Races run by David Donald

65Howl at the Moon 8 Hour08/08/2015DanvilleIL8:00:0037.19 mi514If I factor in the missed loop in 2012, this would be a PW. No worries. Heat and humidity probably knocked everyone down a little. I doubt training more would've helped much. But maybe I should try it sometime :)
64Get Your Butt Kicked at Route 6607/18/2015EurekaMO6:00:0028.895 mi2"Fat Ass" event at Route 66 State Park. Tough conditions for the first couple of hours. Might have made it to goal if I didn't stop to refuel after every lap. :)
63Run Under the Stars 10 Hour06/06/2015PaducahKY10:00:0049.5 mi7Not my best distance here, but may be my best effort, but was my most consistent. My preplanned race strategy worked for the most part. And I should move up to 5th in all time miles. I think the RDs tracking of that stat is what has us all coming back year after year. :)
62Moonlight05/09/2015SpringfieldIL5:02:30Marathon303My personal worst road-a-thon! But that was part of my strategy. Wonderful race where winner is not determined by speed. The official objective is to finish 4 loops of Oak Ridge Cemetery as close to midnight as possible. Without a watch. Your only guide is the clock at the start line. A great tactical exercise!! Loved it. Waiting on results...
61Double Chubb04/18/2015EurekaMO6:46:0650 km21a course PW! But it was my first attempt at back to back weekends. 2 long events in 6 days.
60Go! St Louis04/12/2015St LouisMO4:21:05MarathonThe inevitable age related slow down has occurred.
59Zoom Yah! Yah! Indoor01/11/2015NorthfieldMN4:21:10Marathon52A very fun race.
58St Jude12/06/2014MemphisTN4:31:01Marathon1024Another slow one. Loved the course. Not too easy; not too hard. Hope to do better next time.
57Patriots' Run09/11/2014OlatheKS9:11:009:03:4943.758 mi649/298/213/7Timed based ultra for 9 hours 11 minutes. Oh so close to my goal distance. Missed it by thatmuch. Cramping in the last few hours kept me from doing much better.
56Howl at the Moon 8 Hour08/09/2014DanvilleIL8:00:0038.19 mi161best weather of the 4 completed here. missed my goal by a couple.
55Heatbreaker Indoor07/26/2014MilwaukeeWI4:59:18Marathon12721/3016/213/3good: personal best for an indoor marathon. bad: worst non trail event ever! But I ran the half marathon beforehand with an hour's recovery.
54Run Under the Stars 10 Hour Endurance Run06/07/2014PaducahKY10:00:0050.5 mi9tied my course PR despite my poor training
53Moonlight05/03/2014SpringfieldIL4:56Marathon3382/2The goal of the race was to finish as close to midnight as possible. Without a watch or gps. My time is a guess. Waiting on results
52Go! St Louis04/06/2014St LouisMO4:16:004:26:23Marathon1656655/655467/46759/59Not much training for this one due to injury. I guess I did ok.
51Howl at the Moon 8 hour08/10/2013DanvilleIL8:00:0036.69 mimy lap counter may have missed a lap. Thinking 39.98 is more accurate.
50Run Under the Stars 9 hour Endurance Run06/08/2013PaducahKY9:00:0039.5 mi835/177Timing glitches forced a change to a 9 hour event. I ran 3.5 extra miles that didn't count because of 2 false starts due to software issues.
49Go! St Louis04/07/2013St LouisMO3:51:303:52:30Marathon2233372/1547299/98730/95underprepared, but did ok, I guess. The raw data: http://bit.ly/Z2iQGM
48St Louis Track Club Marathon Relay11/18/2012St LouisMO3:58:15Marathon60Race director let me run solo again. As you can tell, I've run 'em faster. And slower. Shrug.
