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Heather Zeigler

Seq Race Date City ST Finish
Distance Bib Overall
118 Big Wild Life Runs Marathon 08/16/15 Anchorage AK 3:38:35 Marathon   54 10 3 This was the craziest race experience that I have had in a long time. I knew that the course was supposed to turn around at 8.5 miles. Well, when we turned around at 8, I thought that maybe I was wrong. I quickly realized that I was NOT wrong and the course would be short so I played mental math games the rest of the way in..I even slowed down so my first time to go under 3:30 wouldn't be on a short course. My time was 3:30:35. Luckily, they decided to add on our average pace for our official time and I still got a BQ (this was also going through my mind during the run)! I'm glad that I can do math :)
117 San Francisco Marathon 07/26/15 San Francisco CA 3:51:16 Marathon   1072 162 19 I only did this race because I was in San Fran for work. I thought that it might go ok but I started having issues pretty early on and I wanted to quit at the half. Somehow I pulled it together and I finished fairly decently given my mindset! Yay :)
116 Christmas in July 24 hour race 07/18/15 Lisle IL 6:33:52 33.08 mi   53     I only did this race again because I won last year and my entry was free. I went in with minimal intentions of completing the entire 24 hours. It went from minimal to nothing very quickly. Honestly, I can't even believe that I toughed it out and finished over a 50k! The temps were just way too HOT this year. I wouldn't be opposed to trying again next year :)
115 Bay of Fundy International Marathon 06/28/15 Lubec ME 3:37:24 Marathon   26 4 2 I LOVED this race! It was so beautiful and the organization was awesome. The main reason that I chose it was because they offered child care. Briyana loved it too. It was nice to include her in on the experience :)
114 Sunburst Marathon 06/06/15 South Bend IN 3:43:55 Marathon 352 70 7 2 I keep coming back to Sunburst for some reason :) I guess it's just that it's so close and there isn't much close in the summer. I had intended to try for a fast time but I stayed up late and had a few too many glasses of wine...oops! :) Oh well, still a pretty good time considering that. And happy to place in the top 10 again!
113 Vermont City Marathon 05/24/15 Burlington VT 3:41:44 Marathon 1138 592   36 I had gotten a pretty yucky cold the day before this race and spent half the night coughing - given that, I was SUPER happy with my time. I loved this race and I would love to go back and try again without a cold! :)
112 Starved Rock Country Marathon 05/16/15 Ottawa IL 3:59:48 Marathon 439 42/ 156 8/ 58 1/ 8 I paced the 4 hour group at the Starved Rock marathon and had an interesting time. I had a great group of people with me until the first major hill at mile 10.5. It was pretty big and people just couldn't hang on. There weren't many more hills after that but once it flattened out totally, it started raining. And then there was lightening. That's when it got interesting. This was my first "black flagged" race since my first marathon, Chicago 2007. I knew from other Maniacs recent experiences to keep on going because it might count. It did! I was happy that I kept going and I came in right on time. I only had one runner still with me but he got a PR so that was great!!!
111 Providence Marathon 05/03/15 Providence RI 3:36:52 Marathon   204 54 20 This was a very quick trip but I loved it! I was so happy to get another BQ! I think I could've done better and I look forward to trying :)
110 Kentucky Derby Marathon 04/25/15 Louisville KY 3:46:43 Marathon   393 101 27 I upgraded to the marathon the day before the race and I was happy that I did :) I actually love this race! It was nice to take it easy since it was less than a week after Boston :)
109 Boston Marathon 04/20/15 Boston MA 3:36:25 Marathon   12237 3592 2689 BOSTON!!!! I don't know what else to say!!! I LOVED it :) And I was super happy to qualify for Boston 2016 at BOSTON!!!!
108 Wicked Marathon 03/28/15 Wamego KS 3:56:34 Marathon   28 9 3 This race was tough. Pretty hilly and very lonely! I was super happy to pull out a sub 4 since I spent half the race trying to figure out which race I could do to get my sub 4 for Kansas. So glad that I don't have to go back!!!
107 Albany Marathon 03/07/15 Albany GA 3:37:10 Marathon   155 33 8 This was my first official BQ for 2016!!! I knew this course had a history of being fast so I thought I would give it a shot - I LOVED it :) Since I was only 34 on the date of the race it doesn't show as a BQ...but IT IS!!!
106 Utah Indoor Marathon 02/14/15 Salt Lake City UT 3:58:58 Marathon   8 3 1 I did this race because I needed a sub 4 for Utah and there aren't a ton of races in February. I think I'm over indoor races! Ha :) It was nice to be inside and to do well but I was ready to be outside again :)
105 Icebreaker Indoor Marathon 01/25/15 Milwaukee WI 3:58:24 Marathon   46 11 3 My second indoor marathon! Yep, it was the day after my first :) I'm not sure about these indoor marathons! I felt like I was way quicker than this! Oh well! It was nice to get in a double sub 4 weekend without freezing!
104 Arena Attack Indoor Marathon 01/24/15 Hartford CT 3:50:39 Marathon   6 1 1 This was my first indoor marathon! It was through the lobby of an ice arena and I don't even remember how many times I had to go around! It was small enough that I was easily the first chick :)
103 Operation Jack Marathon 12/26/14 Los Angeles CA 3:54:58 Marathon 95 13/ 82 4 3/ 9 My last race of the year was awesome! The course and weather were perfect. Unfortunately I felt a little lazy and just took it easy :) OH well, I got my 34th sub 4 state!!!
