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Race Date City ST Finish
Distance Bib Overall
Pigtails Challenge 100M - DNF 05/26/12 Renton WA   100 mi         DNF after 53 miles
Sisters Poker Run 10/17/09 Sisters OR   32 mi         6th place with three 6's. No time recorded because Garmin decided to not work. Didn't get lost until I got into town. How does that happen in a trail run?
Mt Hood PCT 50 Mile 07/25/09   OR   34 mi 155       DNF @ 34 miles! Ankles gave out
Surf City Marathon 02/01/09 Huntington Beach CA 3:28:51 Marathon 829 145/ 1953 131/ 1107 20/ 132 New PR!
Light at the End of the Tunnel Marathon 08/17/08 North Bend WA 3:29:35 Marathon 91 23/ 138   5/ 11 PR!
Eugene Marathon 05/04/08 Eugene OR 3:32:08 Marathon 285 325/ 1744 266/ 967 63/ 155
Columbus Marathon 10/15/06 Columbus OH 3:35:50 Marathon 772     113/ 362
California International Marathon 12/04/05 Sacramento CA 3:37:08 Marathon 582     131/ 351 Was in Sacramento for work. Why not run a marathon?
Vancouver International Marathon 05/01/05 Vancouver BC 3:37:12 Marathon 831     104/ 372 Got more serious about training.
Tacoma City Marathon 05/10/08 Tacoma WA 3:38:16 Marathon 2546 69/ 347 56/ 209 16/ 31
Royal Victoria Marathon 10/09/05 Victoria BC 3:42:15 Marathon 366     69/ 161  
LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon 10/22/06 Chicago IL 3:42:15 Marathon 9976     1059/ 3488 I'm a Maniac!
Eugene Marathon 04/29/12 Eugene OR 3:46:14 Marathon 1113 794/ 2343 568/ 1279 98/ 205 Missed the JFK A-standard by 1:14. But I still think I can get with my B-standard time. This is good enough for corral C for Chicago for 2013 so I'm ok with that. Didn't race very smart. Made my move too soon at mile 18, running on fumes by mile 23. Didn't think I was going to make my 3:45 goal so eased back at mile 25. Then the 26-mile mark showed up early. Tried to gun it into Hayward Field but didn't think straining a groin muscle 2 weeks before McDonald Forest was a good idea.
Portland Marathon 10/04/09 Portland OR 3:46:41 Marathon 1272 1332/ 8091 1036/ 3825 196/ 635 Best Portland Marathon experience!
Capital City Marathon 05/18/08 Olympia WA 3:47:18 Marathon 300 73/ 315 62/ 213 13/ 26
Diamond Valley Lake Marathon 01/24/09 Hemet CA 3:48:50 Marathon 316 32/ 136   4/ 30 Dudes!
Vancouver Marathon 05/06/07 Vancouver BC 3:51:53 Marathon 4204   735/ 1806 154/ 312  
Carlsbad Marathon 01/25/09 Carlsbad CA 3:54:16 Marathon 403 346/ 1129 274/ 691 60/ 114 Free bread!
Victoria Marathon 10/07/12 Victoria BC 3:54:27 Marathon 413 553/ 1616 410/ 1076 82/ 162  
Tri-Cities Marathon 10/26/08 Richland WA 3:54:46 Marathon 699 68/ 187 47/ 131 8/ 13 First double!
Los Angeles Marathon 03/17/13 Los Angeles CA 3:55:12 Marathon 2423 2430 2000 312 Gigantic burrito with jalapenos and hot sauce the night before = terrible idea. Spent the half hour in the starting corral wondering if I should risk getting out of the corral to use the porta-potty. Decided against. Then spent the first 2.5 miles wondering if I would have to ""pull over"" and ""do my thing"". 1st bank of porta-potties... felt like I could hold it and it had a wait. 2nd bank of porta-potties... locked! Luckily the 3rd bank of porta-potties didn't have much of a wait, but it cost me 3:22 (no, I didn't time it; going off my Garmin's elapsed time - moving time). Felt great after but was playing catch-up. Managed to catch the 3:45 pace group around mile 8 and hung out with them for a while. Felt a blister creeping up at mile 19 (ended up being a quarter-sized blood blister). Decided to bag the 3:45 and settle for a sub-4. Sprinted the final quarter-mile to try for a sub-3:55 and missed by 00:00:13. Then spent 5 hours walking around California Adventure. Full day at Disneyland tomorrow.
