Ultra. They drove up and down the street honking their horn as they passed. Raul Santana was with us again.
293 Moses' 82nd Birthday 05/01/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 6:53:25 Marathon         Happy Birthday, Dr. Moses Christian. It is always a Blessing to share the course with you! You lead by example and keep us inspired. thank you Charlie Alewine for recognizing a Special person.
292 Race The Marina Vista 04/27/14 Long Beach CA 7:36:38 Marathon         Weather and temperature was great. Happy to see Hank Donigan, Ed Lylell, Jim Grimes, and Steve Heisler on the course.
291 Rock The Ocean Vista 04/26/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:38:29 Marathon         Many familiar faces and a lot of new ones today - Marlene Henry, Charles Sayles, Buddy Jones, Mindy Taylor, Nikhil Simba, and others.
290 Hoppin' Easter 04/20/14 Long Beach _ Bay Shore CA 7:13:24 Marathon         This was a great day for running. I was happy to be in the midst of Super Stars like Jim Grimes, Raul Santana, Julis Rocha, Dan Brendan, and others. I learned that Raul will not be doing the Orange County / O C Marathon this year. We'll miss him!
289 Easter Run Fun - RR 04/20/14 Santa Monica CA 7:02:13 Marathon         A beautiful day and a Blessed reminder of the resurrection.
288 Circle the Lake 04/19/14 Huntington Beach - Central Park CA 6:57:30 Marathon         Wow! Cassandra Johnson was back with us today. I was able to share conversations with Dale Roberts, Carol Kamin, Hank Donigan, and several others.
287 Easter Marathon - RR 04/19/14 Santa Monica CA 7:06:27 Marathon         I'm not satisfied with my Finish Times of lately. A few of my running friends remind me that doing multiple races is a reminder that my times will be slower. Ha, getting older doesn't help either.
286 Rock Mission Viejo 04/13/14 Mission Viejo CA 6:36:52 Marathon         This is a beautiful area! The course was a combination of fenced paved trails with plenty of tree, flowers, and foliage. Happy to see Wayne Cottrell, and Carol Kamin. Congratulations to Julian Gross, 8th grader for first place, second place Andrea Kooiman, and Raul Santana third place.
285 Rock Yorba Marathon 04/12/14 Anaheim CA 7:03:32 Marathon         Weather was great for running and exercise.
284 Blast The Beach 04/06/14 Long Beach - Marina Vista Park CA 6:59:27 Marathon         Happy to see Jim Grimes, Hank, Dale Roberts, and a few new faces today. Missing in action was Joe Reiley, but I'm sure he'll be with us next week. Weather conditions were great.
283 Back To The Bay 03/30/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:24:39 Marathon         Can't believe that I got beat by an 85 year old guy today! And his time was under six hours.
282 Run the Lake 03/29/14 Huntington Beach - Central Park CA 7:03:46 Marathon         A great day in the park. Weather conditions were excellent for running.
281 Marina Madness 03/23/14 Long Beach - Marina Vista CA 6:57:37 Marathon         Had a chance to see Joe Reilly and Dale Roberts. The weather was ideal for running today. I felt relaxed and comfortable. Thank you Charlie Alwine for the new people on the course.
280 Blazing the Canyon 03/22/14 Dove Canyon CA 7:19:45 Marathon         This is always a beautiful to run. It has a spectacular view of horse trails and hills with roughed terrain. had a chance to see Dale Roberts again.
279 Run The Beachfront 03/16/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 6:55:23 Marathon         Wow! Carol Kamin was in our midst today. Happy to see Jim Grimes, Jim Simpson, and Larry Macon. Weather conditions were great.
278 Spring 7 Day 7 03/14/14 Long Beach - Marina Vista Park CA 7:24:27 Marathon         This was the final day of the 7 day series. I was happy to be in the midst of Macon, Simpson, Parvaneh, and many other familiar faces. We all have to thank Charlie Alewine for the Fantastic buckle, race shirt, zipper sweat shirt, medals each day, and the other memorabilia. You really know how to treat your team Charlie. Thanks!
277 Spring 7 Day 6 03/13/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:24:27 Marathon         The weather has been great for the entire Spring 7 Race Series.
276 Spring 7 Day 5 03/12/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:51:44 Marathon         I brought donuts and snacks to the race site. The treats were welcomed by many, and Laura Sohaskey really was happy to see the strawberry éclair.
275 Spring 7 Day 4 03/11/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:11:48 Marathon         One important lesson that I have learned from previous 7+ day Series is to get rest each day, and to eat healthy for nutrition.
274 Sring 7 Day 3 03/10/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:03:07 Marathon         Thank you Charlie Alewine for keeping your group active. You put your personal touch into the race to make all runners / participants comfortable.
273 Spring 7 Day 2 03/09/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 6:47:51 Marathon         Happy to see Raul Santana again. He has inspired me in the past and he has completes over 300 Life Time Marathons. Thanks Raul for returning from surgery and continuing to give us your support and inspiration.
272 Spring 7 - Day 1 03/08/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:30:28 Marathon         I am excited about the first day.
271 March Madness 03/02/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:30:28 Marathon         Rainy weekend, but I only got wet once during the race. Met some new faces. Happy to see the Great Jim Simpson again. Even Jim Grimes was in the midst today. It's amazing what the rain brings!
270 Coast To Coast - RR 03/01/14 Santa Monica CA   Marathon          
269 Fantastic February - RR 02/28/14 Huntington Beach CA 8:32:46 50 km         If it's raining, you still have to run. This time it was fun to be outside to enjoy the wetness. I was bundled to stay dry.
268 Rock the Marina 02/23/14 Long Beach - Marina Vista CA 6:54:02 Marathon         Weather was great! I met a lot of new names and faces today. Happy to see Jim Grimes. Joe Reilly, Dale Roberts, and Guillermo back on the trail today. Charlie's races are always fun to run!
267 Hit The Beach - Sunset Beach 02/16/14 Huntington Beach CA 7:02:47 Marathon         Weather was great for running. Only wore one shirt with a light jacket. The breeze of the ocean wind in my face, and the smell of the fresh salt water with the sound of the waves beating against the shoreline made this run a pleasure to run. While basketball sport fans are busy talking about the All Star Game and others the Winter Olympics in Sochi, I have my own personal challenges and must begin to think about Marathon #300. It only seems a few years ago that I lust completed #100. Thank you Yolanda Holder, Matthew, Jim (Simpson & Grimes), Charlie Alewine, Parvaneh, Larry Macon, Denise Beyer, Robert Manon, and many others for your support.
266 Run The Park 02/15/14 Huntington Beach - Central Park CA 6:47:39 Marathon         Slight fog with misty overcast, but weather was great for running. It was good to see the high school girls out training with their coach this morning. Way to go,ladies! Girls Rule!
265 Rock the Canyon 02/09/14 Dove Canyon CA 7:41:39 Marathon         Met a few new runners today. Hats off to Rebecca. Another name mention is Rocky Morales! Congratulations, Big Guy, on completing your 100 mile Ultra. You are part of the Sub-24 Club.
264 The River Trail 02/08/14 Anaheim CA 7:02:13 Marathon         A nice day on the course with plenty of friendly people. I am nursing a cold with sniffles, and runny nose, but the views along the park were spectactular.
263 Surf City 02/02/14 Huntington Beach CA 6:13:35 Marathon 3715       This was a fun day to begin Super Bowl Sunday. What better way than to be a sport participate yourself, instead of being a couch potato for the day.
262 Run the Beach 02/01/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 6:57:42 Marathon         Weather and conditions were great. Happy to see Guillermo on the course.
261 January Resolution RR 01/31/14 Huntington Beach CA 8:42:13 50 km         Weather and conditions were great for running!
260 Back to the Marina 01/26/14 Long Beach - Marina Vista CA 7:28:43 Marathon         Weather was great!Happy to see Dale Roberts.
259 Beach Party RR 01/25/14 Huntington Beach CA   Marathon          
258 Beach Blast 01/18/14 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 07:14:23 Marathon         Weather was great! A fun day for running and meeting friends.
257 Winter Blast RR 01/12/14 Santa Monica CA   Marathon          
256 Winter Warrior RR 01/11/14 Huntington Beach CA 6:39:42 Marathon         Weather conditions were ok. A little cool and foggy, but the run kept you warm. Met a few new faces.
255 Texas Marathon 01/01/14 Houston TX 07:20:41 Marathon 67 281     Wow! Happy to see Yolanda Holder, Angela Tortorice, Steve Boone, Larry Macon, Jim Simpson, Matthew Hamidullah, Parvaneh, Ken Johnson, and many other new faces. The weather and medal were Super! I will not be able to wear my 3.3 pound Bling, but it will remain my favorite medal of all.
254 King Larry 12/30/13 San Antonio TX 7:24:33 Marathon 151       Thank you 2013 for 151. Happy to see Carol Earles. Welcome! This race is dedicated especially for my Race Director, Charlie Alewine, who is undergoing surgery today. This One's for You, Chasrlie! We love you and trust that you have a speedy recovery.
253 Holly Haywood 12/29/13 San Antonio TX   Marathon 151        
252 Julie Jingle 12/28/13 San Antonio TX 07:27:39 Marathon 151        
251 Posada Pat 12/27/13 San Antonio TX 7:46:24 Marathon 151       Rain again today. I decided to just go and do my best. Once on the trail the rain was not too heavy this time. The temperature was warmer than yesterday. On the course with the Super Jim Simpson.
250 Laura's Kettlebells Ringing 12/26/13 San Antonio TX 6:53:15 Marathon 151       Weather was warmer today. This is Marathon #250 Lifetime. I hope to reach 300 by June 2014.