102 Rehoboth Beach Marathon 12/06/14 Rehoboth Beach DE 3:43:32 Marathon 1107 193/ 878 37/ 411 13/ 55 I really enjoyed this race. The weather was perfect and the course was pretty! This was my 33rd sub 4 state!!!
101 Black Diamond 40 miler 11/29/14 Jackson TN 6:45:33 40 mi   3 2 1 I added this race at the last minute for fun! It sure was "fun" :) I had never run a 40 mile race before. It was a cool experience but I think I would prefer a bigger race in the future. Running away from the stray dogs alone was a little bit scary! It was nice to have my mom and Briyana as my course support though :)
100 Flying Monkey Marathon 11/23/14 Nashville TN 4:12:13 Marathon 100 84/ 84 14/ 14 3/ 3 This was my 100th marathon/ultra!!! I chose the Monkey because it's such a fun race and because it's a hard enough race that I wouldn't feel bad just taking it easy and enjoying it :) I didn't feel bad AT ALL! It was nice to take it so much slower this year and really enjoy the beauty of the course :)
99 Naperville Marathon 11/09/14 Naperville IL 4:19:30 Marathon 1004 679/ 1346 198/ 524 34/ 75 I had a great time pacing the 4:20 group! I tried pretty hard to hit the 30 second mark so I was super happy to get it right on! I was surprised that my legs tried to cramp up a little during the run but I think it was hard to change up my stride. It still was cool to help a few people meet their goal!
98 Marshall University Marathon 11/02/14 Huntington WV 3:42:24 Marathon 390 101/ 456 19/ 162 4/ 26 I really enjoyed this race! I'm not sure why my time wasn't better but I really enjoyed the course and I thought that it was a very well organized race. I would come back again once I'm done with the 50 States! 32nd sub 4 state done!
97 Duke City Marathon 10/19/14 Albuquerque NM 3:57:39 Marathon 274     3/ 21 So happy to have gotten my sub 4 for New Mexico!!! It was NOT easy! I'm not sure exactly why it was so hard but considering that I wanted to stop around 8 miles, I am so super happy that I didn't and ended up pulling it off. I haven't had that many mental struggles during a marathon in a while...hopefully I never do again!
96 Chicago Marathon 10/12/14 Chicago IL 3:43:59 Marathon 2760 7774 1838 402 I had a fun time running with fellow Maniac, Brian Wright for 15 miles of Chicago - I just wish that I could've held on a little longer. Oh well, It's always nice to run the streets of my city and it was nice to get my fastest Illinois time!
95 Fox Valley Marathon 09/21/14 St. Charles IL 3:55:00 Marathon 3637 270/ 989 72/ 473 16/ 82 I paced the 3:55 group and had a great time! I was a little unsure of how I would do since I ran the triple the weekend before but it turned out just fine. Unfortunately the timing was messed up and they originally reported my time about a minute and a half over where I had actually finished. They knew that there were errors so when I reported my time (3:54:32) they corrected it in the results (not sure why they put 3:55 though). This was my 5th Fox Valley and I will continue to do it until I can't run!
94 Lake Tahoe Marathon 09/14/14 Lake Tahoe CA 4:14:36 Marathon 568   12/ 98 2/ 12 Last day of the triple! As much as I wanted to run a few sub4's, I was still pretty happy of my consistent times AND I WON!!!! First overall female for the triple :)
93 Cal-Neva Marathon 09/13/14 Tahoe City CA 4:04:19 Marathon 568 11/ 102 3/ 49 1/ 8 Better but still hard. So weird to not be able to run a sub4 :( BUT so happy with 3rd place finish! :)
92 Emerald Bay Marathon 09/12/14 South Lake Tahoe NV 4:11:45 Marathon 568 10/ 86 5/ 41 5/ 13 My first day of the triple! I had hoped for a sub4 but the elevation and the challenging course proved too difficult for that :( At least it was beautiful!
91 Park City Marathon 08/16/14 Park City UT 4:15:59 Marathon 76 93/ 245   3/ 16 This was my first BAD race in a long time! I am trying to run all 50 states under 4 hours but this one did not happen :( I had injured myself running the 100 mile race and hadn't fully recovered but besides that, I let this race get me mentally. I know there are a lot of fast races in Utah and I let it bother me too much that I had chosen one that was not quite as fast as the others. I think I could've done it if I had my head in the game! Oh well...good thing there are lots of fast races in Utah :)
90 Christmas in July 07/19/14 Lisle IL 21:34:56 100.9 mi 29 3/ 54 1 1 I had made one previous attempt at a 24 hour race in December of 2013 but I had no intentions of staying for that entire race and left when it was time for bed. Because I did fairly well at that race, I decided to give it another try and this race is now officially the closest race to where I live - I couldn't pass it up! I thought I had a pretty decent chance of running 100 miles but I had no idea that it would go as well as it did! It turns out that had I decided to walk 3 more laps after I reached my 100, I would've held on to 2nd overall but I was perfectly happy with getting 1st chick and it was nice to be done :) I would definitely do this race again!!! :)
89 Missoula Marathon 07/13/14 Missoula MT 3:43:03 Marathon 1594   46/ 562 13/ 84 I had a great time at this beautiful race! It was nice to not have to stress about my time since I got my BQ at Grandma's!!! Now I have 30 sub 4 states done :)
88 Grandma's Marathon 06/21/14 Duluth MN 3:30:55 Marathon 9373 1133/ 6212 240/ 2715 157/ 1398 My second BQ and my new PR!!! I loved this race!!! The weather was perfect and the course was nice. The course was a little more challenging than I had expected but I think the rolling hills helped. None were too big! The only other thing that I don't like about this race is how expensive the hotels's a little crazy. Besides that, this race was awesome!!!