Tacoma City Marathon 05/05/13 Tacoma WA 3:55:19 Marathon 109       Great to see a lot of Marathon Maniacs I haven't seen since I've taken up more trail running. Hung out with the 3:45 pace group for the first half (although that was a faster pace than I intended). Then I took a potty break and decided not to try to catch them. Things were fine and was probably on a 3:45-3:50 pace until mile 19 when the course left Pt. Defiance and we ran on exposed road under the sun. Did a bit of walking knowing I'd hit my 4:00 goal. Then Steve Yee, The Prez, catches me while I'm walking with less than a mile to go. So I had to crank it up again. Official result: 3:55:19.
Portland Marathon 10/01/06 Portland OR 3:55:34 Marathon 2016     228/ 549
Royal Victoria Marathon 10/08/06 Victoria BC 3:55:47 Marathon 344     98/ 162
Portland Marathon 10/03/04 Portland OR 3:58:13 Marathon 4123     215/ 426 First marathon and was supposed to be my only marathon. 6 weeks of training.
Foot Traffic Flat 07/04/09 Portland OR 3:58:46 Marathon 209 109/ 257 80/ 154 12/ 21 Late start!
Silicon Valley Marathon 10/25/09 San Jose CA 3:59:13 Marathon 84 263/ 767   29/ 91 Negative split! Relaxing run the day after my cousin's wedding.
Portland Marathon 10/10/10 Portland OR 3:59:56 Marathon 1569 1967/ 1967 1339/ 1339 252/ 252 Rain... all day
Pigtails Flat Ass 12/17/11 Hobart WA 4:04:30 Marathon 59        
Columbia River Power Marathon 10/25/08 Umatilla OR 4:05:13 Marathon 149 15/ 52 13/ 37 5/ 9 Official time seems off; I got 3:58 on my Garmin.
Vancouver USA Marathon 06/19/11 Vancouver WA 4:06:37 Marathon 165 284/ 798 193/ 408 43/ 78  
Columbia River Power Marathon 10/23/10 Umatilla OR 4:08:12 Marathon 27 22/ 66     Potatoes! Even got to high-5 one.
Tacoma City Marathon 05/02/10 Tacoma WA 4:13:00 Marathon 389       Official result lost. I came in just ahead of Eric B. #153, the 4:15 pacer.
Columbia Gorge Marathon 10/24/10 Hood River OR 4:18:13 Marathon 780 125/ 125 92/ 159 19/ 30 Rain! Wind! Hills! 5th star!
Yakima River Canyon Marathon 04/02/11 Ellensburg WA 4:19:14 Marathon 514       Last minute entry
Portland Marathon 10/07/07 Portland OR 4:24:29 Marathon 1719 3024/ 7724 1920/ 3529 369/ 620 Worst marathon performance ever. Got so desperate for calories I picked up an unopened GU packet someone dropped on the ground at mile 22.
OC Marathon 01/07/07 Irvine CA 4:25:18 Marathon 16229 450/ 1169 332/ 727 59/ 122
Columbia Gorge Marathon 10/28/12 Hood River OR 4:25:22 Marathon 10 101 66 24 Fun day. Perfect weather. Leisurely pace.
Newport Marathon 06/04/11 Newport OR 4:33:53 Marathon 35     38/ 48 Hot, sunny day
Poulsbo Marathon 10/17/10 Poulsbo WA 4:42:48 Marathon 297 27/ 33     Tough course, especially after a 50K the day before. Lots of hills!
Chicago Marathon 10/09/11 Chicago IL 4:50:54 Marathon 4337 21242 13625 2297 Wanted to puke the entire 2nd half
Taylor Mountain Marathon 06/23/12 Hobart WA 5:27:49 Marathon 886 7/ 37
Silver Falls Marathon 11/03/12 Silverton OR 5:28:29 Marathon         Tough course but beautiful course!
Taylor Mountain Marathon 06/18/11 Hobart WA 5:39:31 Marathon   7/ 21     Rain, mud, amd muddy horse poop!
Sisters Poker Run 10/19/08 Sisters OR 6:56:00 29.5 mi         Didn't complete the entire course. Is it a DNF when there's no official time?
Operation Jack 7-Hour 09/05/10 Tigard OR 5:46:30 31 mi 55       Wanted to go for 36 but my right foot felt funny at 28
Forest Park Trail Run 05/24/09 Portland OR 5:23:56 50 km 407 29/ 67 23/ 46 10/ 19 Ran my birthday (5:23) the day after my birthday!
Defiance 50K 10/16/10 Tacoma WA 5:53:09 50 km 16 45 34 8/ 14 Knew I would have problems with Perpetuem. Should have stuck with HEED
Hagg Lake 50K 02/16/13 Forest Grove OR 5:53:16 50 km 103 109/ 190 95/ 95 19/ 19 Beat my 6:00 goal time by 7 minutes and 2011's time by 36 minutes! Weather was great but had some issues with my R plantar fascia (not enough stretching during the week) and the normal stomach issues. Tried taking antacids before and during but that didn't totally solve the problem. Felt good mentally; didn't have the typical doubts about running these distances today. Confidence was up.