249 Rudolph Renee 12/24/13 San Antonio TX 08:24:48 Marathon 151        
248 Kevin Kringle 12/23/13 San Antonio TX 07:15:48 Marathon 151        
247 Gingerbread Donna 12/22/13 San Antonio TX 07:13:23 Marathon 151       Happy to run with Larry Macon, Jim Simpson, and Matthew Hamidullah. Weather conditions was cold initially with my hands and nose brrr. Temperature warnmed up later and the run was smoother. Had dinner at local Golden Corral.
246 Shabeh Yalda 12/21/13 San Antonio TX 8:02:34 Marathon 151        
245 Winter 7 Series II Day 14 12/20/13 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 06:34:16 Marathon          
244 Winter 7 Series II Day 13 12/19/13 Huntington Beach CA 06:52:13 Marathon          
243 Winter 7 Series II Day 12 12/18/13 Long Beach - Marina Vista CA 6:51:38 Marathon          
242 Winter 7 Series II Day 11 12/17/13 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 06:35:11 Marathon          
241 Winter 7 Series II Day 10 12/16/13 Huntington Beach CA 7:10:38 Marathon          
240 Winter 7 Series II Day 9 12/15/13 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 06:41:19 Marathon          
239 Winter 7 Series II Day 8 12/14/13 Long Beach - Marina Vista CA 07:16:45 Marathon          
238 Winter 7 Day 7 12/13/13 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 6:58:14 Marathon         Happy to see Rik, Trent, Joe, Jon & Sherry, Raul, and few others. Weather was great! It was a thrill to see Chris Jones from Northern California. You are always an inspiration, Chris. Thanks for your friendship, conversation, smiles, photos, and just being a great guy. I miss the NOR CAL group. I immediately recognized the voice, but not the clean shaven face, and new military haircut.
237 Winter 7 Day 6 12/12/13 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 6:58:33 Marathon         Happy Birthday, Naomi Anne!
236 Winter 7 Day 5 12/11/13 Long Beach - Marina Vista CA 7:14:52 Marathon         Happy Birthday, Karen! Day 5 was a real test of my stamina. Weather conditions were great. There seems to be light at he end of the tunnel knowing that this seven day series will soon be over.
235 Winter 7 Day 4 12/10/13 Long Beach CA 7:03:51 Marathon         Congratulations, Raul Santana on completing Marathon #300. You set a great example for others to follow. I hope to join you and other members of the 300 Club by March 2014. Happy to be on the course with strength and energy. Proper rest and eating is essential to maintain the schedule. It is exciting to see Rik Vercoe from England perform at such a high level of pace.
234 Winter 7 Day 3 12/09/13 Huntington Beach CA 7:05:10 Marathon         A great day for running. Jon & Sherry from Canada was present, Rik from England, Trent from Australia, and me from Kenya.
233 Winter 7 Day 2 12/08/13 Long Beach - Marina Visrta Park CA 07:16:58 Marathon         No rain today. Happy to see the faces of Steve, Naomi, Dale, Jim Grimes, Trent, Rick, and others on the trail. Let's keep the positive vibes going guys, and give support of one another.
232 Winter 7 Day 1 12/07/13 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 08:01:15 Marathon         Raining, but great to see happy faces of Dale Roberts, Larry Macon, Raul Santana, and others. This a strong test of my strength and determination for the remaining days of December. How many race can you do, and how long will you last?
231 Running Off the Turkey 12/01/13 Long Beach - Marina Vista CA 06:53:14 Marathon         Happy to see Jim Grimes, Dale Roberts, Joe Reilly, Raul, and several new runners. Weather conditions were great.
230 Turkey Boogie (RR) 11/30/13 Santa Monica CA 08:14:23 Marathon         Able to see Yolanda, Karen, Robert, and a few others.
229 Thanksgiving Weekend 11/30/13 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 07:46:27 Marathon         Ran with Raul Santana. Weather conditions great!
228 Turkey Trek (RR) 11/29/13 Huntington Beach CA 08:32:15 Marathon         Happy to see Yolanda Holder, Joe Reilly, and a few others. Heavy, heavy rains.
227 Feeling Stuffed 11/29/13 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 06:59:17 Marathon         Happy to see Raul Santana back on the course after missing many months from leg surgery.
226 Turkey Trot (RR) 11/28/13 Santa Monica CA 08:01:01 Marathon         Happy to be with Yolanda Holder, Joe Reiley, Karen, and Robert on a fun filled day of Thanksgiving!
225 Run the Marina 11/24/13 Long Beach - Marina Vista CA   Marathon          
224 Ultra Centric 11/23/13 Dallas TX 8:45:32 28 mi         Weather was cold, windy, raining, and terrible. Did I mention that it was cold, chilly, raining, and windy? Thank you Charlie Alewine for your tremendous support.
223 Rockin' The Ocean 11/17/13 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 07:12:34 Marathon         Met several new runners today. Weather conditions were great. Congratulations to Matthew Hamidullah, who is in Richmond Virginia accepting an award for completion of 50 States Marathons presented by the Black Marathoners Association. I will see you in two weeks friend.
222 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 11/16/13 Huntington Beach - Sunset Beach CA 07:53:02 Marathon         Happy to see Dale Roberts, Sally Bowles, Joe Reilly, Ed, and a few other friends. Thanks for the support guys and gals.
221 Freedom 11/10/13 Norfolk VA 06:53:02 Marathon         WOW!!! What can I say? I had to work hard for this one. For the first half, I was behind schedule. I had to really pick up the pace the second half. By mile 15, I knew I would be last, but I kept pushing. I was ran behind the police van in front of me, and another pacer vehicle behind me. By mile 18 I was determined not to quit or give up. This is one day that I knew that God was watching over me. I was suprised - no cramping! Nevertheless, I stopped at a Subway on the corner to get two cookies for nutrition, and chocolate milk for potassium. By mile 24, I realized that God had been carrying me. It was then that I felt he put me down to see me get a bounce in my run as I continued on toward the Finish Line. DLF- Dead Last Finish - was a Superb feeling today. I really felt even more elated when a male volunteer gave me a strong hug as he placed my medal around my neck. Thanks, sir!
220 Croatan 11/09/13 Cedar Point NC 08:02:14 27.395 mi         A with plenty of trails, marsh lands lakes, and the hospitality was superb.
219 Run the Yorba Trail 11/02/13 Anaheim CA 07:17:13 Marathon         Just another fun day for running. Met with my son, Justin Crowder, who was doing a race also. Congratulations, Justin!!!
218 October Fest (RR) 10/31/13 Long Beach - Marina Vista CA 08:45:17 50 km         Happy Halloween! Just a fun run to end the month. Happy to see the Legend, Larry Macon.
217 Octoberfest 10/27/13 Long Beach - Marina Vista CA 06:58:48 Marathon         Ran with Joe Reilly.
216 Battle on the Boardwalk (RR) 10/26/13 Huntington Beach CA 08:02:23 Marathon         Weather great!
215 Bach To the Beach 10/26/13 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 06:57:49 Marathon          
214 Run the Lakeview 10/25/13 Huntington Beach - Central Park CA 06:57:49 Marathon         Weather was great. It was foggy later on the freeway driving home. Larry Macon was on course. I wonder if I beat him this time. I don't want to discourage him by letting and "unknown" Kennyan beat him.
213 Fall Classic 10/20/13 Huntington Beach - Seal Beach CA 07:53:24 Marathon         Happy to see Larry Macon, Jim Grimes. Dale Roberts, Joe Reilly, Cassandra Johnson, and a few others on the course. Weather conditions were great.
212 Conquer the Trail 10/19/13 Huntington Beach - Central Park CA 07:16:04 Marathon         Foggy! Happy to run with Larry Macon. I stopped to use the porta potty and then I lost sight of him. Completed last four miles with Cassandra Johnson.
211 Full Moon 10/18/13 Anaheim CA 06:43:24 Marathon         Beautiful day to run. Had a chance to see Robert Manon. He had to hurry to finish his race because his son left his shoes in the car. Please on't get a speeding ticket, Robert!
210 United Healthcare 10/13/13 Providence RI 07:14:32 Marathon 5230       This one should me named "What It Means To Finish Dead Last!" I knew that it was going to be a tough day at the office the moment I ran across the Start Line. I tried to do an early start with Larry and Bettie, but the man told me know. By 8:15 when the race began, they already had a 30 min head start. It was cool at the beginning, but warmed up later. No major problems - I was just sore. Three Marathons in three days! Thank you Dexter for being so friendly along the way, and keeping great memories with your camera. Throughout the race, I was determined not to quit and not give up. A few others dropped out ahead of me and behind. I met my goal set for 2013 of 110 Marathons in a Calander Year!!! I am truly Blessed!!! Thanks to everyone for all the support.
209 ING Hartford 10/12/13 Hartford CT 06:24:32 Marathon 2224       Weather and conditions were ideal for running. Fall colors were all around. The city and hospitality was great. Shared a room with Gerald King. Thank you Gerald for making my stay more comfortable. During race, I saw many familiar faces, Bert, D'Amico, Larry Macon, Bettie, Angela, George, Dagmar, and many others. Thanks for the support everyone. Ran the first 18 miles and then experienced burning thighs. I continued and finally the wall at mile 22. I walked a mile and after having a cupcake and grape juice from a corner store, I was back on pace again. By mile 24, I knew I there was no holding back - I Would FINISH!
208 October Fun 10/11/13 Huntington Beach CA 06:57:32 Marathon         This begins another three day series. Ran with Larry Wilson, Parvaneh, Joe Reilly, and others.