87 Maryville Marathon 06/14/14 Maryville MO 3:53:23 Marathon   16/ 66 4 1/ 6 I did this race simply because I was in Kansas City for work and it was too close to pass up! It was only $45! Also, I stayed at an apartment on the campus that was only $27! I loved how personal everything felt. I wish I would've known how close I was to the 3rd place girl because 3rd place got $! I only missed it by a little over 2 minutes and I REALLY slacked on the 2nd! OH well...I would go back!
86 Casper Marathon 06/01/14 Casper WY 3:49:14 Marathon 194 27/ 195 7/ 79 1/ 20 I got another new sub 4 state! It's always fun to run smaller races with lots of Maniacs/50 Staters! It was pretty hard to breath but I was happy with my time. So glad to get another sub 4 and 1st in my age group. I would come back to Casper...once I'm done with 50<4! :)
85 Chicagoland Marathon 05/18/14 Schaumburg IL 4:19:13 Marathon 2330 198/ 347     I had a great time pacing the 4:20 group at the Chicagoland marathon! I had a pretty good group and helped some newbies finish their first marathon! Lots of fun!
84 Fargo Marathon 05/10/14 Fargo ND 3:59:19 Marathon 1993 525/ 1655 142/ 708 27/ 122 I had a great time pacing the 4 hour group and I got my new sub 4 state! Fargo is a fun marathon and I would definitely go back for more! I had a much bigger group than most pacing groups that I've done but I only had one stay the whole way. I did help that one person get a BQ though!
83 Wisconsin Marathon 05/03/14 Kenosha WI 3:38:47 Marathon   138/ 846 30/ 384 8 I love this race! I didn't need another Wisconsin but it's too close to pass up and it's fast for me. I managed to get a sub 3:45 and give myself a higher 50<4 score for Wisconsin! If only I was a few weeks older, it would've been a BQ! Soon enough, it will happen again!
82 Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon 04/27/14 Oklahoma City OK 3:47:10 Marathon 2335 201/ 2620 38/ 1108 8/ 198 Another sub 4 state! I'm on a roll! This race was delayed almost an hour and a half. Honestly, I was almost wishing they would just cancel it after an hour. I'm glad they didn't and I'm super happy that I got a new sub 4 state! This was my 3rd try in Oklahoma!
81 Marion Rotary Marathon for Shoes 04/13/14 Marion IA 3:45:50 Marathon 409 39/ 173 8/ 72 3/ 10 Another sub 4 state! This race was much harder than I expected. It seemed like the hills never stopped and there wasn't a ton of crowd support since it was so small but I was happy to get 3rd in my age group and come away with a new sub 4 state!
80 GO! St. Louis Marathon 04/06/14 St. Louis MO 4:44:29 Marathon 1803 956 311 57 I paced the 4:45 group! It was my first pacing gig with and I really enjoyed it. I love that they take the pacing seriously and I'm super happy that I came within 1 second of their goal! Awesome! I enjoyed pacing a few newbies to their first marathon finish! Too fun!
79 Asheville Marathon 03/15/14 Asheville NC 3:59:27 Marathon 43 88     I paced the 4 hour group and had a blast! The hills were no joke so I was glad to be pacing :) I never had a very big group but I did manage to get a few people to the finish on time! Yay for another sub 4 state!!!
78 Cowtown Marathon 02/23/14 Fort Worth TX 3:57:48 Marathon 2019 354/ 1138 151/ 861 17 I managed to squeak out my sub4 for Texas! It was a pretty humid day and I just wasn't feeling it but I stuck it out and made it just in time...even with a nice little puke around 25 miles!
77 Mississippi River Marathon 02/08/14 Greenville MS 3:45:44 Marathon 2445 86/ 379 22/ 171 7/ 29 This was my first race in Mississippi...glad I ended with a sub 4! I started off real fast and it felt great until the half. It got windier and colder at that point and everything just went downhill. OH well, starting off fast makes it much easier to end with a good time :)
76 Yuma Territorial Marathon 01/25/14 Yuma AZ 3:44:44 Marathon 59 8/ 53 1/ 20 1/ 11 My second marathon WIN!!! Sure, there were only 20 women but a win is a win :) This race was fun! Met some really cool Maniacs and 50 Staters that made this pretty boring course fly by! Besides the boring course, I really liked this race. I'd definitely do it again!
75 Across the Years 12/28/13 Phoenix AZ 10:30 52.49 mi 1360 95/ 190     This was my first attempt at anything more than a 50K and I was super surprised with my results. I went with someone who wanted to leave after about 10 hours so I decided I was happy with finishing two marathons. I can't believe that so many people still did less than me. I could've done WAY more than that! I'm now 90% sure that I could've done 100 miles under 24 hours on a flat course. I might try at some point :)
74 Rocket City Marathon 12/14/13 Huntsville AL 3:52:05 Marathon 1794 383/ 1390   17/ 102 I enjoyed this race. The swag was nice and the weather was great. I should've been able to do better than I did but it just wasn't my day. It's really hard not to slow down when I know that I can :( Oh well, on to my 75th!!!
