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Heidi "Gunshow" Kriss

Race Date City ST Finish
Distance Bib Overall
Chuckanut Ultra-marathon 03/18/06 Bellingham WA   Marathon         This run seems more like an adventure then a marathon! Whew!
Chuckanut Ultra-marathon 03/01/07 Bellingham WA   Marathon         Ran/walked with a large group. First Ultra Marathon
Tri Cities Marathon 10/25/09   WA 3.15 Marathon     4 1 Was going for a 3.25 to beat my last PR of 3.27. Something magical happened and I ran 12 minutes faster than my last PR. Thanks for pushing me Spooner in the beginning and thanks Karen and Phil for being such awesome running buddies. Had a fabulous time with my fellow crazies!
Boston Marathon 04/19/10 Boston MA 3.24 Marathon   5583   613 A Boston PR by 6 minutes. An amazing day weather wise and a strong race. Used my heart rate to determine my pace. Very pleased with my time and feel good with my splits. Can't wait to go back and run it again!
Yakima River Canyon 03/27/10   WA 3.47 Marathon         First time I ran this marathon. Phil and Cody were great company and made me laugh for 18 miles. After that I put in my music and had a negative split by 10 minutes. Worked on low hear rate for first 18 miles in preperation for Ironman.
Portland Marathon 10/07/12 Portland WA 3:25:43 Marathon       16 Great weather for a run! Had a wonderful time and felt great!
Winthrop Marathon 09/25/11 Winthrop WA 3:26 Marathon   13 3 1 Mostly a downhill marathon. Quads felt that one! Had a great time traveling with Tony Sebolt and my sis Janna.
Seattle Rock and Roll 06/27/09 Seattle USA 3:27 Marathon   288/ 5633 42/ 3069   Nice to run a different course.
Portland Marathon 10/05/14 Portland OR 3:28:18 Marathon 3405 415/ 6427 74/ 3324 12/ 535 It was a warm day but felt good. Was on pace for a 3:25 but dropped off a bit toward the end.
Boston Marathon 04/21/14 Boston MA 3:28:27 Marathon 14165 8826/ 31931 1881/ 14356 1439/ 6979 Always love running in Boston. It is more about all the energy and the people than it is about the run. This year was especially amazing after the bombing in 2013. Very much enjoyed being there and the experience.
Las Vegas Rock and Roll Marathon 12/04/11 Las Vegas WA 3:29 Marathon   341/ 3766 39 10 This was a fun trip and was really awesome running at night down the strip. It just got kind of crazy when the marathoners joined the half marathoners.
Boston Marathon 04/19/08 Boston MA 3:30:11 Marathon         I had a PR on this marathon! I loved all the energy and people. It was even more amazing than I ever imagined.
Leavenworth Marathon 10/04/08 Leavenworth USA 3:30:40 Marathon   16 3 2 What a beautiful run! The two loops made it go by really fast. The best part was enjoying October Fest in Leavenworth! It is pure craziness!
Portland 10/04/09 Portland OR 3:33 Marathon         I had a great time on this one!
Eugene Marathon 04/28/13 Eugene OR 3:33:27 Marathon 2658 606/ 2561 158/ 1222 24/ 209 Did this marathon in celebration of my friend Michael's last road marathon. A group of us went to OR to celebrate this event. Loved the course, the atmosphere and the happy people. Great day, great weather, and a great run!
Seattle Marathon 11/29/09 Seattle WA 3:33:44 Marathon         Another fun, fun marathon with Spooner, Karen, and Phil. Had a great time chatting on the course and then letting it all out for the last 7 miles with a negative split.
Portland Marathon 10/06/02 Portland OR 3:34 Marathon         Had a blast and surprised myself with my time. Yea!
Yakima River Canyon Marathon 04/02/11   WA 3:34:11 Marathon 114 58/ 485 10/ 184 2 Beautiful day and beautiful scenery. Enjoyed seeing so many friends and familiar faces. Looking forward to doing it again next year.
Victoria Marathon 10/12/03 Victoria BC 3:37 Marathon         Felt great! Awesome race!
Seattle Marathon 12/01/13 Seattle WA 3:37:03 Marathon 56   40/ 199 7/ 37 Missed the rain again this year! I always enjoy the crowds and familiar faces with this race. Love seeing all the Marathon Maniacs out there. Enjoyed the carpool with Phil, Eivind, Spooner, and Randy. Plus, the Thai food afterwards was the best!! A classic marathon for the Pacific Northwest.
Seattle Marathon 11/28/10 Seattle WA 3:37:53 Marathon     58/ 849 14/ 147 Another Seattle Marathon under my belt. So thankful for the beautiful weather! Loved the pizza at Zeeks with the Maniacs!
Seafair Marathon 07/09/06   WA 3:38 Marathon     18   18th woman. Didn't look at my watch until the last 3 miles which is very unusual for me!
Boston Marathon 04/20/15 Boston MA 3:38:22 Marathon 14983 12883/ 26610 3961/ 12022 595/ 1985 I tried something different on this one. I ran using my heart rate only. I didn't even look at my pace or time until the end of the marathon. Using the results from a VO2 Max Test I ran the first hour at a 140ish heart rate and then bumped up from there every hour. I have to say I felt so great doing it this way and could have gone out dancing afterward but I also ran my slowest marathon since a long time and my slowest Boston time (out of 4). The weather was also wet...rainy, windy, and a bit nippy. It didn't slow the crowds down though! Went with Phil, Sierra, Jennifer, Rhett, & Chase Elton. Had a blast!