207 Running the Path 10/06/13 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 06:34:35 Marathon          
206 Bast The Canyon 10/05/13 Sycamore Canyon - Riverside CA 07:04:23 Marathon         Weather conditions mild for fall.
205 Hit The Trail _ Central Park 10/04/13 Huntington Park CA 08:12:32 Marathon         Ran with Joe Reilly and Karen. Weather conditions great.
204 Back To The Marina 09/29/13 Long Beach - Marina Vista CA 06:14:32 Marathon          
203 Rockin The Beachfront 09/28/13 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 7:28:12 Marathon          
202 Time To Run 09/27/13 Huntington Beach CA 08:42:34 Marathon         Completed the last two miles with Joe Reilly.
201 Rockin The Path - Bay Shore 09/22/13 Long Beach CA 07:14:23 Marathon         Happy to see Dr. Moses Christian (always an inspiration 81 yrs), Cassandra, Esteban, Steve Heisler, and others. This is 101 for the year 2013.
200 Run Into Autumn 09/21/13 Dove Canyon CA 07:58:13 Marathon         It was great to be back at this course. My last visit was Jan/Feb when I was undergoing radiation. this time I was a lot stronger. Runners present were Frank, Dale Roberts, Esteban and others. Marathon #100 for 2013.
199 T.G.I. F. 09/20/13 Huntington Beach - Central Park CA 8:02:13 Marathon         Ran this one with Larry Macon. Thank you Larry for letting me roll with you. Happy to see Cassandra and a few other familiar faces. Weather was great.
198 Coastal View 09/15/13 Long Beach - Marina Vista CA 07:07:08 Marathon          
197 Run the Ocean Vista 09/14/13 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 08:14:48 Marathon          
196 Friday Run 09/13/13 Huntington Beach - Sunset Beach CA 06:44:13 Marathon         Foggy conditions along the coastline for early morning. This made it cooler, but ideal for running. Good chance to see Laura, Cassandra, and a few other familiar faces.
195 Race The Canyon 09/07/13 Dove Canyon CA 06:49:13 Marathon          
194 Life's A Beach 09/06/13 Long Beach CA 07:57:31 Marathon         Happy to be on the course with Larry Macon, Jim Simpson, Yolanda Holder, and Joe Reilly. This is a good support group and they always motivate me to do better.
193 Marina Vista 09/02/13 Long Beach CA 08:06:16 Marathon          
192 Lake Forest 09/01/13 Lake Forest CA 06:47:25 Marathon          
191 Labor Day Quad Day 2 08/31/13 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 07:39:16 Marathon          
190 Labor Day Quad 08/30/13 Long Beach Marina Vista CA 07:41:13 Marathon          
189 Boardwalk Boogie - RR 08/25/13 Huntington Beach CA 07:16:37 Marathon         Beautiful coastline run
188 Rock the Park 08/24/13 Huntington Beach CA 07:24:19 Marathon         Ran this one with a lot of familiar faces: Brenda Corona, Hank Donigan, Wayne Frost, Cassandra Johnson, Dale Roberts, and Angela Tortorice.
187 SummerTime Fun 08/23/13 Huntington Beach CA 08:25:52 Marathon         My routine now consist of Run - Eat - Sleep! Repeat!!!
186 Run With Laura 08/22/13 Huntington Beach CA 08:03:03 Marathon         Happy Birthday - Laura Sohaskey! Bithdays this month included Charlie Alewine and myself. Happy to see Cassandra Johnson, Ed & Reiko, Larry, Jim, Karen, Wayne Frost, Matthew, and others. Thanks everyone!!!
185 Sunday In The Park 08/18/13 Anaheim CA 08:24:07 Marathon         Just having a Fun Time running with friends: Violeta Lopez, Trent Morrow, Joe Reilly, Steve Heisler, Reiko, Parvaneh, Larry Macon, and several others.
184 Dolphin Dash (RR) 08/17/13 Huntington Beach CA 06:57:18 Marathon         My first double. I paid the price. I had to fall no the help from Jim Simpson, Larry Macon, and Matthew Hamidullah for advice on proper rest, sleep, and eating routine. They gave excellent advice. Thanks!
183 Run For Your Life 08/17/13 Long Beach CA 07:56:33 Marathon         It is fun, a treat, a Blessing, and humbling to be running in the midst of such legends as Jim Simpson, Chris Hanes, Parvaneh, Larry Macon, Matthew Hamidullah, Dale Roberts, and others. They keep me laughing and smiling in spite of my tough challenges along the course. Thanks guys for being True Friends!
182 Run with Jim 08/16/13 Long Beach CA 08:19:50 Marathon         Just another fun day with friends. Had a chance to run with Jim Simpson (Awesome), Larry Macon (He's getting there), Joe Reilly, and Matthew Hamidullah. It was especially great to see Ed and Reiko! They are a fabulous unit (couple). I really admire them.
181 Summer Showdown 08/11/13 Santa Monica CA 08:09:00 Marathon 3103        
180 Summer Slam (RR) 08/10/13 Huntington Beach CA 07:39:35 Marathon          
179 Conquer the Path 08/09/13 Huntington Beach CA 08:02:15 Marathon          
178 Run the Beach 08/04/13 Dockweiler Beach CA 07:57:20 Marathon          
177 Blast the Coast 08/03/13 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 08:15:38 Marathon          
176 Summer Fun 08/02/13 Anaheim CA 07:23:29 Marathon         Ran this one with Matthew Hamidullah, Jim Simpson, Joe Reilly, Robert Manon, Trent Morrow, and several others. Thank you guys for your support.
175 Sunset 7 Day 7 07/28/13 Long Beach CA 07:20:04 Marathon          
174 Sunset 7 Day 6 07/27/13 Long Beach CA 07:58:23 Marathon          
173 Sunset 7 Day 5 07/26/13 Huntington Beach CA 08:42:29 Marathon          
172 Sunset 7 Day 4 07/25/13 Huntington Beach CA 08:29:43 Marathon          
171 Sunset 7 Day 3 07/24/13 Long Beach CA 08:35:49 Marathon          
170 Sunset 7 Day 2 07/23/13 Long Beach CA 08:45:00 Marathon          
169 Sunset 7 Day 1 07/22/13 Long Beach CA 07:44:38 Marathon          
168 Happy Trails 07/19/13 Huntington Beach CA 07:04:26 Marathon         Plenty of company with Steffen Schneider, Laura Sohaskey, Larry Macon, Jim Simpson, Matthew Hamidullah, Trent Morrow, and others.
167 Welcome Back Friends 07/13/13 Long Beach - Marina Vista CA 08:13:42 Marathon          
166 Summer Seven Day 7 07/04/13 Long Beach CA 07:29:51 Marathon         Happy to be the LAST DAY! Congratulations to all participants. It has been seven days of testing will, stamina, determination, and friendships.
165 Summer Seven Day 6 07/03/13 Long Beach CA 07:18:37 Marathon         Thank you Matthew!
164 Summer Seven Day 5 07/02/13 Long Beach CA 07:47:37 Marathon         Paced with Matthew and Jim Simpson again. Slow starting, but Matthew picked up the pace again.
163 Summer Seven Day 4 07/01/13 Huntington Beach CA 07:26:41 Marathon         One key to multiple races is to get plenty of rest, and eat hearty the day before race day. I am still strong with no major problems.
162 Summer Seven Day 3 06/30/13 Huntington Beach CA 07:14:58 Marathon         On the trail with two of the best, Jim Simpson and Matthew Hamidullah today.
161 Summer Seven Day 2 06/29/13 Long Beach CA 7:14:35 Marathon         Happy to be with comrades Jim Simpson and Matthew Hamidullah again. Weather was great!
160 Summer Seven Day 1 06/28/13 Long Beach Marina Vista CA 07:06:57 Marathon         Ran this one in the company of two Super Stars - Jim Simpson & Matthew. Wow, they are tremendously supportive and strong leaders. Thanks gentlemen.i really appreciate you more and moe.
159 Rock the Canyon 06/22/13 Riverside CA 07:42:13 Marathon         Weather was mild for first half of race. This is always a tough, challenging course. Ran past one rattlesnake that was hissing, with rattles, and tongue flickering while coiled. I took a photo and then warned Trent Morrow and Karen Vollan. Congratulations to Karen for 52/52 today for Titanium level.
158 Kickin Off the Summer 06/21/13 Santa Monica CA 07:14:13 Marathon         Another fun day to run.
157 Run the Park 06/20/13 Anaheim CA 06:58:16 Marathon         A nice run along the Santa Ana River. Congratulations to Marina White on reaching Titanium level today. Also learned that Nurse White had a full page article featured in the Orange County Register newspapers.
156 Tracy's Fat Ass 06/17/13 Lake Merced CA 07:30:02 Marathon         Happy to see some of my Northern California friends. Tony Nuguyen and Tracy are always supportive. Met Morrow from Austraia. The weather was cool and overcast fog at the beginning of the race, but even the sun broke through, it was a fun day to run.
155 San Francisco 06/16/13 San Francisco CA 06:14:35 Marathon 70095 5669/ 5819   15/ 17 It is always fun to run the Golden Gate Bridge. This year there was no fog. Weather was great.
154 Flag Day 06/14/13 Anaheim CA 07:30:10 Marathon         Congratulation, Doris Calloway! Completed first Marathon!
153 Run the River 06/13/13 Anaheim CA 06:41:19 Marathon         A tune-up for Friday's to come.
152 Run the Ocean Vista 06/09/13 Long Beach CA 06:45:17 Marathon         This is a fun course to run. Weather conditions were good. Made sure that I had fluid with me to stay hydrated.