73 Flying Monkey Marathon 11/24/13 Nashville TN 3:54:08 Marathon 1683 63/ 313 9/ 108 3/ 18 I had a blast at the Monkey! I would love to do this race every year! I can't believe that I ran my first sub 4 for Tennessee at the Monkey!!!
72 Naperville Marathon 11/10/13 Naperville IL 3:48:39 Marathon 1672 246/ 1079 54/ 445 14/ 62 I enjoyed the inaugural Naperville marathon! I especially liked that it was so close to home!!! I would gladly run this every year!!!
71 Marine Corps Marathon 10/27/13 Arlington VA 3:50:30 Marathon 16131 3559/ 23380 861/ 9896 189/ 1840 I had fun running as Sailor Girl again :) And I had a blast helping fellow Maniac Julia celebrate her 100th marathon and Brian and Adam celebrate the end of their 50 States! Good times :)
70 Springfield Marathon 10/20/13 Springfield IL 4:24:40 Marathon 158 109/ 254   5/ 6 I paced the 4:25 group. For some reason the posted results are showing the clock time and not chip time but I know that we were under 4:25! What kind of race has a chip time but doesn't post it anywhere?!? That's right, an inaugural! That's ok...they will get better and I will gladly go back to pace again :) I had fun pacing my first double pacing weekend!
69 Indianapolis Marathon 10/19/13 Indianapolis IN 4:14:27 Marathon 766 286/ 616 81/ 237 14/ 42 I paced the 4:15 group and it turned out great! I accidentally stopped my watch for a few minutes towards the beginning of the race and that made it very difficult to pace correctly. Super happy with how close I came with my watch off a little bit :)
68 Prairie State Marathon 10/12/13 Libertyville IL 3:47:32 Marathon 1371 47/ 307 10/ 106 2/ 19 This was fun again this year. It was especially fun because I got to run it for free since I paced another marathon :) I slowed down on the second half but that made it a lot more enjoyable :)
67 Fox Valley Marathon 09/22/13 St. Charles IL 3:51:22 Marathon 2642 378/ 1317 110/ 608 27/ 97 I love the Fox Valley Marathon! I will run this race every year for as long as I possibly can :)
66 American Discovery Trail Marathon 09/02/13 Colorado Springs CO 3:57:08 Marathon 474 138/ 441 39/ 194 12/ 35 This race was beautiful and I think it has potential to be pretty fast! There are some rolling hills but they are small and it keeps it interesting :) It's a very nice race!
65 Pocatello Marathon 08/31/13 Pocatello ID 3:51:05 Marathon 478 143/ 406 43/ 185 16/ 36 I was still beat up my all the downhill at Leading Ladies so I took it much easier on this course. It has great potential for being fast but the second half is much more in the open, hot, and has a few rolling hills. I still love that I ran my first sub 4 in Idaho AND got a bag of potatoes!!! :)
64 Leading Ladies Marathon 08/18/13 Spearfish SD 3:33:33 Marathon 140 15/ 161 15/ 161 4/ 21 I can't say ANYTHING bad about this race! I have no idea why they don't get more people. I ran my first BQ!!! I love, love, love this race!!!
63 Blister in the Sun Marathon 08/04/13 Cookeville TN 4:26 Marathon         This was my second year for this same double weekend. I'm not sure why I think It's a good idea to run a double in the Midwest in August!?!? Blister didn't was hot and the hills were hard! I think I might just do one of them next year :)
62 Eagle Creek Trail Marathon 08/03/13 Indianapolis IN 5:04:17 Marathon 5154 58/ 138   7/ 9 This was my second time at Eagle Creek. The weather was better and the course was more accurate but it's still a marathon in was HOT and I ran slow! It was the first day of a double so I allowed myself to take it slower than I really probably needed. Still a fun and beautiful trail!
61 Aspen Valley Marathon 07/20/13 Aspen CO 3:57:42 Marathon 192 54/ 165 22/ 78 9/ 26 This race was really beautiful but harder than I had expected. I guess taking 7 weeks off and altitude don't work well for me! I ran the first half pretty strong but basically ran/walked the whole second half. The water stops were not frequent enough and it got pretty warm. I was still pretty happy to pull off a new sub 4 state though!!!
60 Sunburst Marathon 06/01/13 South Bend IN 3:36:44 Marathon 609 77/ 497 10/ 183 5/ 34 Another fast one for me!!! I got greedy and tried to get a BQ the week after I missed it by a minute...oops! I was right on track to make it until around 18 or 19 but then it got pretty! Oh well, I was super happy with my time considering that it was a harder course and the weather wasn't as nice!
59 Bob Potts Marathon 05/26/13 York PA 3:36:16 Marathon 507 129/ 406   8 I loved this race!!! Mostly because it was a PR for me and I almost BQ'd!!! The weather was perfect and the course was easy - too bad I didn't realize how well I was doing until it became too hard to push hard enough and get under 3:35! Oh well, I loved it! :)
58 Chicagoland Marathon 05/19/13 Schaumburg IL 4:29:43 Marathon 350 132/ 286 49/ 122 6/ 18 Another successful pacing gig! I paced the 4:30 group. Didn't really have anyone with me and it was super HOT but I did it!