Portland Marathon 10/01/06 Portland OR 3:39 Marathon          
Seattle Marathon 11/25/12 Seattle WA 3:41:14 Marathon         Was very happy to complete 3 marathons in 4 days and finish with this one being my fastest out of the 3. Thanks Doug Mowbray for hanging with me during the first half. The last half I just let it go and ran it as hard as the legs could. Great advice from Tony Seabolt. Had a great time and feel awesome to accomplish this goal.
Vancouver Marathon 05/02/04 Vancouver BC 3:42 Marathon         Went with a large group. Tons of fun!
Vancouver Marathon 05/07/06 Vancouver BC 3:43 Marathon     157    
Tacoma City Marathon 05/03/15 Tacoma WA 3:49:33 Marathon 519       Was the 3:50 (8:45 pace) PACER. Always enjoy this marathon and all the diversity we get to run through. Paul Grove ran we me the entire time and we chatted up a storm from start to finish. We took a few others with us as well. A great day weather wise, sunny but not too hot or cold. Looking forward to it again next year.
Ghost of Seattle 11/24/12 Seatte WA 3:50 Marathon         2nd marathon in 3 days. Felt pretty good and was able to pick it up the last half which I was very happy about. Had never done this course and really enjoy the course and support. Loved being able to eat all the yummy food at the end and ice the legs in Lake WA. Thanks Mark Casey for running with me and pushing the pace!
Vancouver Marathon 05/04/03 Vancouver BC 3:51:10 Marathon         Ran this one with some friends. Good times!
Tacoma City Marathon 05/06/12 Tacoma WA 3:54 Marathon         Was a 3:55 Pacer for this marathon along with hubby Phil Kriss and my new friend Fay! Love pacing for this event and look forward to doing it again in the future. It was a perfect day for a run. Sun and everything!
Ironman Cour d'alene 06/27/10   ID 3:54 Marathon         Always a challenge to run a marathon after that 112 mile bike ride!
In Unity We Run 11/02/13 Kent WA 3:54:22 Marathon   10/ 62 2   This was a very WINDY marathon. Toward the end the winds got up to 58 mph. It was difficult even running in a straight line! There were also branches coming off of the trees overhead and dust flying in my eyes. What made it fun though was running the way out with Phil and then running the rest of the marathon with Mark and Eivind. I also got to see many of the regulars out there which always makes it fun. At least we missed the rain!!
Tacoma City Marathon 05/04/14 Tacoma WA 3:55 Marathon         Was the 3:55 PACER. Love pacing this run and hope to do it again next year!!
Tacoma City Marathon 05/05/13 Tacoma WA 3:55 Marathon         2nd year pacing the 3:55 marathon. Did this one on the new course. Weather was a warm one; near 80 degrees when we finished! Loved all the maniacs out there and happy to be part of this amazing marathon. :-)
Pig Tails Flat Ass 12/17/11   WA 3:55 Marathon         Was happy to just be able to run this one after feeling sick for 3 days.
Ironman Lake Tahoe 09/22/13   CA 3:56 Marathon         Felt pretty good after the crazy hard and very hilly bike course.
Christmas Marathon 12/31/06 Elma WA 4:00 Marathon         Final run in my series of 3 to become a Marathon Maniac!!
Seattle Marathon 11/26/00 Seattle WA 4:02 Marathon         My very first marathon! Cried at the start and the end. Then I cramped up so bad Brady had to carry me to the car.
Loop the Lake 12/29/12 Renton WA 4:07 Marathon         A great training run put on by The Balanced Athlete. Enjoyed seeing all maniacs out there and a great way to finish off the 2012 season.
Waddle Waddle 11/22/12 Seattle WA 4:07 Marathon         Help back on this one since it was the first time I was trying 3 marathons in 4 days. My run time was 3:55 but took a little longer on the breaks.
Seattle Marathon 11/26/06 Seattle WA 4:09 Marathon         First time I tried the run/walk method with a friend. Couldn't stand it! Ended up just running it out hard in the end but couldn't make up that much time.
Ironman St. George 05/07/11 St. George UT 4:19 Marathon         The most hilliest marathon I have ever done. Not too much fun after a 1.2 mile swim and a 112 mile bike ride! Not to mention the close to 100 degrees temp!
Mt. Si Ultra Marathon 04/19/09 North Bend WA 4:31 Marathon     3    
Madison Marathon 07/28/13 Ennis MT 4:33 Marathon 248 15/ 74 3/ 24   This marathon is the Highest Road Marathon in America and perhaps the world. Approximately 9,600 feet. Was in an open field on a dirt road with lots of rollers. Was one of the most unique and challenging marathons I had ever done. I won't forget this one anytime soon!!
Ironman Canada 08/29/04 Penticton BC 11:40:29 Marathon         Marathon time was 4:15.
Chuckanut 03/17/12 Bellingham WA 6.35 31 mi         Ran a lot of the race in the snow! Difficult conditions.
Gorge Waterfalls 03/30/13 Columbia River Gorge OR 5:59:15 50 km   162/ 281     This was a challenging run! Lots of up hills and down hills that killed my legs. Definitely was beautiful but I sure was sore for awhile after this one.

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