151 Beach Madness 06/08/13 Huntington Beach CA 06:59:31 Marathon         This is always a beautiful course alog the coastline while watching surfers and bikers in the midst.
150 Rock & Roll San Diego 06/02/13 San Diego CA 06:05:13 Marathon         Happy to meet friends from Norther Cal and So Cal. Weather was cold the Sat before race day, but it proved great at the Start Line. This year the sky was clear with no fog along the Golden Gate Bridge. Congratulations to Tony Nguyen on reaching the Centurion mark (100) for Marathons.
149 Run the Park 06/01/13 Huntington Beach CA 07:14:40 Marathon         Happy to run with friends. Weather conditions were great!
148 Memorial Day Marathon 05/27/13 Long Beach - Bay Shore CA 07:19:23 Marathon         This is honor of all Military personnel who gave their time and lives in serving our country and protecting us. My 102 year old Uncle Hurley Crowder, a war veteran, and my brother, Hollis Crowder, a Vietnam Vet, are just two in my family who are survivals. My Manassas High School classmate and president was the first to fall in Vietnam from Shelby County in Memphis.
147 Nanny Goat 05/25/13 Riverside CA 12:34:22 36 mi         Happy to be here this year. Last year I was recuperating from surgery and could participate to cheer other runners. Thank you Steve Harvey, Race Director, for your hospitality and putting on another Super event.
146 Running the Path 05/19/13 Anaheim CA 07:02:51 Marathon         Weather was great with grat scenery along the course.
145 Running the Dove 05/18/13 Dove Canyon CA 06:59:50 Marathon         A tough hilly course with beautiful horse trails along the way.
144 Running with MOM 05/12/13 Long Beach Marina Vista CA 06:51:38 Marathon         Mother's Day celebration for ALL the moms. 3rd Place
143 Blasting the Trail 05/11/13 Huntington Beach CA 6:58:19 Marathon         This was a fun race. Weather conditions were mild. No major problems. Stayed hydrated to avoid cramping.
142 Orange County 05/05/13 Costa Mesa CA 06:31:12 Marathon 371       The weather was ideal for this race. I had plenty of inspiration along the course. I paced with leaders (Mario & Luigi), with the 5:10 group for 11 1/2 miles. Noticed blood in urine and slowed the pace by mile 12. Mile 16-20 I had support and inspiration from 80 yr old Bowoo. Wow, we ran together, and when I would fall behind, he would turn around to check on me and give me a fist pump to cheer me on. We came in the finish line together. Thanks also to Paula Hamilton, Charlie Alewine, Joe Reilly, Moses (81 yr), Yolanda Holder, Jim Grimes, Ed Ettinghausen, and many others for your support.
141 Blasting the Beach 05/04/13 Huntington Beach CA 07:18:22 Marathon         Sunset Beach is always a beautiful place to run. The weather was great, and the coastline was relatively cool.
140 Run With Moses 05/01/13 Anaheim CA 07:15:05 Marathon         Happy Birthday, Moses!!! 81 years young!!!
139 Run Wild 04/28/13 Huntington Beach CA 07:13:19 Marathon         Just a nice run along the coastline. The youngest runner was 9th grade and 16 yrs old. The oldest was 84 years old. I was Caught In The Middle.
138 Runnin The Trail 04/27/13 Central Park - Huntington Beach CA 07:18:06 Marathon         Happy to rub shoulders with Dale, Charlie, Steve, Joe Reilly, and a few others.
137 Philadelphia Endurance Ultra 100 04/20/13 Philadelphia PA 28:45:01 100 mi   5/ 15   1/ 1 Weather was mild compared to last year. Received a lot of support from Charlie Alewine. Heavy rains for the last nine hours of the race, delayed us for an hour. This did not deter our sub-30 time. Congratulations to Bart Muzzin (1st Place). Thank you Alex for such a great event and watching over us.
136 Just Can't Get Enough 04/19/13 Anaheim CA 07:28:02 Marathon         Weather and conditions were ok. Just another blessed day!
135 Back to the Beach Marina Vista 04/14/13 Long Beach CA 7:19:08 Marathon         Another nice day to run. Weather still had overcast, with sun yet. Share part of the course with regata competition.
134 Blazin the Bay 04/13/13 Long Beach Bay Shore CA 07:14:33 Marathon         Met some new faces and new runners today. Shared the course with MS and they sponsored a 1k and 5k walk. It was good to the happy and anxious faces ready to begin their new venture. Seeing people with canes, crutches, wheelchairs, and other challenges helps us to realize that those of us who are blessed with more, we should do more.
133 Marina's Birthday Blast 04/12/13 Newport Beach CA 06:58:26 Marathon         Happy birthday, Marina White!!!
132 Run The Dove 04/07/13 Dove Canyon CA 7:58:23 Marathon         A tough roughed terrain horse trail with hills and more hills, but a beautiful course.
131 Spring Fling- Central Park 04/06/13 Huntington Park CA 7:13:20 Marathon         A good day for running. Plenty of rabbits, ducks, squirels, and small around to make the day more pleasant.
130 Hopin" Easter 03/31/13 Lake Forest CA 07:31:14 Marathon         A great day for running on Easter morn. Had a chance to spend with Joe Reily, Jim Simpson, Moses, and many smiling faes. Happy Easter!!!
129 Blaze The Canyon 03/30/13 Riverside CA 8:14:24 Marathon         This is by far one of he toughest Marathon courses in Southern California. My last time here, I experienced plenty of cramps and heat exhaustion with DNF. I was determined to meet the challenge this time and make up for a bad experience. Weather was warm. I saw two rattlesnakes walking past one to check if he was alive. I finished the day with sore quads.
128 CAR Spring 7 Day Seven 03/24/13 Long Beach - Marina Vista Park CA 8:02:12 Marathon         Final day of a seven day series. I enjoyed the taste of victory and accomplishment. This was my third 7 day series.
127 CAR Spring Seven 7 Day Six 03/23/13 Long Beach - Bayshore CA 7:32:16 Marathon         It is great to feel that this series is almost over. I was able to get plenty of rest, and was comfortable before Start Time.
126 CAR Spring Seven 7 Day Five 03/22/13 Anaheim - Yorba Regional Park CA 6:28:13 Marathon         Windy-Windy-Windy!!!
125 CAR Spring Seven 7 Day Four 03/21/13 Dockweiler Beach CA 6:54:42 Marathon         Near LAX!
124 CAR Spring Seven Day Three 03/20/13 Huntington Beach Sunset Beach CA 06:57:14 Marathon         Day 3 of 7 provided some exciting inspiration. So far - So good! No visible signs of weariness, yet. This is probably because I have been going home to get sufficient rest each day.I am beginning to feel a little stress, but I force myself to eat and sleep. Sleep average is 5-6 hours.
123 CAR Spring 7 Day Two 03/19/13 Long Beach Bay Shore CA 07:14:12 Marathon         Weather and conditions were great. The run along the coastline was exciting to experience the sound of the waves along the shore. Fellow runners Dale, Jim, Matthew, and others provided positive support along the way.
122 CAR Spring Seven Day One 03/18/13 Long Beach CA 07:30:15 Marathon         Marina Vista Park - Weather was great with a cool, relaxing run. Happy to have Matthew with us this time. Jim Grimes and Joe Reilly ran Los Angeles Marathon yesterday. Are they trying to rub it in or just trying to make us feel guilty? It's ok, I'll have a guilt complex for one day, then I'll move on! Superman, Jim Simpson shared some words of wisdom with me. I always listen to my elders. Thanks Jim! Day 1 of 7 complete!
121 Spring 7 Day 5 03/14/13   CA   Marathon          
120 Razorback 03/09/13 San Martin CA 31:02:14 86 mi 97     1/ 2 Reverse my Bib from last week. It was great to see fellow running friends from NorCal. Friendly faces of Rajeev, Tracey, Bill, Jonsey, Ed, Shawna< Steve, Charlie, and many others. My body results showed a huge blister on my right big toe which I believe came from wearing compression socks. I will now experiement with wearing leg compressions instead. I have one week before my next race to improve my foot problems. It was especially exciting to see 12 year old Colby complete his fir Ultra and his first 100k (62 miles). I'm proud of him. He has been a great support over the years. We took a photo together (oldest & youngest runners).
119 Little Rock 03/03/13 Little Rock AR 04:37:30 Marathon 79   680/ 1296 2/ 10 Weather was cold. Temp was 30 degrees. This was a fun race. I looked forward to this one for more than two years. I was ill previously and this time I returned after two surgeries. I also completed my last day of radiation just four days before race day. My results improved! It shows what persistancy does when oe does not give up. Just keep pushing.
118 Rockin' the Trail 02/24/13 Lake Forest CA 714:13 Marathon         This was windy city today. Windy! Windy! Windy!
117 Run the Dove 02/23/13 Dove Canyon CA 8:52:27 Marathon         Beautiful day! Rough and rugged terrain, with plenty of rocks, hills and trails. Not an easy course, but I earned this medal with pride.
116 Rock On 02/22/13 El Monte CA 7:22:40 Marathon         Just a nice run with friends.
115 Rock the Park 02/18/13 Huntington Beach CA 8:02:39 Marathon         Day three of my first triple for 2013. Weather and conditions were great. It was great to Ed Ettinhausen, Jim Simpson, Jim Grimes, Dale Roberts, and Joe Reily on the course. They always give me inspiration.
