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Rich Menzel

Race Date City ST Finish
Distance Bib Overall
Seattle Ghost 11/30/13 Seattle   6:39:52 Marathon          
Green River 06/04/11 Kent   5:31:38 Marathon         Warmest day in 9 months. Headwind the whole. Not bad though. Great Day. Thank's Steve and crew!
Tacoma 05/10/08 Tacoma   5:48:29 Marathon 2723 323   5 Ran with Jane and Ray
Last Chance 12/31/07 Bellingham     Marathon          
Bellingham Bay 10/07/07 Bellingham   5:40:18 Marathon          
Mayor's Midnight Sun 06/24/99 Anchorage AK   Marathon         Ran with my daughter and grandson(unknown at the time)
Mayor's Midnight Sun 06/23/01 Anchorage AK 6:00:19 Marathon         Ran with John Boyd, TnT teammate
First Light 01/13/08 Mobile AL 4:47:06 Marathon   323   6  
Vancouver International 05/05/02 Vancouver BC 4:40:53 Marathon          
Rock n roll 06/04/00 San Diego CA 5:11:30 Marathon         Was a mentor for a TnT group.
Rock n Roll 06/03/01 San Diego CA 4:51:38 Marathon          
Avenue of the Giants 05/07/06   CA 4:35:07 Marathon         What a beautiful place to run
Hartford 10/11/08 Hartford CT 5:27:01 Marathon 1178   10/ 12   Ran with Ray. 1st half of my 1st double
Honolulu 12/03/99 Honolulu HI   Marathon          
Coeur d' Alene 05/29/05 Coeur d' Alene ID 5:02:55 Marathon          
Chicago 10/22/06 Chicago IL 4:37:39 Marathon         It is difficult to run fast with so many people. Do not wait for the last 2 miles to try to make up time
Indianapolis 10/16/10 Indianapolis IN 5:00:22 Marathon 1980   476/ 554 3/ 4 Led the 5:00 hour pace group. Had one person complete with me. Annie Whiting. She did a fantastic job for her first thon.
Governor's Cup 06/02/07 Helena MT 4:57:57 Marathon          
Columbus 10/17/10 Columbus OH 6:59:54 Marathon         1st time running a thon with my running/travel partner, Ric Hart. Our 1st double this year.
Portland 10/09/05 Portland OR 6:34:38 Marathon         Hope I never have to walk another thon. Hats off to all those walkers
Columbia River Power Marathon 10/23/10 Umatilla OR 5:39:27 Marathon   53/ 67   3/ 3 Started in Oregon, ran over the dam into Washington, and probably 5-6 miles in WA before going back into OR. 10 miles were on a "trail" which I found quite hard as reflected in my time. Pretty cool course along the Columbia River.
Columbia Gorge Marathon 10/24/10 Hood River OR 5:55 Marathon 865       Quite a challenging course. A lot of up hill on the first half. Beautiful course! Finished with Ray
Steamtown 10/12/08 Scranton PA 5:48:28 Marathon 1129 1560/ 1582     Ran with Ray. 1st double. Felt great, had a blast.
Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey 11/18/07 Nashville TN 5:23:41 Marathon          
Utah Valley 06/08/12   UT 5:39:39 Marathon 6920        
Marine Corp 10/26/08 Arlington VA 5:09:01 Marathon 3587     47/ 121 Ran with Ray. Got some great pics of us in front of national monuments
Seattle 11/26/97 Seattle WA   Marathon         First thon. Officially a dnf; not true, long story; I'll never forgive the finish line volunteers for those 3 letters.
Seattle 12/01/02 Seattle WA 5:02:52 Marathon          
North Olympic Discovery 06/15/03 Pt. Angeles WA 5:03:30 Marathon          
Seattle 11/30/03 Seattle WA 4:29:07 Marathon          
Yakima 04/03/04 Ellensburg WA 4:42:45 Marathon          
North Olympic Discovery 06/13/04 Pt. Angeles WA 4:53:34 Marathon          
Yakima River Canyon 04/02/05 Ellensburg WA 5:15:36 Marathon          
Yakima 04/01/06 Ellensburg WA 4:59:44 Marathon          
Yakima 03/31/07 Ellensburg WA 5:07:52 Marathon          
Skagit Flats 09/09/07 Mt Vernon WA 5:38:39 Marathon          
"Pigtails" 50K (Lake Youngs) 01/26/08 Renton WA 6:34:00 50 km         My first ultra!
Bellingham (Birch Bay) 02/22/08 Bellingham WA 5:12:25 Marathon          
Yakima Canyon River 04/05/08 Ellensburg WA 5:34:23 Marathon          
Green River 06/07/08 Kent WA 5:43:22 Marathon         Ran with Ray, Jane and Abbi
Light at the end of the tunnel 08/17/08 North Bend WA 5:37:47 Marathon 30       Missed the early start. Was plenty early for the regular start. Had calf cramps from mile 21 on. Walked the entire last mile. Did not use electrolyte and hadn't run much. What do you expect?