57 Tacoma City Marathon 05/05/13 Tacoma WA 3:49:52 Marathon 911 147/ 886 35/ 420 8/ 67 Another new sub4 state!!! I'm on a roll!!! This race weekend was awesome. The 10 year anniversary party made it so fun. The race itself was hilly and hot but I'm still really happy with my time. If it were a normal Seattle day, the course would've seemed way easier!
56 Kentucky Derby Marathon 04/27/13 Louisville KY 3:45:21 Marathon 1669 408/ 2034 84/ 814 19/ 164 Another great race for me and another new sub 4 state! I had a blast at this race! I got to run with two other Maniacs and it made the race so much fun :)
55 Lansing Marathon 04/21/13 Lansing MI 3:48:37 Marathon 439 78/ 366 12/ 118 3/ 26 A new marathon PR for me!!! The only thing that sort of sucked about this race was that a train blocked the course at 3 miles. The delay lasted around 4 minutes. Apparently they are considering giving us that time! We'll see! Regardless, I was extremely happy to run a PR on the second day of a double marathon weekend!!!
54 Carmel Marathon 04/20/13 Carmel IN 4:24:07 Marathon 4915 481/ 740 138/ 264 28/ 51 This was my third year running at Carmel but it was my first year pacing the marathon. I had a great time pacing! The course had to be changed due to flooding and that caused some of the mile markers to be a little bit off...made pacing a little harder than usual but it was still fun and I'm pretty happy with my time. I paced 4:25 and I ended up having a good group finish with me...a little faster than I usually like but better than being over!
53 Chicago Lakefront 50K 03/23/13 Chicago IL 4:37:24 50 km 172 28/ 193 8 4/ 28 This was my first was AWESOME!!! I love running along the Lakefront path!!! I ran my fastest marathon time during the race!!! I would definietly do this race again :)
52 Little Rock Marathon 03/03/13 Little Rock AR 3:55:41 Marathon 2269 401 90/ 1151 20/ 187 I loved this race! The course was awesome, the bling was awesome, and the after party was really awesome!!! I would definietly do this race again :)
51 Sedona Marathon 02/02/13 Sedona AZ 4:20:26 Marathon 553 81/ 258 29/ 115 5/ 17 I loved this race! It was beautiful but very hard!!! The hills and elevation made it very challenging but I still enjoyed the race. The timing was a little off...I made it a point to finish under 4:20 and I know that I did...oh well, I will be happy to go back to Arizona :)
50 Run for the Ranch Marathon 12/30/12 Springfield MO 4:05:15 Marathon 685 62/ 137 12/ 48 3/ 11 I had a great time at this race again this year!!! It's small and loaded with Maniacs! Brian Wright and I ran our 50th marathon at this race!!! Seriously, I loved this race :)
49 Route 66 Martahon 11/18/12 Tulsa OK 4:07:29 Marathon 3709 462/ 1897 134/ 825 26/ 128 Another fun time at RT66! I love the Maniac perks at this race but I've got to remember that I run this race for fun and not for time. I thought I could pull out a sub4 this year but the hills on the second half got me again! Boo! Oh well, I will go back again :)
48 Really Big Free Marathon 11/03/12 Henderson NV 4:12:48 Marathon 4614 54/ 263 17/ 121 3/ 22 I really enjoyed this race! I love that it was free and there weren't really any major issues. I'm used to small races so I don't mind the small race feel. The hills were crazy hard and I slowed down a lot but I kind of expected that and I mainly wanted to do this race to take a trip to VEGAS! :)
47 Rock and Roll St. Louis 10/21/12 St. Louis MO 3:56:24 Marathon 5007 387/ 1766 99/ 825 25/ 153 My first sub4 for Missouri!!! Yay!!! This race was still pretty hard with all the hills but it was fun and the weather helped it be a little better than my previous St. Louis marathons :)
46 Chicago Marathon 10/07/12 Chicago IL 3:56:37 Marathon 6309 10528/ 37455 2721/ 16761 532/ 3100 My 5th Chicago marathon and my first sub4 Chicago! It was nice to finally be able to run fast at Chicago! BUT..I did have some issues on the second half and I wasn't able to keep up the pace and get a new PR :( Oh well, I am still happy with my time :)
45 Quad Cities Marathon 09/23/12 Moline IL 4:09:33 Marathon 974 364/ 811 95/ 300 25/ 56 I had a great time pacing the 4:10 group at the QCM!! It was perfect weather for a marathon and I had a great group of people in my pacing group. It's always so fun to help motivate people. I really enjoyed helping a few newbies to the finish. I think they will come back for more :)
44 Fox Valley Marathon 09/16/12 St. Charles IL 3:58:07 Marathon 2743 376/ 1062 124/ 492 24/ 79 I love this marathon! It will be my annual marathon and I plan to run it as long as I can :) I was happy to get a sub4 again! I also beat my time from last year by 2 seconds :) It was nice to have my family come and cheer for me too! Nothing bad to say about this race :)
43 The Blister in the Sun Marathon 08/05/12 Cookeville TN 4:19 Marathon   21/ 79 4/ 29 1/ 4 This race started out really humid and hilly but I got used to it after the firt loop. Luckily there wasn't much sun! I was really tired from running the trail from the day before but after the first few loops I got used to it and finished just fine. I really enjoyed how small and personal this race was. I knew a ton of people there! We got our own special bibs and the "medal" was very unique! I would do this race again for sure!!!