114 Run w/ Charlie 02/17/13 Lake Forest CA 07:29:02 Marathon         Another good day at the office.
113 Hugs & Kisses 02/16/13 Long Beach Bay Shore CA 07:11:12 Marathon         Weather was great. Great to see fellow runners, Jim Simpson, Steve Hernandez, Dale Roberts, and many new faces.
112 Run the Marina 02/10/13 Long Beach CA 6:45:19 Marathon         Runing with friends to celebrate Valentine's
111 Bayshore Marathon 02/09/13 Long Beach CA 06:54:51 Marathon         Weather was mild with a sligt breeze at my back and face. Runnig along the ocean coastline, I could hear the water slapping the shore.
110 Surf City 02/03/13 Huntington Beach CA 06:17:13 Marathon 3715       Wow! What a difference a day makes! I was totally prepared for today. Unlike the day before when I felt miserable, Super Bowl Sunday was great. The weather was ideal and I paced with the 4:00 hour group for first three miles. I knew this was way beyond my limit, but I was enjoying myself. Paced with 4:30 group for next three miles. Later I paced with Jean Ho w/ 4:55 group. Had back pain at mle 19 but Charlie Alewine provided a salt tablet. Lots of support and vonulteers at this race and I will return next year.
109 Rock the Canal 02/02/13 Riverside CA 07:14:12 Marathon         Weather was great today. I had a difficult night before race day. Extreme stomach pain and stomach cramps. Radiation has begun to take a greater effect on my body. I was ok at the beginning of the race, but kept experiencing pain throughout the race. After the race, I sat in my car for about two hours in a mall lot until pain subsided. I will give up or stop running.
108 Rock and Roll Phoenix 01/20/13 Phoenix AZ 06:50:13 Marathon         Weather was cool initially, but I'm glad that I removed my jacket and long pants, because the temperature was great for running. This was my second race in two days, so at mile I had back pain. Easy solution with a salt packet, and took another at mile 21. Happy to see a few first timers and I kidded Joe who had his jersy labeled "First Marathon." Charlie Alewine, Joe Reilly, and others were there for support. Thanks guys.
107 Run the Trail - Dove Canyon 01/19/13 Lake Forest CA 07:29:11 Marathon         Weather was cool but after the first three mile loop, I began to warm up. a lot of foot pain on the outside of my right foot. I was happy to see Raul, Karen, Guillermo, and Steve, but missed Joe Reilly, and Dale Roberts.
106 Honkers Motivational 01/13/13 Orange County CA 06:39:09 Marathon 72     2/ 5 This was a great race, and good support. The weather was cool initially, but I ran without a jacket after mile two, and shorts the seond half. I would reommend this race as you will receive a medal for all age groups. The medal was very nice and large. Received Second Plae medal.
105 CAR Beach Bonanza 01/12/13 Long Beach Bay Shore Park CA 6:54:14 Marathon         A little cool along the coastline, but I wore a jacket the first six miles until I warmed up. A great day with fellow runners Dale, Jim, Jessica, Steve, and many others.
104 Camarillo 01/06/13 Camarillo CA 6:40:08 Marathon 45       My first time at this race was its first year. I was happy to return again. Rain was in the forecast, but I only experienced a little walking to pick up my gear. I was prepared and had a heavy trash bag to wear as covering. It wasn't needed. I saw a few of my Maniac friends, along with Guillermo, and Joe Reilly. Weather was ideal for running. I experienced low back pain at mile 17. No salt tabs or electrolytes, so I walked for 1/2 mile while giving myself a pep talk to ignore the pain. It worked, and by mile 20 I could smell the Finish Line, and taste success. Mile 21 began to show increasing back pain. I walked again, while massaging my low back. It worked!I was last runner, as others behind me dropped out. I pushed on and refused to quit. There was one California Highway Patrolman on motorcycle who kept checking my status, and directed traffic. Thank you officer! At the half my time was 2:58:03. I finished LAST with the remaining time of 20 minutes to spare. I've been here (last) before.
103 Kicking off the New Year 01/04/13 Riverside CA 6:45:09 Marathon         My first race of the New Year. Weather conditions were great! Felt good to be back on the trail after a week off.
102 CAR New Year's Eve 12/31/12 Huntington Beach CA 6:57:08 Marathon         Weather was great along the coastline. This was a great way to end the year witm @66 for 2012.I surpassed my goal set of 50. I must thank my fellow runners/walkers for the support given throughout the year. Happy Birthday to Larry Macon, and a job well done for his rcord breaking 157 Marathons in 2012.
101 Winter Seven Day Seven 12/20/12 Long Beach Marina Vista Park CA 07:14:29 Marathon         Wow1 It is the final day! It has been a tough series, and a challenge to continue each day. I began to give myself pep talks along the way, and became teary eyed when I thought about my accomplishment. Thank everyone for their support.
100 Winter Seven Day Six 12/19/12 Long Beach Bay Shore Park CA 07:04:10 Marathon         The series is beginning to build pressure, and my pace is slower. I refuse to quit or give up. Just keep moving, drink fluid, and get snacks. I keep myself motivated by reminded myself that this is countdown time. Temperature is cold, but I am prepared with warm gear.
99 Winter Seven Day Five 12/18/12 Fullerton - Laguna Lake CA 06:58:20 Marathon         I was a little stiff and sore at the beginning of the race, but I concentrated on staying in the race. Right foot pain, but I avoided rocks along the course.
98 Winter Seven Day Four 12/17/12 Playa del Rey Dockweiler State Beach CA 06:46:01 Marathon         The coastline alone Dockweiler is always a charm to run. It is near LAX, and only a short drive from my residence. No rain, but there was construction in the area. Just focus and stat strong!
97 Winter Seven Day Three 12/16/12 Huntington Beach CA 06:58:17 Marathon         Wow! what an exciting day! I had Larry Macon in my presence. He and Jim always bring a smile to my face, and keep me pumped up. Each have 100 plus Marathons for the year. I'm blessed to be in their midst along with Yolander Holder. I wonder how they keep the pace.
96 Winter Seven Day Two 12/15/12 Long Beach Bay Shore Park CA 06:21:41 Marathon         The run along the coastline was cool, but I was prepared with a warm jacket, gloves, and ear muffs to keep me comfortable. Nothing spectacular, just focus and concentrate. Happy to see Jim, but where's Larry.
95 Winter Seven Day One 12/14/12 Long Beach Marina Vista Park CA 6:49:18 Marathon         This was my first of a seven day series. The weather was good with a slight coolness in the air, but the running and exercise kept me warm. I was happy to see my Northern Cal friends, Tony (Endorphin Dude), and Chris Jones. Congratulations to everyone on a new adventure.
94 Run the Ocean - Marina Vista 12/09/12 Long Beach CA 6:45:20 Marathon         Another good day for running. Met some new friends, a mother and daughter team(Tiffany and Courtney Windju, who were doing the half, and had fun along the course. I decided to take it easy because Winter Seven is only five days away. Experienced pain in right foot. New week I have new shoes to see if that will help improve my stride. No Ed, Dale, Jim, Larry, or Rocky, but I was happy to see Joe Riely and Guillermo Rios. Weather conditions were great.
93 Feeling Stuffed Triple Day 4 11/25/12 Huntington Beach CA 6:46:15 Marathon         The sounds of the wave alog the coastline is always refreshing. Did an early start. Later volunteered to help support other runners. WOW! This was my 55th Marathon for 2012 post Titanium!!!
92 Turkey Weekend Triple - Day 3 11/24/12 Long Beach Marina Vista CA 6:58:03 Marathon         Much more relaxed today. Ran much better that the previous two days.
91 Running off the Turkey Day 2 11/23/12 Dove Canyon CA 8:04:15 Marathon         A tough, roughed, hilly trail with plenty of challenges. Lovely area and weather was better than my last visit here.
90 Thanksgiving Day Quad 11/22/12 Lake Forest CA 7:58:14 Marathon         A great way to begin Thanksgiving with friends and good weather. Dinner was even more rewarding. Day 1 of 4.
89 Ultra Centric 11/16/12 Grapevine TX 35:45:15 100 mi 433       Wow! My 2nd 100 mile Marathon in 6 days. Thank you Charlie Alewine
88 Run d' Amore 11/10/12 San Martin CA 34:04:00 100 mi 78   1/ 1   Wow! This was my third 100 mile Marathon completion for 2012. My previous trip to the location in August was only 74 miles due to problems. This time I was a lot better physically and mentally. There were volunteers and runners who remembered my previous complications. We laughed as we shared how I returned again to finish the job. Thank everyone for their support. weather was great during the day, but the temperature dropped at night. I added warmer and did my best to stay awake at night to finish in the alloted time. Thank you Rajeev, Charlie, Ed, Alva, Alan, and many others for giving me the energy level to keep going. This is also my 50th Marathon for 2012.
87 Cruise the Coast 11/03/12 Dockweiler Beach CA 06:31:13 Marathon         My 49th Marathon for 2012. I felt great and the weather along the ocean and the coastline was super. Another beautiful day for running. It was good to see Charlie, Jimmy, and Dale. Meanwhile, My friends Yolanda Holder, Larry Macon, and Jim Simpson were busy touring the country while completing over 100 Marathons again. They are on another planet, and looking down on us while smiling. Thanks guys.
86 Halloween Beach Blast 10/28/12 Huntington Beach CA 6:31:23 Marathon         Wow, two weeks of running and no major problems with aches and pain. Another great day for running. Happy to see familiar faces of Joe Reily, and Jim Grimes. Also met many new runners to the group. Welcome aboard guys. This month included two singles. a double, and a triple. That's seven in one month. Not my best, but I have to really thank Charlie Alewine for pushing me to #48 for 2012. Took 3rd Place officially. WOW!