Leavenworth 10/04/08 Leavenworth WA 5:41: Marathon 779       Ran with Maniac Ray Shaw. He gave me S-caps. No cramps.
Yakima 04/04/09   WA 5:42 Marathon 27        
First Call 05/23/09 Bothell WA 5:48 Marathon         What a beautiful day. Great job Adrian. Thank's
Green River Marathon 06/06/09 Seattle WA 5:29:39 Marathon 174       Perfect day for a thon. Ran with Jane and Ray
Light at the End 06/14/09 North Bend WA 5:33:08 Marathon 228       1/2 marathon uphill and then back down. Negative split by 7 min
Skagit Flats 09/13/09 Burlington WA 6:14:49 Marathon 66       Back is still a prob. Thank's Terry for great support on the course and at the end. Ran much of this with Bob Dolphin at 79 years old doing his 450th thon. What an inspiration! And he beat me by almost 15 minutes.
Seattle Ghost 11/26/09 Seattle WA 6:36:59 Marathon 80        
First Call (President's Day) 02/15/10 Bothell WA 5:37:27 Marathon 225       Shhhh. Knock on wood. No problem of any kind. Fantastic day, weather. Thank's Adrian and crew.
Yakima 03/27/10 Ellensburg WA 5:13::42 Marathon 299 423/ 530     Wall to wall smiles. Fun during packet pickup, great race day, weather, finished with Jose Nebrida then went out and found Bob Dolphin. Thank you Mike for being with him the whole way
Tacoma 05/02/10 Tacoma WA 5:52:55 Marathon 325       Had a great maniac reunion weekend. Walked/ran with Jane, 7 1/2 months after she broke her ankle
Green River 06/05/10 Kent WA 5::21 Marathon 226       Great day for a thon. Thank's Steve and all your volunteers
Wild Thing Summer Fling 07/25/10 Bellingham WA 6:28 Marathon 24       What silliness! A lot of fun. Ran with Rick Hasse.
First Call 08/07/10 Bothell WA 5:53 Marathon          
Skagit Flats 09/12/10 Burlington WA 5:47:30 Marathon          
First Call Vetrans Day 11/13/10 Bothell WA 4:59:49 Marathon 754       Ran the 1st half with Robin Loen. 2:29. Did the 2nd half with EDRW and Marie Zorne. Great job Adrian and crew!
Wattle Waddle 11/25/10 Renton WA 6:05:26 Marathon 34       1st thon in the snow. Quite challenging. Really took it's toll. Day 1
Wishbone Run 11/26/10 Gig Harbor WA 6:52:47 27.4 mi 201       Beautiful place to run. Roots and rocks to catch you if not real careful. Only got me once. Day 2
Ghost of Seattle 11/27/10 Seattle WA 6:28:41 Marathon 963       Wow, wasn't sure I'd survive. Had to have a volunteer zip up my coat. Could not do it, too cold. No gas after 13 miles. Boy, was that chili good at the end. Day 3
Seattle Marathon 11/28/10 Seattle WA 5:15:20 Marathon 1803 1340/ 1340   11/ 16 Fanastic day , sunbreaks by the end. Ran pretty good, though I did run out of steam at the end. Scott's chili and hot dog must of been the big factor in 1 hr 13 min 21 sec improvement over yesterday. Day 4 QUAD Man
Ghost of Birch Bay 12/11/10 Blane WA 6:06:37 Marathon 527       Ran with Rick Haase. Weather doesn't get much better than this at Birch Bay in the winter.
Pigtails 12/18/10 Ravensdale WA 6:16:53 Marathon 94       Ran/walked with Insane Jane, Rick H. and Stan the "man". Another good day for running in the Pac NW
Last Chance 12/31/10 Bellingham WA 6:10:56 Marathon 27       Started with Robin, a half fanatic, finished with Rick and Stan, just plain fanatics. Fantastic day, a bit chilly. Had ice in my water bottle.
First Call 01/01/11 Bothell WA 5:50:35 Marathon 223       This was one cold thon. Water froze in bottle. Solution: add gator aid
2nd Chance 01/02/11 Seattle WA 6:54 Marathon 38       Thank's for a great run Steve. Happy New Year! Ran with Ric H. on a cold but, beautiful day
Yours Truly, Cedar River 01/30/11 Ravensdale WA 6:44:52 50 km         Thank's Brian P. and wife Susan for a great after race spread
West Seattle Fat Ass 50K 02/06/11 Seattle WA 6:38 50 km         Another good day for a run in the park. Thank's Nick and crew.
First Call President's Day 02/21/11 Bothell WA 5:23 Marathon 115       Adrian, how do you manage to deliver such fine weather as well as a great running oportunity? Thank you and your crew.
Yakima River Canyon 04/02/11 Ellensburg WA 5:02 Marathon 140       Absolutely fabulous day! A bit windy a times.
