Races run by Kevin Brosi

338Trapline Marathon10/11/2015Goose BayNL6:08:04Marathon10817First below freezing run of the season. Snowed the night before, high winds during event. 12th Canadian province, 1 to go next week. DFL
337Jersey Marathon10/04/2015St HelierOTH6:42:31Marathon346MG Annual meeting: With Cheri, Rich, Dave, Davey, Lesley and many MG'ers. Ran entire way with Caren. DFL
336Barnstaple Marathon09/27/2015BarnstapleOTH6:24:56Marathon270With Davey, Lesley and Cheri. And the Town Crier.
335Okie Shuffle Day 309/07/2015CoalgateOK9:46:50Marathon8TRIPLE: trail and heat, then more heat. DFL 10 starters, 6 finishers.
334Okie Shuffle Day 209/06/2015CoalgateOK9:01:54Marathon8TRIPLE: trail and heat, then more heat
333Okie Shuffle Day 109/05/2015CoalgateOK9:34:51Marathon8TRIPLE: trail and heat, then more heat
332Marathon by the Sea08/09/2015St JohnNB6:19:34Marathon1189#11 Canadian Province. Fellow Maniacs Alexis and Deb. DFL again.
331Blister in the Sun Marathon08/02/2015CookevilleTN7:45:52MarathonKevinA worst performance day. Liz patiently watched over me to insure I finished upright. No DNF today! DFL
330Run 4 Troops Marathon06/27/2015DubuqueIA6:50:12Marathon385Rails to Trails from Dyersville to Dubuque. Ran with Rich for 3 miles, great to see him again. Finished up with legends Frank Bartocci and Susan Rozanski.
329Summer Solstice06/19/2015AbileneTX6:28:52Marathon225Overnight event, started at 9 PM, 1 mile loops around Red Bud Park, many of the Texas Usual Suspects were there: Karen, Gary, Wayne, Ed, Tracy, Eilene and Liz. David Johnson was there to help.
328Heartland Series Winona Marathon06/07/2015WinonaMN7:13:13Marathon144DOUBLE (just a weekender). Surprise visit from Bre, Andrew and Wes and the guys from UK (Foxy, Jack and Roger). This has to be the most Marathon Globetrotter attendance since Bahamas. Rain turned grass trail into a muddy mess, slick and dangerous for a weak knee. Diverted to road till park ranger sent us back to another trail. Somehow we survived the mental challenge of hating mud. Handicapped by mud Liz and I were a little slower, but worked through it. Cheri showed up for last 3 laps which provided a great distraction to the challenge.
327Heartland Series Prairie du Chien Marathon06/06/2015Prairie du ChienWI6:46:21Marathon144DOUBLE, The sheep jokes continued with Jeff & Jane. Sabra got involved too. Steve's birthday with music box, Liz enduring swollen knee. Jane and Cheryl from Australia returned for more international fun. Ilene and Woo (with lucky 8's) laughing along. I got 4's which she pointed out was bad. And I got to see Bettie today. This has to be the most fun way to run marathons.
326Memorial Day Marathon05/25/2015DallasTX6:24:45Marathon14Bachman lake 8+ laps with a little rain. Previous day was canceled due to tornado warnings. 2 in 3 days.
325The MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Marathon05/23/2015DallasTX6:43:06Marathon14Bachman Lake 8 laps+ with a little rain.
324Blue Nose Marathon05/17/2015HalifaxNS5:46:52Marathon34Canada quest (#10) with Andy Rennie. A little rain and lots of hills. Still a PR for 2015. Early start.
323Independence Series New Paltz, NY05/03/2015New PlatzNY6:09:49Marathon11QUINTUPLE. More sheep jokes, everyone was in on it. Perfectly flat course with a sheep barn loop! Chris pushed me for a whole lap and Liz caught up adding our fastest laps at the end.
322Independence Series Birdsboro, PA05/02/2015ClintonNJ6:48:11Marathon11QUINTUPLE. More hills and no mojo. Mile 23 my knee locked up, but running loosened it and we ran the last 3. More sheep jokes, many contributors.
321Independence Series Birdsboro, PA05/01/2015BirdsboroPA6:23:11Marathon11QUINTUPLE. Sheep! The jokes began with Jeff and Jane! When Parvaneh said "alright" we ran. "To the bench".
320Independence Series Bear, DE04/30/2015BearDE6:05:05Marathon11QUINTUPLE. Rocks and roots, I fell and so did most everyone. I had a good day and ran with Vincent on many occasions. Chris gave me an extra push and Liz nearly caught me.
319Independence Series Elkton, MD04/28/2015ElktonMD6:21:16Marathon11QUINTUPLE: Cathy, Mike, Liz and many more. Great to run with this group of people. Liz turned it on and I hung back with Mike.
318Big D Marathon04/12/2015DallasTX6:54:37Marathon691DOUBLE. With Angela, Peter, Yen, Kathryn. Juke box last half.
317Bear Chase Marathon04/11/2015GrovetonTX5:58:57Marathon408DOUBLE. Mat and Robert. Harry Otto of North TX Striders ran too.