85 Run the Trail 10/27/12 Fullerton CA 07:02:14 Marathon         Another fun day of running! I paced with Guillermo for first two of the eight laps. This was my second continuous week of running with no problems. I was in good spirit and was happy to be doing my 47th Marathon for this year. Wow! 52 looks even brighter now. Thanks Charlie for keeping me focused. After the race, I drove a short distance to see my son, Justin, and his wife,Marina. I had to show him my Syracuse jersy from last week's Marathon. He was born there. Sorry, son, you don't get your dad's medal or jersy.
84 Empire State 10/21/12 Syracuse NY 6:40:14 Marathon 95       Upstate New York is superb for beautiful fall colors of red, green, yellow, orange, and brown with plenty of pumpkins and apple cider.This is city where I lived for 10 years and it was great to see my daughter, Angela, grandkids, and great grandkids.Weather conditions were ideal for running. This was my 46th Marathon for 2012. I was happy to be the oldest and felt strong. Besides the serene fall colors on the leaves and trees, I must say that this race was unique and will stand out as another memorable event. It is the first where I have seen porta potties with carpet, flowers, and sweet smelling fragrance.
83 Blaze the Coast- Marina Vista Park 10/14/12 Long Beach CA 7:13:04 Marathon         Back on the course after laat week's triple. Still recovering from damaged nerve in left foot, but I had another painful cortisone shot by my doctor. I did not return to the Boulder 100 mile Ultra with Carlie and Steve, but my support was with them. Meanwhile, at home, I had plenty of help to keep me focused with Jean Ho, Dale, Raul, Pete Mingwah, Joe Riley, Jim Grimes, and met a new first timer Kenneth. I now tell others that Walking Diva has a new son. I'm proud of him and hope to see him on many courses. Congratulations, young man. This is my 45th Marathon YTD. I returned home to find that I have already reached Titanium Level. Only five more needed for my goal of 52 for this year, and I should be there by Thanksgiving weekend.
82 Long Beach 10/07/12 Long Beach CA 7:43:05 Marathon 671 2814/ 2820 1760/ 1764   The third day of a three day Marathon in honor and recognition of Pete Mingwah. Happy to see many of my runnig friends: Rosemarie, Raul, Joe Riley, Marina White (100th Marathon today), Dale Roberts, Jim Grimes,Dave (Marathon Maniacs), 80 year old Moses, and many others. Thanks to all of for your support and inspiration.
81 Quadtoberfest Day 2 10/06/12 Lake Merced CA 6:59:06 Marathon         This was the second of a three day Marathon in honor of Pete Mingwah, Marathon Maniac #4044. I was really stiff, tight, sore, and could hardly due to damaged nerve in ankle. It was about the 1/2 mile marker that I was finally able to get a walking stride, and another 1/2 mile because I could fall into a running stride. It was really exciting to see Ed and Reiko. I remembered when I was completing my 1st 100 mile Ultra. They finished and was driving back and forth down the street, honking their car horn to cheer me on. This month (October),they are completing 11 Marathons. My max is eight. This is another goal for me. Thanks guys for setting the standard soo high.
80 Quadtoberfest Day 1 10/05/12 Lake Merced CA 8:02:03 Marathon 44       Ran this race in honor of Pete Mingwah, the first of a three day run. Paced the first three loops with Charlie. Great seeing Endorphin Dude, Yolander Holder, Bill,several of my running friends.
79 Blasting the Oceanfront 09/23/12 Huntington Beach CA 8:03:32 Marathon         This is one of my favorite locations to run. The weather was great today.
78 Run the Ocean Vista 09/19/12 Long Beach CA 7:26:28 Marathon         This was a nice cool day for running. There was a heavy overcast and sometimes a mist in the air.It was a sharp contrast from last week's heat and humitidy. This was ust two days after my cortisone injection for my left heel. By mile 13, I found myself walking a lot more and the pain still persisted except in a different area.
77 Rockin' the Canyon 09/09/12 Dove Canyon CA 10:34 Marathon         A tough course with plenty of hills, trails, and rough terrain. Happy to see fellow runners, Ed "The Joker", Dale, Jason, and many others. Wow! The temperature began to get hot about 1030 hours, but the view and sights compensated for the experience. With the hot temp, you just had to take it easy and drink plenty of fluids and electrolytes. Still had a painful left heel bone spur, but I am happy to run #39 YTD. I can now visualize 52/52.
76 Blaze the Beach 08/25/12 Long Beach CA 7:47:09 Marathon         Weather was great again, with a slight overcast, but a good day for running. Left heel and ankle still sore, but my orthopedic doctor is scheduled for Sept 10th. Got to see a few fellow Maniacs that I haven't in awhile. Did three laps with Yolander Holder. Received smiles along the way from Jean Ho, Jim Grimes, and Dale Roberts. Thanks for the support guys, and keeping me ontrack.
75 Run-de-Vous 08/18/12 San Martin CA 31:58:25 74 mi 127       Just a fun race and 2 mile course. Rajeev Patel, Race Director, gave a Super event, with plenty of support. Congratulations to my old acquaintances, and new friends for keeping me active. The encouragement along the way kept me smiling.This is Marathon #37 YTD, and I can realistically see my 52/52.
74 Fullerton Trails 08/04/12 Fullerton CA 7:03:03 Marathon         Weather was ok - a little humid, no sun until around 1030 hours. Had fun seeing Larry Macon, Jim, Yolanda, Rocky, Cassandra, and many others. Shared many smiles and laughs along the way. received some advise from a new face along the trail. She stopped to tell me to keep my head up, because it causes your neck to hurt. I received the same info from Tracy at Fat Ass last week - Chin Up, and keep smiling. Why are women always right? Nevermind I was thinking.
73 Tracy's Fat Ass 07/30/12 Lake Merced CA 8:02:03 Marathon 447       Great to be with Maniac friends. This was another nice day with great weather and conditions for running. It was good to have plenty of supportive people around to keep you thinking "You Can Do It!" Thanks Charlie and Tracy. It is always swell to see Endorphin Dude, Chris, Pete, Tracy, and others. You keep me smiling.
72 San Francisco 07/29/12 San Francisco CA 6:44:13 Marathon 60943       Met several Maniac friends for support. It was an elating experience to run across the Golden Gate Bridge.
71 Summer Fun 07/21/12 Huntington Beach CA 7:02:04 Marathon         A beautiful day along the coastline. This is #33 YTD and I can realistic see 52 Marathons in 52 weeks. Along the course, my friends are talking to me about driving to the upcoming San Francisco Marathon next week. Then Raul convinces me to sign up for Tracy's Fat Ass Marathon the day after San Francisco. It makes me wonder why I am so easily persuaded.
70 Run the Park / Run with Charlie 07/14/12 Huntington Beach CA 714:18 Marathon         This race was in honor and recognition of my fellow church choir member, Percy Wilder, who passed away a few days ago. I've had many months where he has given me the strength, endurance, and motivation, when I have observed him perservere throughout his time of illness. there were times when he was in pain, or had difficulty walking that he would come to rehearsals, and to also perform with us on church events. My condolences go out to his family in their time of sorrow.
69 Summer Seven Day 7 07/04/12 Marina Vista Park, Long Beach CA 7:04:28 Marathon         The final day of seven straight days of Marathon running. I must really thank my teammates for keeping me focused, and giving me encouragement which I did not think possible. I wanted to slow down to enjoy the final run, but when I saw the medals, othersc pushed me even more to pick up the pace to get my prize.
68 Summer Seven Day 6 07/03/12 Huntington Beach CA 7:34:10 Marathon         This day was filled with excitement. It was countdown time and the day before the finals. I knew that I well on my way to completing all seven days. After experiencing a rough day the previous day, I learned a valuable lesson to get sufficient rest, and to eat a good meal the day before.
67 Summer Seven Day 5 07/02/12 Long Beach CA 7:01:02 Marathon         My worst day so far of the event. Had trouble sleeping the previous night and only had 2-3 hours rest. I was stiff and sore at the Start Line, but Raul paced with me the first eight miles which kept me loose. A few other runners had a difficult time also, because they had done a double the previous day. I kept pushing and kept telling myself and others that it was going to be LONG day, but I was hanging. Temperature was hot and I miscalculated my loops. It was my fifth lap that Dale told me we only had to do laps. Ha, my friends laughed when I came in and they calcuated me for a 50k.
66 Summer Seven Day 4 07/01/12 Dockweiler Beach CA 7:12:18 Marathon         A great day for running with happy and familiar faces along the course. Thanks guys and gals for keeping me focused and giving me the courage to do this. Also Endorphin Dude's 39th birthday (Who is he kidding?)
65 Summer Seven Day 3 06/30/12 Huntington Beach CA 7:16:23 Marathon         I am learning a lot from the other runners. Meeting new associates from Northern California. These new friends, Chris, Tony, Jim, Larry, etc., really keep me moving ahead. Thanks for yous support everyone. While i learned that my friends were posting photos on Facebook, I realized that it took a little silliness to relieve the pressure. You need to have a sense of humor.
64 Summer Seven Day 2 06/29/12 Fullerton CA 7:14:19 Marathon         This was my second time running this course. Ran a good pace with fellow Maniacs. Still recuperating from surgery, but today I ran a little better.
