Marathon Maniacs Marathons/Ultras run by #3572
Heather Gannoe

Seq Race Date City ST Finish
Distance Bib Overall
6 Umstead Trail Marathon 03/05/11 Raleigh NC 4:54:43 Marathon 124 115/ 171 26/ 50   First trail marathon, hard hard HARD! But so beautiful!
5 Myrtle Beach Marathon 02/19/11 Myrtle Beach SC 4:25:58 Marathon 730       HOT day (for this time of year) 11 minute PR!
4 Beach to Battleship 140.6 relay 11/07/09 Wilmington NC 5:21:40 Marathon 619       ran the marathon portion of the race (two other teammates did the swim and bike). Worst race to date, but I learned a lot about myself!
3 Baltimore Marathon 10/10/09 Baltimore MD 5:00:46 Marathon         would love revenge on this course. Didn't have a good day
2 Walt Disney World Marathon 01/08/08 Orlando FL   Marathon         realized in the corral waiting for the start, that I left my chip in the hotel room. All I have is a finisher's picture with a clock time of 5:15:38. I think I was in corral C so that would take maybe 12 ish minutes off that time?
1 Marine Corps Marathon 10/28/07 Washington D.C. DC 4:37:00 Marathon         very first marathon. It was amazing :) Hard, humbling, but amazing

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