Marathon Maniacs Marathons/Ultras run by #470
Adrian Call

Race Date City ST Finish
Distance Bib Overall
Diamond Valley Lake marathon 01/20/07 Hemet CA 4:28:48 Marathon          
Roxbury Marathon 12/10/11 Roxbury CT 5:31 Marathon         chilly hilly run. Beautiful countryside.
Blue Angel Marathon 02/22/03 Pensacola FL 4:49:45 Marathon          
Mesa Falls 08/22/09 Ashton ID 4:48:03 Marathon         Stunning scenery-beautiful views
Olathe Marathon 05/29/04 Olathe KS 5:36:17 Marathon          
Boston Marathon 04/19/99 Boston MA   Marathon          
Boston Marathon 04/17/00 Boston MA 4:42:24 Marathon          
Boston Marathon 04/16/01 Boston MA 4:50:09 Marathon          
Boston Marathon 04/15/02 Boston MA 4:53:47 Marathon          
Boston Marathon 04/21/08 Boston MA 4:23:24 Marathon          
Boston Marathon 04/18/11 Boston MA 5:45 Marathon          
Boston Marathon 04/15/13 Boston MA 5:20 Marathon          
Boston Marathon 04/21/14 Boston MA 5:07:00 Marathon         Post Chemo PB
Clarence Demar Marathon 09/25/05 Keene NH 5:12:34 Marathon          
New Hampshire Marathon 10/04/08 Bristol NH 4:20:00 Marathon         Beautiful setting, rolling hills around the lake. Nice run.
Foot Traffic Flat 07/04/07 Portland OR 4:30:00 Marathon          
Foot Traffic Flat 07/04/09 Sauvie Island OR 4:28:30 Marathon          
Ocean State Marathon 10/07/01 Providence RI 4:37:33 Marathon          
Surfside Beach Marathon 02/10/07 Surfside TX 4:05:53 Marathon          
Top of Utah Marathon 09/25/99 Logan UT 4:56:48 Marathon          
St George Marathon 10/07/00 St George UT 4:13:05 Marathon          
Ogden Marathon 05/06/06 Ogden UT 4:57:18 Marathon          
Deseret News 07/24/09 Salt Lake City UT 4:31:48 Marathon          
Deseret News Marathon 07/25/11 Salt Lake UT 4:47:00 Marathon          
Shore to Shore Marathon 09/16/06 Chelan WA 4:42:56 Marathon          
Seattle Ghost Marathon 11/25/06 Seattle WA 4:50:27 Marathon          
Cedar River Marathon 08/05/07 Seattle WA 4:32:02 Marathon          
Seattle Ghost Marathon 11/24/07 Seattle WA 4:11:00 Marathon          
Pigtails Marathon 12/22/07 Renton WA 4:57:00 Marathon         Who said it doesn't rain in Seattle?
Last Chance Marathon 12/31/07 Bellingham WA 4:23:00 Marathon         What a great run! Thanks to everyone for putting it on, and doing such a nice job.
Lake Youngs Ultra 01/26/08 Renton WA 5:57:28 50 km         1st Ultra!
invest in youth 02/23/08 Lake Stevens WA 4:33:00 Marathon          
Run the Ditch Marathon 03/22/08 Wapato WA 4:19:08 Marathon          
Dizzy Daze Ultra 03/29/08 Seattle WA 6:08:00 52 km          
Green River Marathon 06/07/08 Seattle WA 4:26:22 Marathon         A Great run.
Fund Raiser for Breast Cancer 07/05/08 Renton WA 5:30:00 28.8 mi          
Crescent Forest Trail Marathon 07/19/08 Gig Harbor WA 5:08:00 28 mi         A nice trail run. A little longer than 26.2, and plenty of forrest cover to run through.
Lake Chelan Shore to Shore 09/20/08 Chelan WA 4:39:00 Marathon          
Ghost of Seattle Marathon 11/29/08 Seattle WA 4:39:00 Marathon         the weather was great for running. Nice to see so many maniacs
Invest in Youth 03/07/09 Lake Stevens WA 4:15:50 Marathon          
Call of the Wild Marathon 05/23/09 Bothell WA 4:29:53 Marathon          
Seattle Ghost 11/28/09 Seattle WA 4:25:00 Marathon          
Pigtails Marathon 12/19/09 Ravensdale WA 4:29:00 Marathon          
First Call Spring Run Off 05/22/10 Bothell WA 4:38:00 Marathon          
Green River Marathon 06/05/10 Seattle WA 4:47:30 Marathon          
Lake Youngs Ultra 06/12/10 Renton WA 5:36:00 28.8 mi          
First Call Veterans Day Marathon 11/13/10 Bothell WA 5:17:14 Marathon          
Wattle Waddle Marathon 11/25/10 Maple Valley WA 5:21:43 Marathon         26.2 miles of snow!
Invest in Youth 03/05/11 Lake Stevens WA 6:34:00 Marathon          
Dizzy Days 03/26/11 Seattle WA 5:07:10 Marathon          
Yakima River Marathon 04/02/11 Selah WA 5:38 Marathon          
Green River Marathon 06/04/11 Kent WA 4:54:00 Marathon          
Friday Night Marathon 08/26/11 Seattle WA 4:53:45 Marathon          
Seattle Ghost Marathon 11/26/11 Seattle WA 5:04:00 Marathon          
In unity we run Marathon 11/03/12 Kent WA 6:07:00 Marathon         First marathon since Chemo! Glad to be alive.
Green River 06/01/13 Kent WA 5:35 Marathon          
Yakima Marathon 04/05/14 Selah WA 5:45:00 Marathon          
Green River Marathon 06/07/14 Seattle WA 4:53:00 Marathon          
Pine Line Marathon 04/28/07 Medford WI 4:28:00 Marathon          

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