42 Planet Adventure Trail Marathon 08/04/12 Indianapolis IN 5:48:45 Marathon 147 58/ 122 14/ 39 4/ 10 I'm not exactly sure why I decided to go back for another race at Eagle Creek! Oh well, it was fun! I could've done much better but I caught up with a much faster friend that was walking and I decided to walk with him for the last 6 miles. I still beat my time from the January race :)
41 Dances with Dirt Trail Marathon, Devil's Lake 07/14/12 Baraboo WI 5:37:21 Marathon 557 67/ 127 19/ 44 2/ 4 My third trail marathon and I DID NOT fall!!! Finally :) I guess it helped that I took my sweet old time! This was a beautiful race but very difficult. I think I could've ran faster but I probably would have fallen. This has made me like trails a little more :)
40 Foot Traffic Flat Marathon 07/04/12 Portland OR 3:54:39 Marathon 226 140/ 397 42/ 184 12/ 35 This was a perfect way to end our vacation to Portland and to start the 4th of July. The weather was perfect and it made it easy to get another sub4 state! I probably could've had a PR if I would've decided to push it but since I had just ran the double a few days before, I let myself take it easy the last few miles. My goal was to get the sub4 and I DID!!!
39 Stars and Stripes Marathon 07/01/12 Beaverton OR 4:03:37 Marathon 57 6/ 45 1/ 22   I was the 1st overall female!!!! Yippeee!!! And I ran over 20 minutes faster than the day before...Now that's the way to run a double!!! :) The temps were much cooler and the course was easier (even with the street that we had to cross 12 times). I would definietly run this double again :)
38 Cook Park Marathon 06/30/12 Tigard OR 4:24:40 Marathon 65 4/ 33 2/ 20   This was my first race for the Firecracker double weekend in the Portland area. It was a little humid for me and some of the course was challenging but overall it was a great race. I really enjoyed seeing the Maniacs over and over again on this 8 looped course! I thought I was the 3rd female overall but I guess I was 2nd..woo hoo!!!
37 Utah Valley Marathon 06/09/12 Provo UT 4:00:27 Marathon 6790 660/ 2059   63/ 212 This race was awesome!!! This was my first Maniac reunion race and it was SO cool to see everyone. This was the first double that felt great for me. I didn't feel like I had ran a marathon the day before either. I had planned on running easy but when I realized how good I felt I decided to just run how I felt. I'm still pretty annoyed that I missed a sub4 but overall it was a great race. I beat all 3 of the main maniacs!!! :)
36 Bear Lake Idaho Marathon 06/08/12 Fish Haven ID 4:13:39 Marathon 1210 18/ 98 3/ 52 1 This was the most beautiful marathon that I have ever ran! I chose to do the early start which turned out to not be needed - the buses didn't leave to bring runners back to the start until after I would've finished the regular start. Starting early (in the dark) made it difficult to be motivated to go fast. I also had to carry my own water which was different. I also think that I had some issues with the elevation. Ok, enough with the excuses. I still did well enough to win the early start for the women. I watched a fellow Maniac win the regular start - that was cool! BUT...I watched the other finishers like a hawk and I'm not sure where the supposed 2nd place female came from. I saw no regular start person between mine and Michelle's times...urgh! I guess with my time I should still be happy with 3rd overall but I would prefer the results to be correct and show that I was really! I guess that's what you get when the officials are writing down the finish times and trying to make sure they catch everyone that started early. Oh well, at least it's another state done!
35 Sunburst Marathon 06/02/12 South Bend IN 3:53:04 Marathon 482 173/ 446 47/ 154 10/ 25 This race was AWESOME! I might just think that because I did well but who cares :) The weather was perfect and the course was fairly flat. I really enjoyed it and I got a new PR and my first Indiana sub4!!! Yay!!!
34 Chicagoland Marathon 05/21/12 Schaumburg IL 4:31:55 Marathon 1358 124/ 255 43/ 102 12/ 16 This was my first marathon pacing gig. I'm pretty bummed that I took longer than the 4:30 I was supposed to finish in but I am happy to have finished fairly close. It got in to the 90's by the end of the race. The first half was fine...but we had no one in our group on the second half and we had a 2 minute cushion so my copacer encouraged me to take a long time at a water stop at mile 17 and at a potty break at 20 just to eat up our cushion. Well, it turns out that I needed that cushion! I was fine until 23 miles when I got nauseus and I got the chills :( I decided to slow it down since we had no one with us and obviously I was dehydrated...the heat was a killer! Oh well, I will attempt pacing a marathon again!!!