316Irving Marathon04/04/2015IrvingTX6:23:38Marathon385560th birthday Marathon with Angela and Jim till mile 17. Ran the rest of way in and Jim came with me. My son Heath won the Half in 1:17. And I got 3rd place in my age group.
315Dust Bowl Series Clayton, NM03/29/2015ClaytonNM6:16:52Marathon107TRIPLE. Ran with Parvaneh till she dropped me. Liz caught up and I finished with her. Hill and wind were a challenge. 5000 ft elevation
314Dust Bowl Series Lamar, CO03/28/2015LamarCO5:50:09Marathon107TRIPLE. Ran with Liz, dropped her and ran with Marit till she dropped me. A good day and I almost caught Rich!
313Dust Bowl Series Ulysses, KS03/27/2015UlyssesKS6:41:56Marathon107TRIPLE. Walked with Ila to hear 7in7 stories. Then with Parvaneh, Dagmar and Larry till Liz lapped me, then I kept up with her.
312Race Across USA03/22/2015RowlettTX6:34:00Marathon405DOUBLE. Rowlett to Quinlan. Ended on a 2 lane no shoulder highway. Kinda busy dangerous spot. I waited for Newton, Eddie and Rueben at aid stations.
311Race Across USA03/21/2015CoppellTX6:21:00Marathon405DOUBLE. Coppell to Rowlett. Ended at Wendy's so Eddie and I went in and had a sandwich
310Race Across USA03/15/2015NewcasteTX6:31:00Marathon405DOUBLE. Newcastle to Bryson.
309Race Across USA03/14/2015ThrockmortonTX6:13:00Marathon405DOUBLE. Throckmorton to Newcastle. Race passing through Dallas area. Friendly group of amazing runners.
308Austin Marathon02/15/2015AustinTX6:31:15Marathon3670DOUBLE: The hills of Austin. With Kathy & Steve.
307Love.Run.Marathon02/14/2015HuntsvilleTX7:18:45Marathon3DOUBLE: Trail run with Angela and Richard. Missed a turn.
306Trinidad and Tobago Marathon01/25/2015Port of SpainOTH6:53:18Marathon50DFL. Started with Lichu till mile 5. John rode along with bike and supported Lichu and I.
305Bahamas Marathon01/18/2015NassauOTH7:06:54Marathon35First MG Meeting with many friends, Rich, Jeanne, Cheri, Gregg and Lucy too.
304Texas Marathon01/01/2015KingwoodTX5:51:15Marathon48Largest medal. With Joe and Frances Wascika.
303Whine Not Another Marathon12/21/2014DallasTX6:29:26Marathon63DOUBLE: with Robert and Devin till Maggie came along and challenged me.
302Whine Not Marathon12/20/2014DallasTX6:46:48Marathon63DOUBLE, ran with Robert
301BCS Marathon12/14/2014College StationTX6:04:46Marathon2053#300 with David, Sheila, Nicole, Chelsea, Ken, Kim, Ed and Harry.
300Singapore Marathon12/07/2014SingaporeOTH7:33:56Marathon14958Hot and humid with 5 AM start, great run along F1 race tack, East Beach, Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Singapore Flyer.
299Ultracentric 48 Hour11/21/2014GrapevineTX41:56:04100 mi117/12100 mile goal met with support from Jenny, Jaycee and Lucy. And Terrie, Kyle, Cathy and Thelma.
298Fort Worth Marathon11/09/2014Fort WorthTX6:03:44Marathon409With Angela, Wayne, Yen and Peter till mile 22.
297Day of the Dead Marathon Day 711/02/2014Las CrucesNM6:37:32Marathon52DOUBLE Day 2 with Liz and Bill. Windy day.
296Day of the Dead Marathon Day 611/01/2014Las CrucesNM6:20:27Marathon52DOUBLE: Day 1 with Bill and Liz along the dry Rio Grande River. David Johnson joined me for last 2 laps just for fun.
295Blue Sky Trail Marathon10/05/2014Fort CollinsCO8:42:01Marathon25Trail +, Horsetooth Hill then Devil's Backbone. It was Dave's idea! DFL
294Center of Nation Series Chadron, NE09/21/2014ChadronNE6:31:57Marathon10QUINTUPLE: Day 5. In Chadron State Park, through the woods and campground. Loved the dip.
293Center of Nation Series Sundance, WY09/20/2014SundanceWY6:35:06Marathon10QUINTUPLE: Day 4. At the fairgrounds around the rodeo. We conspired to rearrange the "Sundance" stones on the hill. Team white.
292Center of Nation Series Belle Fourche, SD09/19/2014Belle FourcheSD6:20:36Marathon10QUINTUPLE: Day 3. Along the river at the Center of the Nation site.
291Center of Nation Series Bowman, ND09/18/2014BowmanND6:17:00Marathon10QUINTUPLE: Day 2. A park near a lake in the middle of nowhere. The day with the largest hills. Team red.
290Center of Nation Series Baker, MT09/17/2014BakerMT6:30:00Marathon10QUINTUPLE: Day 1 around a lake, I did not beat the rain.
289Wabash Trace Nature Trail Marathon09/13/2014ShenandoahIA5:48:35Marathon280Rails to trails route with perfect surface and lots of shade.