47Rock n Roll St Louis10/21/2012St LouisMO3:45:163:46:30Marathon2001253/1749197/43120/112An average performance and a lovely day for running
46Berryman Trail 5005/19/2012near PotosiMO11:21:2150 mi21/45I guess I can hang my hat on the fact that half the field either dropped or didn't start. It was a tough day despite rare excellent trail conditions
45Double Chubb Trail Run04/21/2012EurekaMO5:40:5650 km24525/6622/518/17I still can't break 5:30 here!! http://connect.garmin.com/activity/170345172
44Rock n Roll New Orleans03/04/2012New OrleansLA3:41:423:45:46Marathon4053558/3657441/195542/255Shoulda PR'd. Oh well. :) I'm a tad biased, but I loved this course.
43Rock n Roll St Louis10/23/2011St LouisMO3:50:143:53:29Marathon4016572/3354459/187749/205Cool and moderately challenging course. I hope out of town visitors enjoyed it
42Heart of America09/05/2011ColumbiaMO3:55:58Marathon19074/20963/15811/24may be most satisfying 26.2 to date. Didn't think sub 4 was possible
41Howl at the Moon 8 Hour08/13/2011DanvilleIL8:00:0038.19 mi153one loop short of goal.
40Run Under the Stars 10 hour Endurance Run06/11/2011PaducahKY10:00:0050.5 mi215Course PR
39Brew to Brew Solo Run04/03/2011Kansas City, MOMO8:39:278:29:2743.5 mi8Point to point from Kansas City to Lawrence, KS
38St Louis Track Club Marathon Relay11/21/2010St LouisMO4:06:33Marathon59RD gave me permission to run solo.
37Lewis & Clark10/03/2010St Louis/St CharlesMO3:39:273:43:27Marathon1978124/79399/9919/72
36Flatlanders 12 hour09/05/2010FentonMO12:00:0056.73 mi39313/447/??3/??
35Run Under the Stars 10 Hr Endurance Run06/12/2010PaducahKY10:00:0048 mi43
34Double Chubb Trail Run04/17/2010EurekaMO5:33:0750 km254This may be my favorite event ever. Tough course on a beautiful day. Can't beat it!
33Howard L Aslinger Memorial Endurance 12 hr Run03/19/2010Cape GirardeauMO12:00:0032 mi88Nagging hip injury stopped me at 6 hours. *sigh*
31Quad Cities09/27/2009MolineIL3:45:25Marathon105155/746123/46814/53I was hoping to use this for Iowa. Oh well! :-)
30Lewis & Clark09/13/2009St Louis/St CharlesMO3:44:33Marathon10898/69220/74
29Flying Pig05/03/2009CincinnatiOH3:51:45Marathon1764915/4071726/2417129/374
28Go! St Louis04/19/2009St LouisMO3:38:39Marathon305256/1809227/118021/161
27New York City11/02/2008New YorkNY3:56:06Marathon2136411660/388329375/256692053/4906actually ran well. I never thought under 4 was possible here with such a large field
26Flatlanders 6 hour Run08/31/2008FentonMO6:00:0031.84 mi11/329/20hotter than...
25Howl at the Moon 8 hour08/09/2008DanvilleIL8:00:0040.48 mi60/27814/36
24Berryman Trail05/17/2008PotosiMO5:34:47Marathon58/114
23Oklahoma City04/27/2008Oklahoma CityOK3:55:02Marathon1764545/1970441/1233
22Go! St Louis04/06/2008St LouisMO4:04:54Marathon1089660/1618522/104983/144
21Marine Corps10/28/2007ArlingtonVA4:25:16Marathon164748472/206256086/125751087/2043
20Lewis & Clark09/16/2007St Louis/St CharlesMO3:49:49Marathon
19Flatlanders 6 hour Run09/02/2007FentonMO6:00:0033.55 mi10/227/15
18Dirty Girls Trail Run (6 hours)08/11/2007between Toronto and BarrieON6:00:0045 km16
17Double Chubb Trail Run04/21/2007St LouisMO5:45:1750 km13