63 Summer Seven Day 1 06/28/12 Long Beach Marina Vista Park CA 6:58:12 Marathon         One of my favorite places to run. Two parks, Neighborhood, Surfers, bikers, and boaters
62 Another Run with Charlie 06/23/12 Marina del Rey CA 07:14:14 Marathon         Congratulations! My 100th Marathon! Did an early start, but the group wanted me at the 7am Start Line with the regulars. Thanks for the recognition everyone. Raul baked a cake with a medal on it, and race director, Charlie Alewine, had a special Fiisher's medal with my photo, and my son, Justin's photo, in recognition of this accomplishment. Thanks everyone again. I had no idea of imagining this goal or thinking it possible when I began my first Marathon in the Los Angeles Marathon at age 62, just seven years ago.
61 CAR Run with Charlie 06/16/12 Fullerton CA 7:14:02 Marathon         This was my 99th Marathon and my son, Justin, ran with me. It was a swell Father's Day treat, because it was Justin's second Marathon, and in his home city of Fullerton. Congratulations, Justin, for supporting your dad. I'm proud of you. This was a nice trail course around Laguna Lake, and the weather was good.
60 Running The Dove 06/09/12 Dove Canyon CA 6:58:02 Marathon         Dove Canyon (Orange County)Beautiful area and a great day for running.
59 San Diego Rock & Roll 06/03/12 San Diego CA 7:14 Marathon 31392       My body was at the Wall before the race. Still hurting from hospitalization. Once I saw crossed the Start Line, I saw Ed "Fancy Pants" atop a ladder cheering us on with his cowbell. It perked me up and I continued to run. Ran the first 12 miles with no problem. This was an ideal day for running - the first that I have seen. Met many new friends who also inspired me. Rosemarie was there with a Big hello. Saw 80 yr Moses, and a few others. My 21st Marathon YTD in my quest for 52 in 52 weeks. #97 overall. Met Big Ed (TEAM member)from San Diego who was doing his first Marathon, and I kidding him along the way. He kidded me when I made a pit stop at mile 26.
58 Rock the Canal 06/02/12 Riverside CA   Marathon          
57 Pasadena 05/20/12 Pasadena CA 6:46 Marathon         This was my first race in more than a month. I was hospitalized and released just one week before. Marathon #20 for the year. Thanks and congratulations to my son, Justin, who completed his first full Marathon. I'm proud of him. This was supposed to be number 100, but due to my hospital stay it was #96. Walked the first two miles. Once I realized I could continue, I took to a light job for the next 12 miles. Congrats to fellow Maniac Ed "Fancy" who completed 100 miles the previous day, and then was with us to support a 79 year old fellow participant.
56 Back to Beach 04/22/12 Huntington CA   Marathon          
55 Go St Louis! 04/15/12 St Louis MO 6:40 Marathon 2130       This race was in honor of my 101 year Uncle Hurley Crowder. Course was better than four years ago. Weather was great even though it was heavy rains when I arrived on Friday evening. got to spend some quality time with my uncle. Thank all the family members for their support.
54 Philadelphia Endurance 04/06/12 Philadelphia PA 33:30 100 mi         took an early start at 12:20 am on Good Friday. Weather was cool the first night. Ran six laps with Charlie Alewine with a lot of fun. Thanks for pushing me Charlie. Lighting around the Water Works Park was sufficient. Second night was colder, but I kept moving with no problems. To my happy suprise, Charlie caught up with me and we finished the race together.
53 Palm Sunday / CAR 04/01/12 Lake Forest CA 6:28 Marathon         Another double Marathon. No suprises today - just enjoy the day.
52 Diamond Lake 03/31/12 Hemet CA 6:43 Marathon 316       A foggy, misty morning, and cold. this was great for a good day for running. The 22 mile lap around Diamond Valley Lake was beautiful, and made the experience even more exciting. This one was special because it was my eighth Marathon for the month - a first for me.
51 Run the Marina 03/25/12 Long Beach CA 6:45 Marathon         A great day for running. Rain was predicted for there was sunshine. it began to sprinkle during my last four miles, but I made it to the finish without getting wet. It really began to rain about 15 min after I finished. Luckily I gave Dale my plastic bag to protect himself from the rain.
50 California Gold Rush 03/24/12 Los Flores CA 6:58 Marathon         Beautiful wooded area and tough terrain. At least four creek crossings. Just run through the water.
49 Los Angeles 03/18/12 Los Angeles CA 7:04:13 Marathon 19452       Marathon #89. Weather and conditions were great. Nusring a sore ankle for three days. Met a few runner friends and Legacy members. Ran the first 15 miles with no problem. Met Solomon, a new friend, wgho I helped along the way. His daughter was volunteering at one of he aide stations, and ran the 5k the day before. She was wearing her Bling!
48 Run the Canal / CAR 03/11/12 Riverside CA 6:45 Marathon         Thank you Yolanda for inspiring me to do another race. The weather was good.
47 Catalina Island 03/10/12 Avalon CA 7:45 Marathon 589       A great for running. I promised myself that I would do this race again after my experience in 2008. Many of my Maniac friends kept talking to me. Ed told me about a 2:15 am boat, and Rosemarie even made a reservation for me. Yolander informed me about her early start, so I had no excuses. My legs were stronger this time, and I was not on medication, thus allowing me to run the first uphill seven miles. This ime I enjoyed he race a lot better.
46 Huntingto Beach / CAR 03/04/12 Huntington Beach CA 6:28 Marathon          
45 Dove Canyon 03/03/12 Lake Forest CA 6:57 Marathon          
44 Run the Path 02/25/12 Lake Forest CA 6:49 Marathon          
43 Rocky Road 02/18/12 Cota de Casa CA 37:00 100 mi 129       My first 100 mile finish. Two previous attempts were unsucessful. I was so elated with joy and excitement that I did not sleep the nigh after the race. My son , Justin and his wife, Marina were at the Finish Line and there to see me do my last seven miles.
42 CAR / Colorado Lagoon 02/12/12 Long Beach CA 6:02 Marathon          
41 Run for Fun 02/11/12 Huntington Beach CA 6:21 Marathon         Back to Huntington Beach and this time I felt proud that I had competed in the Surf City Marathon the previous week because I met fllow runners who had done both races back to back. Good comradery. Thanks guys and gals!
40 Surf City 02/05/12 Huntington Beach CA 6:43 Marathon 3393        
39 Disney World 01/08/12 Orlando FL 5:16 Marathon          
38 Kicking Off the New Year Marina Vista Park 01/02/12 Long Beach CA 6:24 Marathon         My 3rd race in three days - my first triple. My fellow Maniac friends kept encouraging me to return each day. to my suprise, I was able to leave the bed without much pain and soreness, and start again. I know that I will be running a lot more this year now.
37 Happy New Year's / CAR 01/01/12 Huntington Beach CA 6:25 Marathon          
36 Year End Marathon 12/31/11 Dockweiler Beach CA 6:56:03 Marathon         This is the first day of a Triple Series. It was a good way to end the year, and also a good way to begin the New Year. I hope to have many more Back to Back - Back to Back - Back to Back! The new term "Threepeat" takes on a new meaning.
35 Running Off the Turkey 11/27/11 Huntington Beach CA 6:15:12 Marathon         This was a great race along the coastline. Met fellow Maniacs. Thank you Endorphin Man and Marina for your support.
34 Dockweiller CAR Beachfest 11/19/11 Dockweiller Beach CA 06:03:29 Marathon         Great day for running. The coastline and waterfront was blasting with the sounds of the waves.
33 Santa Clarita 11/06/11 Santa Clarita CA 7:01:03 Marathon         Finished Dead Last! Met a lady at mile 24 who was completing her 99th Marathon. She was really concerned about last. I slowed down and told her to go ahead. Within minutes, I realized that I had my own time to be at issue.
32 Boulder 100 10/15/11 Boulder CO 29:33:42 100 mi         DNF. Completed 87 miles. Had lots of fun. It was cold at night when the temperature dropped. I was prepared this time with warmer clothing. I learned to change into fresh shoes and socks at mile 50. This keeps the body refreshed and the mind good inspiration to continue. Running at night was a challenge, but I just kept moving sine I wore my headlamp. I tripped twice during the night which caused me to experience heavy shin pain later during the run. Nevertheless, I kept moving. The city of Boulder is beautiful and I was happy to visit. I must still complete Colorado as a 50 State requirement.
31 Long Beach 10/09/11 Long Beach CA 6:45:1 Marathon          
30 Chino Hills 50k 10/01/11 Chino Hills CA 9:14:32 31 mi         Plenty of hills, trails, and gullies along the way. Was able to see a wild coyote, rabbits, and squirrels, along the course. Enjoyed the Chino Hills coffee mug and other treats including the medal. Happy to see fellow runner, Kirk, there to support the runners. He is running Portland next week.
29 Mayor's Midnight Sun 06/18/11 Anchorage AK 7:22:15 Marathon 1053       I was filled with excitement from the time of departure until my arrival home. I was like a little kid in a candy store and really enthusiasm about this trip. It lived up to my expectations. Thanks to Ed Loy and Aaron for their technology support, I learned that I needed a Smartphone. I did not like it when I learned that Ed wanted to do a recovery run the next morning at 0600 hour. The two hour run proved to be fun and learned a valuable lesson that the body responds when you put it test again so soon.
28 Pasadena 05/15/11 Pasadena CA 6:28:45 Marathon 1020       Rain for the 3rd straight year. Happy to see fellow runners, Kirk, Yolanda, Wilson, Charlie, and many others. This was Marathon #61. I would recommend it again. Just ran a 10k the previous day and came in 5th Place overall. Satisfied with both days activity.
