Marathon Maniacs Marathons/Ultras run by #887
Desiree "Crazy Des" Sant

Race Date City ST Finish
Distance Bib Overall
PF Changs AZ Marathon 01/13/08 Phoenix AZ 4:02:19 Marathon 5443 2023 587 128 Nice and flat. Excellent first marathon. I didn't leave it vowing to never to do another race again. Couldn't wait to run another one. This was before I knew about the Marathon Maniacs.
Disneyworld Marathon 01/11/09 Orlando FL 4:11:41 Marathon         The Humidity kicked my butt!
Tallhassee Ultra Distance Classic 12/12/09 Wakulla Springs FL 5:21:45 50 km          
Jetty to Jetty 01/16/10 Atlantic Beach FL 6:41:00 35 mi       3/ 3 I don't know why I thought running on the beach for 35 miles would be enjoyable :).
Running for the Bay 10/23/10 Apalachicola FL 4:41:00 Marathon 523       Tough but beautiful run!
Portland Marathon 10/05/08 Portland OR 4:04:57 Marathon 2805 674     Definitely not my best, but I'm just happy I finished!
Chuckanut Mountain Race 50k 03/13/08 Fairhaven WA 6:54:18 50 km 296 221/ 300     Wow! That was tough! But I'll be coming back again next year.
Yakima Canyon River Marathon 04/05/08 Selah WA 3:37:40 Marathon   64   2 Qualified for Boston! Wa-hoo! Beautiful course and warm weather. I couldn't have asked for a better day.
Whidbey Island Marathon 04/13/08 Oak Harbor WA 3:56:20 Marathon 448 108 25/ 162 6/ 29 Hilly as heck. Not ever again! Didn't really enjoy the view, because all I could think about was getting up the next hill. I would like to thank tp #3 for riding along side me (every little bit helps) and also #61 (Kurt) for that nice 7:20 pace around mile 18, even though I could only keep that pace for about 5 minutes (because of an upcoming hill). I really appreciated the boost! The highlights of the day....I'm an official Marathon Maniac and I got to meet Dean Karnazes!
Tacoma City Marathon 05/10/08 Tacoma WA 3:51:34 Marathon 2785 103/ 348 23/ 138 3/ 18 Another hilly race! I just can't get away from them.
Rainier To Ruston 06/07/08   WA 9:46:07 51 mi 9 7/ 12 2/ 3   I qualified for Western States!
Seattle Marathon 11/30/08 Seattle WA 4:13:03 Marathon 2020 1011/ 2128 270/ 772 77/ 171 Hard course, but I had the best time EVER!
Yours Truly 50K 02/22/09 Orting WA 6:15:06 50 km          

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