Gorge Waterfalls 50K 03/30/13   OR 6:04:55 50 km 54       Wheels came off with ~7 miles to go. Didn't eat enough during the first half of the race. Cramped up even after taking 4 SCaps throughout the race. Also got light-headed, so with ~4 miles to go I ate my last 2 fig newtons, last Gu, and the rest of my chocolate espresso Pocket Fuel. Pretty good day with the exception of those last ~7 miles.
Hagg Lake Trail Runs 50K 02/14/15 Forest Grove OR 6:09:33 50 km          
Gorge Waterfalls 50K 03/25/12 Cascade Locks OR 6:11:42 50 km 45 129/ 211      
Hagg Lake Trail Run 50K 02/15/14 Forest Grove OR 6:15:27 50 km         Felt great and had a decent time despite the extremely muddy course. Could have been faster but was felt like I needed to save something for the 25K tomorrow. Did a better job of keeping the nutrition intake up (Clif Shots, GU Roctane and gels, potato and corn chips) and didn't bonk. Official time of 6:15:27.
TrailFactor 50K 05/27/13 Portland OR 6:16:52 50 km 93       Tough day for me. It didn't help that I didn't run a whole lot after getting sick with a bad cold soon after Mac Forest. The cold and cough took me out for 2 weeks and disrupted sleep. Never felt rested, including the night before this race. Got fatigued early and never recovered. Quads cramped up a little. Forgot the crystallized ginger too. Should have finished at least 30 minutes faster. Garmin got all wonky so manually entered all data.
McDonald Forest 50K 05/11/13 Corvallis OR 6:24:11 50 km 70       Course PR by 4 minutes. Miles 22-29 were hell. Got behind on my nutrition and hydration. Did a lot of walking over those miles. Almost decided a sub-7 was good enough given the last 3 years' results and today's heat. The I realized a sub-6:30 was still within reach and pushed the last couple of miles to get a 6:24. Official time 6:24:11.
McKenzie River Trail Run 09/11/10 McKenzie Bridge OR 6:25:17 50 km         New favorite 50K!
McDonald Forest 50K 05/09/09 Corvallis OR 6:28:51 50 km 47 84/ 163 62/ 110 20/ 28 White Russians!
Hagg Lake 50K Trail Run 02/19/11 Forest Grove OR 6:29:32 50 km 37       Mud... a lot of mud
Chino Hills Trail Run Series - 50KM 11/09/13 Brea CA 6:29:57 50 km 21 34/ 90 27/ 63   The In and Out Double Double the night before was not a good idea. Not as bad as the giant burrito with hot sauce and jalapenos before the LA Marathon, but still not a good idea. Also, the 2 cups of Coke at the last aid station... not a good idea. Things were going great for the first 21 miles; covered that distance in just under 4 hours. Wheels fell off over the tough section between the penultimate and last aid stations. Couldn't see the clock as I was heading into the finish until the last 20 meters. When I saw I could still make it under 6:30, I gunned it. Made it in 6:29:57... whew!
Siskiyou Out Back 50K 07/14/12 Ashland OR 6:40:43 50 km          
Forest Park Trail Run 05/25/08 Portland OR 6:43:33 50 km 5331 55/ 75   11/ 13 First ultra!
McDonald Forest 50K 05/10/14 Corvallis OR 6:50:54 50 km         McDonald Forest 50K #6 in the books. Considering I haven't been running much for all of April and just getting into a groove the last couple of weeks, I'm pretty happy with the 6:50 I got. Was feeling awesome for the first half. Then mud.
McDonald Forest 50K 05/08/10 Corvallis OR 7:02:40 50 km 43 154/ 229   41/ 46 No GI issues but still slow.
McDonald Forest 50K 05/14/11 Corvallis OR 7:03:03 50 km 210       Bloody Marys and a wedding!
McDonald Forest 50K 05/12/12 Corvallis OR 7:03:42 50 km 48 188/ 238     Melted in the heat
Orcas Island 50K 02/01/14 Orcas Island WA 7:25:20 50 km         Great day at the Orcas Island 50K. Thanks Rainshadow Running. There should be an award for "asshole race director of the year". James Varner or Gary Robbins would get my vote. Fantastic trail and view from Mt. Constitution. Glad I took the early start, not so much that I ended up needing it (I would have met all the time cutoffs if I took the regular start). But it was great to see the fast guys and gal. Pretended to be them when they went by and picked up the pace, dancing over trail obstacles. Would have called the race a win if I beat to lead runner to AS2. He passed me about a quarter mile before I got there! Thanks Animal Athletics! That side step trick I learned at the Mountain Goat series helped me power up that first ridiculously nasty climb at mile 21 and saved my quads for later. After that, I got stupid and stopped paying attention to nutrition. Totally bonked in the middle of the second ridiculously nasty climb around mile 24, right before the Mt. Constitution aid station. Thanks to the aid station captain for kicking me out of there when I wanted to spend 5 more minutes chowing down. Felt great the rest of the way down the last 5 miles to the finish. No GI issues, legs only a little sore (maybe I should have run faster?), and only made one stupid mistake. Glenn Tachiyama, you were right, I didn't die and the views were great. Not a bad way to start the 2014 race season after a couple of months of little to mediocre training. Made my "B" goal of beating 7:30 and came in at 7:25:20, just 2 minutes behind my UltraSignup prediction.
