Marathon Maniacs Marathons/Ultras run by #732
Paul Bridge

Race Date City ST Finish
Distance Bib Overall
CIM 12/04/12 Sacramento     Marathon          
Skagit Valley 09/15/13 Skagit     Marathon          
Boston 04/15/13       Marathon          
Chicago 10/12/14 Chicago     Marathon          
Boston 04/21/08       Marathon          
New York City 11/28/01 New York     Marathon         Just after 9/11. Incredibly emotional and inspirational run.
Flying Pig Marathon 05/10/03 Cincinnati     Marathon         Ran my sis through her first marathon
Disney World 01/07/05 Orlando     Marathon         Goofy Challenge (half marathon Saturday, Full on Sunday). Run 4 times.
Portland Marathon 10/10/07 Portland OR   Marathon         Ran a friend through her second marathon
Others 12/04/93 lots   3:07 Marathon         Bunches of others. Best time 3:07 when I was young and of sound mind.
Boston 04/17/01 See "duh" above   3:26 Marathon         4 Bostons (1996, 2000, 2001, 2007)
Richmond Marathon 11/07/07 Richmond VA 3:33 Marathon         Ran as training run for California Intl. Boston qual time 3:30:59. Imagine my delight at missing by 2 minutes.
California International 12/02/07 Sacramento   3:33 Marathon         Note remarkable similarity to Richmond marathon time.
Boston 04/17/07 Duh   3:49 Marathon         As an auditor, I work ~70 per week from Jan through March. My training consisted of one run per week (on Sunday) until mid-March then 2 sixty mile weeks then taper. I'm thinking of writing a book on the training program. Galloway be damned. "How to run a marathon training one day a week"

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