First Call Spring Marathon 05/21/11 Bothell WA 5:20:50 Marathon 121        
In Unity We Run 11/05/11 Kent WA 6:11 Marathon         Warm enough to run in short sleeves in Nov is not the norm.
First Call Vetrans Day 11/12/11 Bothell WA 6:24 Marathon 141        
Wattle Waddle 11/24/11 Seattle WA 6:07:11 Marathon 16        
Wishbone 11/25/11 Gig Harbor WA 6:58:07 27.4 mi 851       Ric, Where are You?
Seattle Ghost 11/26/11 Seattle WA 6:36:59 Marathon 80        
First Call (Winter) 01/02/12 Bothell WA 5:55:48 Marathon 125       Ran with Larry and John. Supported Bob D's quest for 500. This was 498.
WSFA 50K 02/05/12 Seattle WA 7:20:13 50 km         Thank's Nick and crew. What a beautiful day. Running with 3 nice young ladies, Marie, Deb and Lisa, made it even more enjoyable
First Call, Presidents' Day 02/20/12 Bothell WA   50 km         Bob Dolphin's 499. I finished again with Bob. What an inspiration
Yakima River Canyon Marathon 03/29/12 Ellensburg WA 5:25:24 Marathon         Bob's #500!
Skagit Flats 09/09/12   WA 6:31:25 Marathon 154        
Pigtails 12/15/12 Ravensdale WA 6:25 Marathon 67       Thank you Jane for putting up with me. It is always fun running with you
Yakima River Canyon Marathon 04/06/13 Ellensburg WA 5:55 Marathon 38       one of the best days for running! A little windy.
In Unity We Run 11/02/13 Kent WA 6:12 Marathon         Winds very strong. Had I been 1 to 2 seconds faster, I would be DEAD or seriously injured as a limb fell right in front of me. Thank You Lord!
First Call, Vets Day 11/09/13 Bothell WA 6:17 Marathon 121        
Wattle Waddle 11/28/13 Seatle WA 6:20:30 Marathon          
Wishbone 11/29/13 Tukilwila WA   Marathon          
Seattle 12/01/13 Seattle WA 5:54:40 Marathon         Ran almost 12 miles with a first timer from Spokane. Was very good to have met him He kept me on pace.
Pigtails 12/21/13 Ravensdale WA 6:28 Marathon 236       Got hit by a truck and run over by the one right behind it. Felt more shot at mile 22 than I did after day 4 of quadzilla. Thank you Betsy and Matt for the soup and warm up at aid station
Seattle Locks 12/28/13 Seattle WA 6:06 Marathon 232        
Loop the Lake 12/30/13 Renton WA 6:59 Marathon         ran/walked w/Keith Hudson (Jill's bro). He's lost 50# in last year and is now doing thons. Go KEITH!
First Call 01/01/14 Seattle WA 6:19:28 Marathon         Ran/walked w/MarieZ, TorryK, LindaG. Beautiful day, again!
Lake Youngs Nuts Run 01/25/14 Maple Valley WA 7:14 50 km 43       absolutely beautiful winter day! This course kicked my butt
West Seattle Fat Ass 02/02/14 Seattle WA 7:24:42 50 km         Beautiful day after the fog lifted. And the Seahawks win the superbowl!
2 Million Inch Run 02/08/14 Seattle WA 7:08 50 km         Another beautiful day in the neighbor.
First Call Presidents Day 02/15/14 Bothell WA 6:39:53 50 km 277       Weather held out pretty well for thon, but getting to 50K got a little wet. Maybe a B- for a day. Pretty dang good for what is happening 4 hours later.
Redmond Watershed 03/02/14 Redmond WA   Marathon 344        
Cupcake 03/23/14 Marysville WA 5:47 Marathon 8       Absolutely beautiful day. Happy birthday, Torry K.
Yakima 04/05/14 Selah WA 6:59:06 Marathon 100        
Green River 06/04/14 Seattlr WA 6:27:04 Marathon          
Skagit Flats 09/09/14 Burlington WA 6:44 Marathon          
Ghost of Seattle 11/29/14 Seattle WA 6:21:40 Marathon          
Pigtails 12/20/14 Ravensdale WA 6:07:55 Marathon 182       last 2 hours, kinda wet. Lucky, not very cold
Loop the Lake1 12/27/14 Renton WA 6:10 Marathon         this is a challenging course
Yakima River Canyon 04/05/15 Ellensburg WA 5:57 Marathon 279     3  
Tacoma 05/03/15 Tacoma WA 6:53 Marathon       4 Jane,s birthday
Green River 06/06/15 Kent WA 6:49:45 Marathon         Very warm!
Skagit Flats 09/07/08 Burlington WV 5:46:42 Marathon 74 182/ 189     Cramps again in the last miles
Run with the Horses 08/22/09 Green River WY 6:28:57 Marathon 214 100/ 123     was very worried about my knee, which had been being stincky. Knee was fine... back was a total disaster. Elevation start 6100 up to 7500, temp 90 in the shade (no shade). Great on course support for us slow pokes, cold water and ice.

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