33 Country Music Marathon 04/28/12 Nashville TN 4:14:59 Marathon 7127 754/ 3925 235/ 2800 48/ 359 I had a blast in Nashville! The race was too hot and hilly for me to try for a sub4 so my goal was to run the first half sub2 and enjoy the second half - I did!!! Even with me slowing down on the second half, I felt like I was flying for the last 6 sure goes to show that training helps :)
32 Land Between the Lakes Trail Marathon 03/10/12 Grand Rivers KY 4:49:10 Marathon 2152 62/ 151 11/ 44 1/ 11 This race was very difficult! I improved on my trail marathon time by over an hour but I fell one more time than the last trail - 5 times! I have a ton of scrapes and bruises! I ended up doing pretty well but i'm not sure if trail marathons are my thing. I don't like having to worry about breaking something for almost 5 hours...I think I would rather just run :)
31 New Orleans Mardi Gras Marathon 03/04/12 New Orleans LA 3:59:44 Marathon 5586 1079/ 3657 319/ 1702 75/ 326 I had an Awesome time in New Orleans! Almost too much fun :) I have never been happier about my time either. I spent the whole second half of the race trying to do the math in my head to see if I would make it under 4. I didn't realize until the last minute that I had it if I could push it out - I did! Thanks to Maniac Susan Shore-DeRoberts for pushing me right at the end - we both made it under 4!!!
30 Myrtle Beach Marathon 02/18/12 Myrtle Beach SC 3:58:05 Marathon 2241       A great race with great friends! I got a new PR and a new sub4!! I would recommend this race to anyone. It was so much fun and it's a perfect course for a fast time. I could've even done better then this, I'm sure!
29 Planet Adventure Trail Marathon 01/28/12 Indianapolis IN 5:56:37 Marathon 71 27/ 40 5/ 10 1/ 2 WOW! There is just way too much to say about this race! This was my first trail marathon and boy was it tough. I had ran a half marathon in the morning and this race at night. I was blown away by the difficulty of this course - hills, cold, narrow trails, and lots and lots of the DARK = CRAZY! I think the hardest part was that I HAD to go was a huge mental challenge...I almost dropped down and did the half! I am so happy that I did finish and i'm already starting to think that I would try a trail marathon again...maybe during the day :)
28 Run for the Ranch Marathon 12/18/11 Springfield MO 4:02:45 Marathon 906 52/ 171 9/ 55 4/ 11 A fun race with lots of Maniacs! I dressed up as an elf and had a ton of fun with that. It did make it difficult to run but I managed to pull off a costume PR :) I didn't mind the course (8 loops through MSU) but a lot of other maniacs thought all the turns and running on the concrete made it difficult. I didn't notice it being any more difficult then usual. I would actually do it again :)
27 St. Jude Memphis Marathon 12/03/11 Memphis TN 4:01:25 Marathon 3587 567/ 2365 148/ 1079 31/ 202 A fun marathon with a great cause. I enjoyed this marathon but I wasn't happy with my time. For some reason I did great the first half and was on track for a PR but I just got really tired and I couldn't keep it up. I really wanted to lay down and take a nap. Guess I should've had some coffee to start the day!
26 Williams Route 66 Marathon 11/20/11 Tulsa OK 4:04:45 Marathon 2752 380/ 1439 94/ 572 19/ 92 I LOVED this race!!! So many Maniacs!!! Probably could've gotten a sub-4 if I hadn't taken the .3 mile detour to the center of the universe but when I realized I wasn't going to get it I decided to slow down and enjoy the finish. All the maniac perks were awesome! Our own special VIP pre-race and post-race tents with our own port-o-pottie's and gear check and our own food and beer - SO NICE! I will go back!
25 Marine Corps Marathon 10/30/11 Arlington VA 4:09:53 Marathon 8659 5876 1582 331 I LOVED this race. It was very scenic and fun. I did lose some steam between 14 to 19 but picked it back up and pushed the last few miles. The hill at the end kicked my butt and I ended up puking TWICE going up the hill. At that point I was just glad that it was over! I had a lot of fun running as a sailor girl and seeing LOTS of Maniac friends. I would do this race again...but next time I will take it easy up the hill :)
24 St. Louis Rock N' Roll Marathon 10/23/11 St. Louis MO 4:12:28 Marathon 6106 1168/ 3354 333/ 1477 80 Another fun RNR race with lots of maniacs!!! I did my usual first half but I lost some steam and decided to enjoy the last half. I had fun taking a 7-11 break with fellow Maniac, Lyle! Sometimes it's just much more fun to enjoy them and not care about time :)
23 Chicago Marathon 10/09/11 Chicago IL 4:59:02 Marathon 10181 23304/ 35708 8618/ 15453 1615/ 2845 My fourth Chicago Marathon and the second half of my second double weekend! It was awesome seeing TONS of maniacs:) I decided to take it easy (for me) and helped pace my friend HF #1344, Carol Kuhr, to her first sub5 and a new PR for the marathon. She started off great but really struggled on the second half - I was happy with getting her in under 5 and I think she might come back for more!!!
22 Prairie State Marathon 10/08/11 Libertyville IL 4:09:01.3 Marathon 960 85/ 224 26/ 84 3/ 11 A beautiful start to my second double marathon weekend of the year! The course was nice but the second half was much hotter then the first and it seemed as though the water was really spaced out. Overall, it was a nice small race and I got third in my age group...yay!!!