27 Orange County 05/01/11 Newport Beach CA 6:56:03 Marathon 2810       This one was special because it was one year after my surgery. My son, Justin, also ran the Half Marathon. The weather was great and the sights were spectacular for running. The ocean scenery and cool breeze ,salt water smell, against the temperature presented good conditions. The problem was the bus shuttle to get to the start line. I would recommend this one again. It was my third OC Marathon. This race wasc dedicated to my personal physician, Dr. Emerson Buckhalter. Thank you doctor for providing me with over 20 years of good service. Hats off to all the volunteers! A job weel
26 Los Angeles 03/20/11 Los Angeles CA 6:02:03 Marathon 23217       Rain-Rain-Rain! That was okay considering that I was hospitalized for nine days during last year's race. From Dodger Stadium to the ocean of Santa Monica. I was determined to finished. This was ny 59th Marathon and in honor of my high school classmate, Carl Eldridge, who passed on last week.
25 Rocky Road 02/26/11 Cota de Casa CA 33:16:45 100 mi         DNF. Weather conditions was rain, rain, and more rain. Trail was muddy and cold temperatures. Experienced cold tremors at mile 60 and thought it best to stop. Had plenty pf time remaining. This is an excellent race with aid stations every 2 1/2 miles. Great job, Charlie! I will return next year. In honor ofmy 100 year Uncle Hurley (DOB 10-10-10). Sorry that I can't keep up with you uncle! I'll try again.
24 Disney World Goofy Challenge 01/09/11 Orlando FL 5:45:13 Marathon         Weather conditions were great this year, considering last year's 28 degrees, with sleet, ice, and rain. Thank you Ed Loy for the accommodations. I will return for 2012.
23 Over the Hill Trail run 12/05/10 Ridgecrest CA 7:59:19 50 km 407       Beautiful scenery, beautiful day for running, and beautiful weather. I would suggest that you include this one on your schedule. The support staff, crew, and everyone made me welcomed. I did not choose the early six am start and this affected my time later. Was stopped at mile 26.9 because of qualifying time. Four miles remained with 15 minutes left. My first DNF in 55 Marathons. Felt dissapointment and defeat the following day, but took solice in that some days you just don't have it - Not True! reached my goal of 15 races for this 2010 year.
22 Long Beach 10/17/10 Long Beach CA 5:17:39 Marathon 4324       Great weather, great crowd, and great support1 This race was in honor of my Uncle Hurley who turned 100 years on 10-10-10. Congratulations Uncle, I'm proud of you. You are my HERO! I had a good feeling this was going to an exciting event and it was. The course is relatively flat with only a few increase in elevation. Mile 2 went rather smooth, so I began to think about mile 5. I was ahead of my scheduled pace and next began to focus on mile 10. Within a short time I was reaching mile 15. At mile 17 I began to feel a slight cramping so I slowed pace to brisk walking, kept drink fluids and electrolytes. Once I saw mile 21, I began to think of HOME and picked up pace again to alternate running and walking. Met a few Marathon Maniacs and some new runners.
21 Camarillo 10/03/10 Camarillo CA 5:58:28 Marathon 1290       This is the first race for Camarillo. I was expecting participants of at least 3,000 but was suprised to see about 300 at the starting line for the Full Marathon. the weather was ideal for running with cool temperature and no overcast. A special thanks to the police department for doing a superb job with the traffic. This is a easy flat course and one thatI would recommend. The area includes plenty of farmland. There was a problem with water cups and a few stations ran out of cups. Nevertheless, this was their race, and I am sure that it will improve next year when I return.
20 Run the Marina 09/05/10 Long Beach CA 06:12:42 Marathon         Another favorite place to run and with friends.
19 Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park 08/29/10 Riverside CA 06:13:45 Marathon         This is a tough course with plenty of rough, rocky trails. Finished the day and was glad to get this one over.
18 Father's Day Marathon 06/15/10 Cota de Casa CA 6:54:34 Marathon         In honor of Father's Day, this race was sweet because it my my 50th Marathon, and my first test of running stamina since my surgery.I experienced bleeding at mile six and thirteen, so I slowed my pace and kept pushing. I felt blessed and proud to be back on the road to recovery to return to running form again.
17 Orange County Marathon 05/02/10 Costa Mesa CA 7:30:02 Marathon         A great day for running. Beautiful weather, super scenery watching the waves of the ocean along coast. Ran one month after being hospitalized for two surgies against my doctors wishes.
16 Los Angeles Marathon 03/21/10 Los Angeles CA 0:0:00 Marathon         Unable to run. Hospitalized for nine days with two surgeries. Watched the race in bed with running shoes at bedside and nurses standing by. The next best thing to being there.
15 Little Rock Marathon 03/07/10 Little Rock AR 8:32:02 Marathon 2304       Ran this one for the huge medal. Was sick the entire weekend but ran anyway. City has a lot of history. Ran down Bill Clinton Boulevard. Weather was great and course was flat. Great crowds and good entertainment. This was my 11th state. I will do this one again when I am feeling better.
14 Pasadena 02/21/10 Pasadena CA 6:03 Marathon 1439       A great day for running!Leg cramps at mile 16. Took electrolyte tabs. Running again at 17. Hip pain at mile 22 - walked to 25. Smelled finish line, back running to finish. #47
13 Calico Ghost Town Trail Run 01/17/10 Calico Ghost Town CA 8:30:03 31.1 mi         Late getting to the start line but I caught up with the last group. Beautiful run in the mountains, plenty of caves, terrain was colored green with copper. Finished last, but I made it. I recommend this one and would do it again.
12 Disney World Goofy Challenge 01/10/10 Orlando FL 5:26:05 Marathon         This was my second race in two days. Ran the half the day before. The first day weather was raining, cold, and 28 degrees. Second day was still cold so I sat in the car until 15 min before race began to keep warm. I was pleased with getting three medals. I will complete DisneyLand in Sept (Coast to Coast) and receive a fifth medal.Yes, I would do this one again.
11 Surf City Marathon 01/07/10 Huntington Beach CA 5:29:04 Marathon 1217       What a great way to start Super Bowl Sunday! The weather was perfect and the ocean breeze on my face made me feel even better. Two years ago I ran this entire in pouring rain. I received an additional medal and a jacket for completing a three part series (San Francisco, Long Beach, & Surf City).
10 Las Vegas Marathon 12/06/09 Las Vegas NV 5:24:01 Marathon         The course was changed this year. I like the early start. My son, Justin, ran the half Marathon. I am proud of him and this was his 3rd race in 6 months.
9 Gulf Coast Marathon - Stennis 11/27/09 Gulf Port MS 6:03 Marathon         Great weather and good hospitality. Flat coarse, and met plenty of runners who were first timers. One 21 yr old did his first Marathon in Iraq. Learned a lesson not to lock my keys in the car again. It was a six hour delay after my finish.My 10th state. Qualified for 50 States Marathon Club membership.
8 Long Beach Marathon 10/17/09 Long Beach CA 5:15:45 Marathon 2622       Great race, great weather, great crowds and support crew. Need more porta potties after mile 18. Shoreline Village was fun!
7 Lean Horse 08/22/09 Hot Springs SD 15:02:18 50 mi         Weather was hot, hot, hot! A deer ran across my path at mile 6 and jumped a fence. Beautiful sight! Race was 25 miles out and 25 miles back. Grasshoppers covered the trail during the day. I walked during the heat of the day. At 4 pm I ran over a snake in the road. Someone loaned me a headlight. Without it I couldnot see at night. There were still reports of snakes in the road. I got lost within 6 miles of the finish line. It was dark which took up 2 hrs. Great support crew, Jerry Dunn. i will return next August to complete 100 miles. I will be better prepared.Did I mention Mount Rushmore, Custer National Park, Calamity Jane, Will Bill Hickock, the sights were amazing and worth the trip.
6 Mt Dissappointment 08/02/09 Angeles Forest CA 7:30:02 31 mi         DNF Beautiful mountain sights and scenery. Narrow trails and rugged terrain. Did this one while holding onto the side of the mountain. I am afraid of heights, but I did it anyway. Plenty of support and the crew kept track of my whereabouts the entire time. Thanks!
5 Seattle Marathon 06/26/09 Seattle WA 06:45:18 Marathon         Beautiful city. and great weather conditions for running. Busing was smooth for transporting runners to Tutweiler to the Start Line, but once I arrived, I immediately feel in to the next starting group since my group left 10 minutes ahead. Plenty of sights of Space Needle, running across the only floating bribge in the USA, and the downhill ramp into the city of Seattle was picture perfect with the football stadium and the baseball stadium right in front of me. I would do this one again
4 P. F. Chang's Rock 'N' Roll 01/10/09 Phoenix AZ 6:18:42 Marathon 6820       A beautiful course, relatively flat, with great sights of hills and mountains for scenery. Great day and weather for running.
3 Los Angeles 05/16/05 Los Angeles CA 05:15:23 Marathon         My first Marathon with the Los Angeles Roadrunners. Temperature was over 100 degrees. began to experience back pain and swollen hands at mile 18. Almost quit at mile 22 and mile 24. It was tough. Found out three days later that I had sunburn.
2 Blaze The Canyon 03/30/01 Riverside CA 08:14:15 Marathon         Sycamore Canyon is one of the toughest Marathon courses in Southern California. Last time here I experienced leg cramps and DNF. I was determined to return. This time I saw two rattlesnakes and ran past one. I stopped to take a look as it appeared dead, but when I spoke, he graduallyslid through the bush to keep cool.
1 Running Off the Turkey 01/01/00 Huntington Beach CA 06:13:34 Marathon         This was a great race along the coastline. Meet fellow Maniacs. Thank you Endorphin Man.

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