Old Goats 03/22/14 Lake Elsinore CA 7:29:40 50 km         Ran the (first and only?) Old Goats 50K (modified course due to Forest Service request). Didn't die (which was my B goal, considering I'm still recovering from that damn cold for 1.5 weeks, and I planned on only running 20 miles until a 50K became an option). Also accomplished my A goal of beating the first 50-mile finisher. +1 for very modest goals! Things I learned about SoCal ultras... when they say the course is technical, it's about as technical as a Gorge run and not Volcanic 50 technical (it's still hard); there seems to be more trail trash (not sure if due to bikers, runners, or both); the mountain bikers are pretty courteous and less militant than Forest Park mountain bikers; there's an actual candy store at the Candy Store aid station; there are no cocktails at Cocktail Rock; the Old Goat is actually a pretty nice guy. Official time: 7:29:40
McDonald Forest 50K 05/09/15 Corvallis OR 7:50:27 50 km          
Beacon Rock 50K 06/12/11 Stevenson WA 7:51:44 50 km 344        
Buckin' Hell 50K 07/25/15 North Vancouver BC 8:51:38 50 km          
Volcanic 50 09/07/13 Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument   10:41:23 50 km         Didn't have the race I wanted. I'm not fully mentally recovered from Squamish 50, I'm a little burned out. Groin and quad cramps made it difficult to navigate the technical terrain. Plus, a lot of walking, and I'm a slow walker. From AS2 to AS4 all I could think about was what a crappy day I was having and planned to drop at AS4 (the last AS). But the AS4 volunteers said I had plenty of cushion on the time limit. So I decided to finish the damn thing and get my pint glass. Still made my "B" goal of beating last year's time by 10 minutes. "A" goal was to beat it by 1 hour.
Volcanic 50 09/15/12   WA 10:51:05 50 km 5 37     Oh man. That was the hardest race I've ever run.
Volcanic 50 09/06/14 Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument WA 11:38:49 50 km
Capitol Peak 55K 04/27/13 Olympia WA 6:36:20 55 km 4307       1st male 40-44 age group winner! The Grunt didn't feel as daunting as last time. Felt really good after the penultimate aid station. Most importantly, I never felt like the wheels were coming off. The crystallized ginger paid off. I ate a slice as soon my stomach started feeling unsettled. It almost immediately calmed my stomach down, allowing me to continue taking in calories. Huge confidence boost before Mac Forest. Official time 6:36:20.
Pier Park 6-hour 02/07/09 Portland OR 6:00:00 36 mi 158       Longest distance so far!
Peterson Ridge Rumble 04/05/09 Sisters OR 6:23:29 60 km 219 52/ 87 44/ 59 13/ 15  
Peterson Ridge Rumble 04/11/10 Sisters OR 7:26:03 60 km 23       Ugh. Low electrolytes, stomach issues, runny nose, hiccups make for slow day. At least I didn't come in DFL.
Peterson Ridge Rumble 40M 04/15/12 Sisters OR 7:11:31 40 mi 28 110/ 146     Fun day at the Rumble! GI issues as usual. Weird because it wasn't the usual suspects.
Peterson Ridge Rumble 40M 04/12/15 Sisters OR 7:39:38 40 mi          
Peterson Ridge Rumble 04/10/11 Sisters OR 8:09:15 40 mi 21 110/ 116     Fantastic weather. Even better company. Longest distance to date.
JFK 50 11/22/14 Boonsboro MD 10:23:27 50 mi 128
Mt. Hood 50 07/28/12   OR 10:44:38 50 mi 17 84   20 Got my revenge on the Mt. Hood 50
Mt Hood 50 07/30/11   OR 11:55:15 50 mi 17       First 50-miler! Should have finished sooner but I stayed with a runner who was having some trouble until help arrived.
Squamish 50 08/16/14 Squamish BC 15:14:32 50 mi
Squamish 50 Mile 08/10/13 Squamish BC 15:41:28 50 mi          
Nanny Goat 24-hour 05/23/15 Riverside CA 24:00:00 75 mi          

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