21 Fox Valley Marathon 09/18/11 St. Charles IL 3:58:09 Marathon 829 347/ 856 99/ 377 11/ 50 My first sub-4 in Illinois! I really really enjoyed this race. I have decided to make this my annual marathon and I am so happy that I did - they already started giving out medals to regulars so I got my first extra medal for this year and after 5 years they will give me a trophy!!! Yay!!! I love the course and everything about this local race:)
20 Eisenbahn Marathon 08/27/11 West Bend WI 4:23:55 Marathon 214 87/ 172 23/ 63 4/ 13 Another small marathon - it was great to meet some new Maniacs and catch up with some old friends but this was my worst time of the year! The first half was fine but I really lost steam on the second half and it was very difficult. I just wasn't feeling it but overall it was a good experience and I'm happy to have finished my 13th marathon for this year:)
19 Carrollton Festival of Races Marathon 07/24/11 Carrollton MI 4:10:29 Marathon 301 48/ 100 14/ 29 4/ 6 The smallest I've ever ran and the first time I've ran a looped course (3 loops). Some parts were lonely but overall I liked it and it was fun hanging out with all the Maniacs as usual:)
18 Carmel Marathon 06/11/11 Carmel IN 4:04:14 Marathon 5231 228/ 579 43/ 197 11/ 40 Another fun race with lots of Maniacs. I attempted to organize a group pic again and ended up getting a great turnout:) Ran with Scott Dahl the whole race - lots of fun - wish I would've broken 4hrs again but we started a little slow, went pretty fast in the middle, and then I got hot towards the end:( Oh well, it was still fun - now I am not scheduled again until September:(
17 Madison Marathon 05/29/11 Madison WI 4:04:02 Marathon 1540 551/ 1267 129/ 468 27/ 85 Another good cheesy run - the spectators really appreciated my cheese heads:) It made it easier - there were more hills then I expected and I started faster then I should have.
16 Cleveland Marathon 05/15/11 Cleveland OH 3:58:19 Marathon 3390 1034/ 13316 248/ 7420 51/ 1271 Another great race! I got a new PR and I ran another negative split!!!! I think it was the cool weather that helped. It seemed easier then usual:)
15 Wisconsin Marathon 05/07/11 Kenosha WI 3:58:59 Marathon 811 250/ 711   10/ 48 Another sub-four and another negative split!!! I was at the half at 2:01something!!! Got a lot of help from Maniac John Lui - Thanks, John!!!
14 Flying Pig Marathon 05/01/11 Cincinnati OH 4:19:45 Marathon 4676 1665 469/ 1785 88/ 307 The end of my first double and my 31st b-day!!! I ended up loving this race. It started off horribly wrong - my knee was not cooperating from the problem the day before but a little aleve and time changed that and I finished strong. I ran my first negative split and had a great time meeting new maniac friends!!!
13 Illinois Marathon 04/30/11 Champaign IL 4:16:04 Marathon 2384 959/ 2132 274/ 816 45/ 112 This was the first race for my first double weekend and I think it went great. I did experience a little knee pain towards the end of the race but I was still able to finish almost exactly where I wanted to be. I talked to a lot of people on the course and it seemed like it flew by!
12 Go! St. Louis Marathon 04/10/11 St. Louis MO 4:12:02 Marathon 1735 547/ 1904 127/ 643 33/ 130 This was pretty hot and hilly but I really enjoyed it and all the people walking the last half helped motivate me to keep going:)
11 Georgia Marathon 03/20/11 Atlanta GA 4:21:04 Marathon 4382 836/ 2232 201/ 799 35/ 141 This was one hilly marathon! Besides that it was a great race and it was fun to meet some more maniacs!
10 Breast Cancer Marathon 02/13/11 Jacksonville FL 3:58:27 Marathon 684 105/ 1897   19/ 140 I LOVED this race! I finally broke 4 hours! I took a lot of pictures and I really enjoyed the energy of the race:)
9 Tallahassee Marathon 02/06/11 Tallahassee FL 4:10:33 Marathon 239 135/ 239   6/ 15 This was a pretty rough race for me. The first half was fine but the second half was lonely and I didn't have my iPOD to keep me distracted. They stated that iPOD's were not allowed but a lot of people broke that rule and I wished I had too!
8 Disney World Marathon 01/09/11 Orlando FL 4:08:36 Marathon 6421 2296/ 13522 539/ 6267 106/ 1086 Took lots of pictures and stopped for a potty break and still ran in 4:02:26 - It was an awesome race!!! The only thing that I didn't like was how early we had to be there!
7 Jacksonville Bank Marathon 12/19/10 Jacksonville FL 4:05:43 Marathon 274 485/ 882   27/ 60 A nice chilly run..I met a lot of new Maniac Friends!!!
6 Indianapolis Monumental Marathon 11/06/10 Indianapolis IN 4:00:42 Marathon 1865 1193/ 2509   54 A great PR but just missed breaking 4 hours:(
5 Indianapolis Marathon 10/16/10 Lawrence IN 4:08:11 Marathon 1903 384/ 901 94/ 347 16/ 49 This was a nice marathon with perfect weather!
4 Chicago Marathon 10/10/10 Chicago IL 4:22:18 Marathon 9699 12317/ 36088 3681 751 Another HOT one!
3 Fox Valley Marathon 09/19/10 St. Charles IL 4:04:55 Marathon 405 212/ 484   3/ 26 This was another new PR and a great inaugural event!
2 Chicago Marathon 10/11/09 Chicago IL 4:29:11 Marathon 36323 16717/ 33703 5380/ 14626 1429 This was my second was COLD!
1 Chicago Marathon 10/07/07 Chicago IL 4:31:42 Marathon 30829 8392/ 25523 2648/ 10184 667 This was my first was HOT!

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